XR400R Setups

XR400R Setup and Modifications. The following modification and setup information is related to the 1996, 1997 and 1998 Honda XR400R. However, most of the information can be applied to newer model year XR400Rs. This information is meant as a reference only.

Owner Location / Altitude Carburetion Exhaust Tires Engine Accessories Drive Train
Brett Utah / 4500' 155 Main, 62 Pilot, reduced float travel, dual taper needle installed in 2nd position Thumper Racing baffle Front stock, rear Michelin MP-11 130/80 - 18 Stock Moose rear fender bag, Cat Eye CC-AT100 cycle computer (with altimeter), Garmin GPS II Front sprocket changed from stock 15 tooth to a smaller 14 tooth sprocket
Chris Utah / 4500' 155 Main, 60 Pilot, Dual-taper needle installed in #2 position Thumper Racing baffle Front stock, rear Michelin MP-11 130/80 - 18 Stock Cat Eye model CC-AT100 cycling computer Stock
Jeff Utah / 4500' 158 Main, 62 Pilot Jet, custom sanded needle installed in the #2 position Stock baffle removed entirely Stock Stock None Stock
Grant Broadbent Upper North Island, New Zealand / 0-500 Meters (0-1600') Stock jetting for no-baffle, dropped float level 1mm, more work to do here Stock exhaust without baffle Front Bridgestone M49, rear Bridgestone M60 Stock Acerbis front fender Stock US Spec: 15/45, O-ring chain
Mark Boyd Boulder, Colorado Dual taper needle in #2 position, 158 Main (baffle removed), 155 Main (Thumper insert) 62 Pilot, K&N air filter Stock head-pipe and muffler - Thumper insert for Trail and removed for MX Stock Stock White Brothers skid plate, Renthal bars Stock
Matthew Swap Washington State / 0-1000' Stock jetting, float 14mm Stock exhaust with baffle removed. Intake baffle also removed Stock tires but will probably change to Dunlop when they wear out Stock Devol skid plate and frame guards Stock
Jon Markuson Minnesota / 900' 160 main, 60 pilot, dual taper needle in 3rd slot, float to Honda specs Homemade baffle insert Pirelli MT-21 front and rear, 130-90x18 and 90-90x21 Stock Baja Designs dual sport kit, Acerbis hand guards & mirror Stock
Jeff Interlicchia Riverside, CA / 1500' 160 main, 62 pilot, dual taper needle on 3rd slot, carb slide mod, XR600 K&N air filter Thumper racing baffle, welds in head pipe ground DOT approved Pirelli & Dunlop for dual sport Stock Baja Designs dual sport kit, Pro Circuit suspension, Scotts steering stabilizer Stock
Steve Turner Dallas, Texas 175 Main, dual taper needle in middle position, 65 pilot Yoshimura - YRD pipe Front & rear Metzler Unicross tires, Excel rims White Bros Power Up kit , stock bore 10.8.1 JE Piston, Cam, Rev-kit, flowed head, Barnett clutch kit Race Tech revalve shock, Gold Valve in forks, IMS pegs, shifter, gas tank, Ceet seat Cover Stock
Mark Smith Portola Valley, California / 1000' 160 main, 60 pilot, dual taper needle in #3 position, float set to 14.5mm Stock Stock Stock None Stock
B. Rob 50 meters 62 main baffle removed Dunlop front & rear Stock None 45 tooth rear sprocket
Greg Winters Ridgecrest, CA / 1900' Cut slide, 162 main, 65 pilot, stock needle in 3rd clip, Honda float mod stock exhaust, Krizman baffle Varies with terrain IMS 440 kit, IMS head mods, removed stock air filter cage & baffle, HD clutch springs Race Tech gold valve front and rear, HD front springs Stock 15/45
Tom Young Denver, CO / 7000-10,000' 155 main, 62 pilot, cut 1mm from front of slide, K&N filter Removed baffle Stock Stock None Stock
