XT350 Who Has One?

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XT350 Who Has One?

Post by 4Strokes » Wed Jun 01, 2016 3:15 pm

Topic: xt 350 (anyone out there have?)
Author: kubiak
Posted: 09/23/2003 6:19:16 PM

anyone out there have a xt 350?

Reply by bsukalski on 10/09/2003 11:57:27 AM
I just picked up a 1995 xt 350. So far, I love it! I don't miss electric start as it has always fired up on the first or second kick...hot or cold. I realized that there seems to be a lack of support for Yamaha dual-sports in general (both owners groups and aftermarket)Does anyone know of any good websites or aftermarket accessories for XT's?

Reply by Brian VT on 10/10/2003 04:34:08 AM
My boss has one, plus a mess of parts. What's up ?

Reply by SVandal on 10/10/2003 3:56:47 PM
one of the guys I ride with has one. Seems like a solid bike.

Reply by kubiak on 10/10/2003 10:38:01 PM
they are pretty solid bikes.i like the 6 speed too.always forget about the extra gear,used to my xr with 5 speed.

Reply by dualpurposeluvr on 01/14/2004 6:33:30 PM
I just picked up a 91 XT 350, did you find any accessories yet?

Reply by Walmart on 01/15/2004 11:31:18 AM
Uncanny. I just picked up a 86 XT 350 last night for free. I have been unsuccessfully hunting for aftermarket products all day. I'll second that emotion for some info.

Reply by kubiak on 01/15/2004 11:36:58 AM
i haven't done anything to it extra besides paint everything black and made my own rear rack.oh yea, i put a cr250 fender on it too.its been a great bike so far.

Reply by clkinaz on 02/15/2004 10:42:48 PM
An '86 XT350 (Calif. model) recently appeared in my stable. It had been stored for several years with only 3800 miles on it. I'm in the process of giving it a once-over: cleaning, lubing, adjusting, etc., so I've only put a few miles on it. I hope to exchange information as needs arise. In the mean time, allow me to share some passing thoughts, comments, and observations:

Sure, I wanted a Honda... but try to find a decent one for less than a couple of mortgage payments.

The XT is virtually unchanged from '85 to '99. In theory, that's a lot of bikes available for scavenging parts. It'salso a testament to the fundamental design. It also shares a few parts with my TY350.

Dealers only support what they sell... and they haven't sold this model XT for about 5 yrs. So, count on going mail-order for parts.

I've had to replace a cracked air boot ($38) and the tach cable ($9). Two separate orders were both on my doorstep within 3 days from bikebandit.com. Try matching those prices and lead-time with your local dealer. (On second thought: why bother?) With the 'net and UPS, frankly, I'm surprised dealers are stocking any parts at all. Why would he want to fill his shelves with XT parts when he can be selling $7 gloves for $50? Oh yeah, I picked-up an extra tank on e-Bay for $17.50. So, there are plenty of parts to be had - when you need them.

The silver color used on the swing arm is matched by a Toyota silver in the same years.

Invest in a Clymer manual.

All the part numbers and diagrams are readily available on-line from Yamaha and several other retailers.

The bike is, of course, a dual sport. That means it's going to fulfill neither role very well. It's a little pokey for the highway and a little soft for the trail. But, I think it's got enough poop to get me from Wickenburg to Crown King without a lot of fuss.

In six months I might have a completely different opinion; but dollar-for-dollar, I think it's one of the best dual sport machines out there.

Reply by kubiak on 02/16/2004 12:11:03 PM
it is a great dualsport machine.i have over 17,000 trouble free miles on it so far and runs like brand new!

Reply by Ron Buell on 03/04/2004 8:34:20 PM
I owned an '85 for years. Just sold it last year. Kid that had it first tore it to pieces.... did burnouts till back tire was bald and clutch side bearing failed. I split cases to replace that bearing. Wiring harness is run between lower tripple clamp and the front fender so it binds and breaks the wiring where it bends. Remove your front fender and run the harness beside the stearing head like it should be. That could have been a set up problem from the factory or just my bike, I don't know. It caused wires in my harness to fail (the wires break inside the sheath)leaving you walking. I had to split the sheath, locate the broken wires, solder them back and insulate, then insulate the sheath. Front disk brake was Jekle/Hyde, sometimes it would grab, others it wouldn't hold. Later I found I had to replace the pads when the caliper leaked. Rear brake was easy to lock up in dirt, great on street. Twin carbs were not good for off road. Jumps would cause the CVs to shut off the engine on landing, then kick back in. Kick stand safety switch was a joke. It also shut off the motor when I went over bumps on the road (I disengaged mine). The bike was OK. I made money on it when I sold it to a real Yamaha fan. After I fixed what the first guy tore up, it was reliable. Change the oil often and check the air filter since it is small for a 350. It's air cooled so DO NOT REMOVE the "radiator shroud" on the front as it actually does direct cool air to the engine. Its got a 250 size stroke with a 400 size bore so it does generate a lot of heat.

