XR650R Side Panel Grab Mod

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XR650R Side Panel Grab Mod

Post by 4Strokes » Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:31 am

On the right side panel of the XR650R there is an area that can be carved open to make a grab hole to access the subframe tube for lifting the beast. I did it to the sidepanel on my BRP and it came out great! I was meticulous with my cutting and smoothing the edges. I used a 1-3/8" hole saw and a jig saw, then filed and scraped to get a smooth edge. It sure is nice knowing I have a way to drag my beast out of ruts if I need to!

Credits: XR650R Side Panel Grab written and submitted by 4StroKen.

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Re: XR650R Side Panel Grab Mod

Post by hockeyrick » Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:43 am

way cool, like that!

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