Doug May N/A Baffle removed Removed exhaust baffle Dunlop 990 rear, Bridgestone M25 front Stock Aluminum bars, Acerbis hand guards, Pro-grip grips, brake light, home made oil line guard Race Tech 4.2 fork springs, Factory Connection re-valved shock
Brad Schwartz N/A XR600R carb with 165 main & 65 pilot Yoshimura pipe (no HP difference but sounds good) Meltzer's front & rear 440 kit, head flowed, valves reground, still needs a different cam (mods raised 9 HP on dyno) Big tank for desert, aluminum bars, made street legal Stock gearing for Utah riding, 52 tooth rear or so for mountains and trees
Jeff Washington / 1000-4500' Needle position to #2, removed baffle Supertrapp with 5 discs Stock Stock None 13 tooth front sprocket, stock rear
Curtis Emmerson NW Washington / 0-4300' Rised needle 2 notches, moved vent tubes up out off the way Supertrapp silencer w/5 or 6 discs Michelins front & rear Stock Renthal Jimmy Button bars, bark busters, Acerbis frame guards 1 tooth smaller primary for all but my desert races
Josh Huntsin GV, CA / 2000' 65 pilot, removed snorkel and backfire screen Baffle removed Pirelli MT21 front, Kenda K760 120/18 rear Stock Renthal Jeremy McGrath bars, bark busters, Works Conn. skid plate Chain
Stephen Swap Bothee Washington State / 0' Strode Eng mod, slide mod, stock needle put in #3 clip, float height set, 152 main, 53-55 pilot Baffle removed Stock Stock None Stock
Mad Man Johnson Berlin, NH / 900' 40mm Mikuni off of a Polaris snowmobile engine Yoshi Stock 12:1 piston, head work, valves, Sunoco race fuel, cam, opened up airbox, dyno'd at 62.2 HP None 1 tooth taller on front sprocket
Eric Blattert Indianapolis, Indiana / 500-750' Leaned it out a bit from stock Pro Circuit PC4H w/no baffle, White Bros oversize head pipe Dunlop 737 front, Dunlop 752 rear White Bros Cam & high comp. piston, VP race fuel CR250 fenders, Race Tech fork & shock springs & G Valves, Renthal bars, Acerbis hand guards Renthal 14 tooth front, Renthal 45 tooth rear, gold o-ring chain from Moose
Mike Smith Ketchum, Idaho / 6000' Smaller main & pilot, dropped needle l notch Baffle removed Stock Stock Baja Designs DS kit, Acerbis Rally handguards Dropped 1 tooth on front
Caleb Stewart New Salem, NC Leaner jetting Stock Stock Stock Acerbis bark busters Stock
Gordon Hogan Ensenada, Baja CA Dual taper needle in middle Thumper Racing insert Stock Stock None Stock
John Bongiovanni Denver / 5280 K&N air filter Baffle removed Metzler Unicross front & rear, 120/90-18 & 90/90-21 Stock Devol guards & skid plate, Renthal bars, Race Tech Gold valves front & rear Stock
N/A Europe / 2000-3000' 165 main, 62 pilot but still too lean for extended high speed Thumper Racing insert Michelin AP 11 HRC Power Up Kit w/ shorter primary drive Braking Over sized discs front and rear 14/45
Derek Smith '97 XR400R W. Washington / 0-2500' Stock jets, dual taper needle on 3rd clip, pilot screw 3 turns out, float at 14.5mm, removed intake baffle, Uni filter Vortip Racing baffle Stock for now but will replace with M21's for dual sport Stock Hardcore Racing fork covers. Acerbis front disk cover, Rally hand & frame guards. Renthal bars & grips. Moose skid plate & rear fender bag. Front 14 tooth (1 off stock) sprocket, rear stock
Carlos F. Asuncion, Paraguay / 450 meters 165 main, 65 pilot, needle in position #2, K&N air filter Baffle removed, homemade one replaced Stock Stock Acerbis frame & disk guards Renthal bars, 15/45 Renthal sprockets & chain
Dave F. Mission Viejo, California 60/160 & needle Supertrapp EAR Stock Stock Acerbis dual sport, IMS 4 gal tank, DG skid plate 43 rear sprocket
Paul Kellogg Marin County California HRC needle with specified jetting Baffle removed Stock now but will replace with Dunlop K755 & Michelin M12 Stock Works Conn. frame guards, MSR skid plate, Acerbis Rally hand guards, Renthal bars, Race Tech Gold Valves Stock
Brett Jamieson N/A 160 main, 55 pilot, HRC Power Up needle in stock position, K&N air filter Baffle removed Trelleborg T744/754 Tenmaster 110/100-18, Pirelli MT21 front Stock Moose skid plate, Acerbis Rally hand guards, Renthal bars, IMS oil line guard & shark fin, Devol oil filter & frame guards, Acerbis front disc guard, magnetic oil drain plug Renthal 15/47 - 14/45 DID 520V chain
Bryan Kennedy Orono, Maine Tapered needle White Bros Magaloy with an open end cap & stoke header Dunlop 755 front, Dunlop 752 rear Stock Acerbis RM 250 front number plate Stock
Evan Matzner Palm Springs / 0' Jet kit from Baja Designs Thumper Racing insert Stock Stock General Baja Designs upgrades Stock
Forrest Allen San Diego, CA / 1000' 68 pilot,155 main, needle #3 position, float 14mm (19mm max travel) Thumper insert Front stock Dunlop, rear Pirelli MT-21 Stock Devol lowering link, shock re-valved, stiffer front springs, Baja Designs kit, Scott's damper Stock
Stuart Tulsa, OK / 750' 152 main, 55 pilot, 14.5 mm float height, clip position #3, Strode slide mod, Uni filter Thumper insert, ceramic coated pipe & header Stock Stock Devol frame guards, Factory Connection shock mod, burly pegs, Acerbis hand guards, Answer Alumilite bars Stock
Charles Mann Utah / 4500' 155 main, 60 pilot, needle 2nd position, intake baffle removed IMS insert Front stock, rear MP-11 Stock IMS oil line guard, Moose rear fender bag 14 tooth front sprocket
Rusty Shaffer Raleigh NC / 0' Removed intake baffle & backfire screen Baffle removed Stock White bros. heavy duty clutch springs IMS oil line guard, Answer Pro taper bars Stock
Perry Sconzert Liverpool, NY / 0' Carb slide milled to HRC specs, Twin Air filter FMF Megamax using all disks Front 80/100 - Dunlop 752F, rear 110/100 - Dunlop 752 Moose / K&P wire mesh oil filter, K&N filter on crankcase breather tube Renthal bars, Acerbis Rally guards, Pro-Grip grips, Magura clutch perch & lever (from ATK), Moose shifter Renthal sprockets, Tsubaki o-ring chain
Robert Mondshine Houston, TX / 100' 160 main, 62 pilot, stock needle & clip, stock float height but shortened 6mm to keep from sputtering on G-outs, air snorkel removed White Bros head pipe, stock muffler with baffle removed Front Dunlop K490 80/100, rear Dunlop K752 110/100 Stock Self-made street legal kit, Maier alum hand guards w/plastic covers, Yamaha mech speedo head & Cat Eye speedo Front 15 tooth, rear 48 tooth, RK o-ring chain
Alvaro González Guatema City, Guatemala / 4000-8000' HRC Power Up kit, main needle, aftermarket air filter FMF Comp, no spark arrestor Front Dunlop 752, rear K490 HRC Power Up kit Answer Pro Taper bars, skid plate, Acerbis hand guards, Devol front disk guard, Works Conn. frame guards, clear protector to maintain graphics Stock
Dick West Auburn / Grass Valley, CA / 2500-4500' Donnieville / 4-9000' 1 up on pilot, 1 down on main, dual taper needle on 3rd clip, float 2mm richer than stock settings Baffle removed Michelin tires front & back Stock A-Loop suspension 14 tooth countershaft sprocket
Eddy Singapore HRC setting baffle remove Stock Stock PHS bar & skid plate, Devol disc guards, UFO KLX headlight, digital meter RK o-ring chain, 15 tooth front sprocket, 43 tooth rear
Derek Gillette '97 XR400R So. Cal / 0-5000' Stock IMS spark arrester Stock Stock MSR Baja kit Stock
Eric Bizon Wilsonville, OR 162 main jet White Bros. Megalloy, oversized header & silencer Stock White Bros cam IMS 4 gallon fuel tank, Acerbis Rally brush guards, Answer Pro Taper bars Stock
N/A Melbourne, Australia / 0-1000' Needle dropped 1 notch, both pilot & main jet one size smaller Baffle removed Front Metzler MC4, rear Dunlop 737 Stock Bark busters, Whipps Alloy bash plate, grease nipples on rear linkage 15 tooth front sprocket, 45 tooth rear sprocket, RK o-ring chain
Eric Hunter Montgomery, Alabama / 325' 34mm Mikuni carb kit, CR Quik-Turn throttle, airbox screen removed, top cover off FMF Mega-Max exhaust system Rear Dunlop K752, front Dunlop K490 Ports cleaned, matched & polished Acerbis hand guards, N-Style graphics, removed headlight for better oil cooler flow, Renthal bars & grips, seat cover, XR250 fender bag 46 tooth rear sprocket, stock front sprocket, Tsubaki chain
Art Edmund Singapore N/A Supertrapp with 6 discs Stock Stock FMF seat cover, Answer Pro Taper bars 14/45 stock
Dennis Cramer Rochester, NY / 500-1500' 155 main, 58 pilot, Twin Air air filter Thumper insert Metzler Unicross, Pirelli MT21 Stock Aloop suspension, Works Conn skid plate & guards, Moose Shark Fin, Acerbis Rally guards, PC graphics, MSR DS kit, Renthal bars & grips, Barnett clutch Stock
Dave Pickett 200-7000' HRC factory needle from the power up kit, -1 on main, +1 on pilot, pilot screw 2 1/4 turns out, twin air filter, snorkel removed Thumper Racing insert Front Dunlop K139, rear K695, Metzler heavy duty tubes Stock Answer Pro Taper bars, Baja Designs dual sport kit, Devol oil filter guard, IMS oil line guard & shark fin -1 tooth on countershaft sprocket
Stan Simpson San Antonio, Texas / 650-2400' Carb bored 1.8mm, new float system, 162 main, 62 pilot, power up needle in #2, twin air filter Stock header, Krizman type s/a welded to front of stock muffler, c/f Kevlar oval tube w/28mm core & A-Loop glass core kit Front K139 for rocks with 12 PSI, rear 695 or 737 with 13-14 PSI Bored & stroked to 444cc's w/ 10.7:1 comp. Stock cam w/ new rockers & valve springs. Rev limiter mod to reduce max RPM to 8800. WER damper, frame, subframe & foot peg gussets, welded on skid plate, XR600 forks w/Burleson internals Power up kit primary w/ Transalp clutch springs, Silkolene synthetic 20-50
Jason Moody Toledo, OH 162 main, 68 pilot, dual taper needle #2 position, 19mm float height, t-vents, Twin Air filter Baffle removed Dunlop 752's front & rear Stock Acerbis Rally hands guards & HT55 CR hi-bend bars, Race Tech Gold Valves, stiffer fork springs Front stock, rear 46 tooth
B. Chase 5000-9000' 158 main, 60 pilot, pilot screw 2.5 turns out removed stock baffle Stock Stock Stock 15 front sprocket
Bill C. Wisconsin / 800' 160 main, 62 pilot, dual taper needle in center, 14.5mm float height Thumper insert Dunlop 752's front & rear for soft terrain Stock Ohlins shock, 0.46 kg/mm fork springs 13 tooth front sprocket
Aaron Negherbon N California / 0-2500' WB flat slide mod Pro Circuit (ISDE) with WB head pipe Excels rims, Talon hubs, Buchanan spokes, Dunlop tires WB 406, 3 way on head, split & match, JE piston Ohlins shock, Marzocchi fork, Braking rotors, CR plastic, Atomic 22 bolts, Renthal bars, braided lines 44 tooth Afam rear sprocket
Aaron Bailey Seattle, WA Stock Baffle removed front stock, rear Dunlop 755 Stock One industries seat & graphics kit, Answer Alumalite bars Stock
Barry Dohrman So Cal / 0-5000' K&N filter Stock head pipe, FMF Megamax Stock Dunlop's Stock Pro Tapers, Applied top triple clamp, Baja Designs Street Legal kit, IMS big tank, wide pegs, W.C. bash plate Stock
Jim Johnson Brigham, Utah / 4220' N/A baffle removed Front stock, rear Metzeler Uni-Cross Stock Renthal Bars, bark busters, Acerbis front disc guard, Moose magnetic drain plug 13 tooth front & 52 tooth rear sprocket
Tony Pellegrino N/A Lowered stock needle 1 position, 1 size leaner main, removed 0.5mm from slide Removed stock baffle, installed IMS spark arrester IRC front & rear Stock Clutch springs, front & rear suspension 14 tooth front sprocket
Dave Howard UK / 0' Stock Tapered headers, Supertrapp Pirelli tires White Bros big bore kit, HD clutch springs CR250 USD forks, rear linkage shortened to increase ride height 13/50 Renthal o-ring
Steve Smith MI / 500-1900' 158 main, 65 pilot, float mod, dual taper needle 3rd slot, Uni filter, removed snorkel Thumper Racing Baffle Dunlop K990 front & 110\100 rear White Bros clutch springs Race Tech fork springs, Acerbis bark busters, Maier fork guards, MI title street legal 14 tooth front, 45 tooth rear
Dwight Burch Masonville, CO / 5500-11,000' 148 main, 58 pilot, dual taper needle 2nd from top Thumper Racing insert Stock Stock Stock 14 tooth front sprocket
Keny Richo So. Cal. / 0-9000' Stock pilot, 165 main, Honda comp needle # 16012-NKK-000 , teed vent tubes, Uni filter, airbox baffle removed Stock w/ baffle removed Stock front, IRC 130/80 rear Stock Acerbis brush, frame & front disc guards. Devol chain guard, IMS oil line cover & shark fin, Renthal desert high bars, Pro grips, WB skid plate, Chase Harper fear fender bag Stock front, PBI 43 tooth rear sprocket
N/A Illinois / 600-1000' K&N air filter Thumper insert Front Dunlop K990, rear Dunlop K755 Barnett clutch springs Baja Designs kit (titled), Renthal CR bars cut to 30", Acerbis hand guards, Yamaha XT speedo, Moose rear fender bag Stock
Trail Bike London, UK / 0' Stock jets, leaner on the clip, limited float travel Baffle removed Enduro tires Stock ICO Rally 2, Desert Fox bash plate, MSR handguards, Racing Parts twin halogens Stock
Mark Chan N/A Stock Baffle removed Excel rims, Talon hubs, Dunlop 707 rear & 695 front Head skimmed by 1mm Stock Front 13 tooth, rear 51 tooth
Darren Ravenscroft Manchester, UK N/A Supertrapp with 4 disks Stock rims & tires, set of 17" wide rims on talon hubs with Michelin cut slicks Stock Acerbis plastic, Renthal bars Stock front sprocket, stock wheels 48 tooth rear, 17" wheels 44 tooth rear
Jack Washington State / 0-2500' Stock Removed baffle Michelin S12 front & rear Stock Devol skid plate, Acerbis hand guards, One Industries seat cover & graphics, fork springs 14 front, 47 rear, Renthal sprockets

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