Reply by landscapeman on 05/02/2004 10:00:36 PM
This is actually the first website I have found that has XT-350 riders. The jury is still out on mine till I get it back together.
But I do like the look and feel. I had someone else rebuild the engine but they made some critical errors that I have had to go back over there work and try to recover from. Would have been better off doing it myself in the first place. But I thought I would be better off having a expert? do it. Live and learn. Charlie

Reply by 86xt350 on 05/07/2004 9:03:29 PM
I have had mine since last September. It is the perfect size/weight for me. I commute 6 miles to work on it and intend to explore as many roads and trails as I can this summer. It is a great size for me. Not big and tall and not really heavy, but enough grunt to go where I want. I have found several OE parts on ebay to bring it back to near stock form.

Reply by bardracing on 05/17/2004 12:39:57 AM
I bought an 86 late last year and found it was in need of a lot of work, I rebuilt the carbs,had a valve job and bore along w/rings, added a clark plastic tank,all new wheel bearings,brakes and bark busters,and a super trap silencer (sweet) I would not sell it now, I went on a 40 mile poker run first time out, I literally dumped it in a mud puddle (me first) and the old girl started right up every time, I have the decompression cable disconnected, this bike w/my 220# mass on it will climb any mountain and I mean it it has some serious bottom end, it will stay in my shop a long long time, the dealers can get most all parts for it, and you can find most on ebay as well, I am going to do turn sigs. and maybe a disc front brake to street it as I only commute 3 miles to work (perfect in the summer), do yourself a favor and pick up the Clymers manual these books will walk you through it all!!!

Reply by Coondog66 on 05/22/2004 2:34:36 PM
Can anyone help me find a motor for an 89 XT 350. I will settle for the lower end if possible.

Reply by bardracing on 06/05/2004 12:24:10 AM
Originally posted by Brian VT
My boss has one, plus a mess of parts. What's up ?
Hey Brian, I need a set ot disc brake forks and a brake lever/reservoir, would your boss happen to have these?, I want to convert to front disc., thanks bardracing

Reply by bardracing on 06/05/2004 12:30:47 AM
Originally posted by Coondog66
Can anyone help me find a motor for an 89 XT 350. I will settle for the lower end if possible.
I may have what you are looking for, I have a 87 bottom end I`d be willing to part w/I was going to keep it for parts but mainly want the top end stuff, I will sell it if you are interested, the right side cover is missing and the clutch pack is also gone, it was a gas fire so the motor was probably OK?, I will pull motor and remove top end if your interested, I can send pics I`m in Washington State; let me know; bardracing

Reply by evrstiff on 06/22/2004 9:12:50 PM
So far the 87 XT350 I got about a month ago has been great on fuel, snotty enough to run on the big roads, haven't tried it off road but Friday will be the test...got it to beat the gas prices and I will be dual sporting it daily on my 80 mile commute as I will be living 2 miles off pavement in a remote area... so we will soon find out about the claims of bullet proof xt350s and hopefully I will be able to make her last til the winter when I plan to either do a complete refresh of the chassis and motor or if it doesn't seem to be making the grade I will sell it in spring and upgrade to a bigger dual sport...would like more after market stuff too..want to set it up in a sort of Paris Dakar/supermoto... but can find no hard luggage or much else.. ebay seems to rule the roost with these things I find...clark used to make after market gas tanks and I find some of the TT350's parts are interchangeable...anyone ever put an xt600 front end on a xt350? anyone know of any performance mods? I currently have a supertrapp on a bone stocker... also need info on best on/off road tires... looking for a primary road tire that will do "ok" in the dirt as I only need to make it down a dirt road and light trail riding... but will spend a majority of my time at 80mph on the tpk... am taking the gearing down from 19/55 to 19/42 for lower r's at highway speeds..

Reply by bardracing on 06/23/2004 12:54:35 AM
I just bought a Clarke products tank for my XT 350 its part # 1333 and is available direct from them @ 1-503-829-2156 IT IS 170.00 W/petcock and cap

Reply by wes9810 on 01/06/2005 2:36:24 PM
I have an 1985 XT350 with 1550 miles on it. It was stored in a garage of my uncles for years. I have restored back to working condition. I am looking for an aftermarket slip on exhaust for this bike. Any help would be appreciated.

Reply by corky on 01/29/2005 07:33:57 AM
I had 2 86 XT 350 bikes. Over 30,000 miles before top end service. Sold both of them to get a magic button bike. Big mistake. Button bike is very nice but not a XT350. Bought another XT 350. "93" With all I learned from my first two XT's I am doing a project on this one. Corky

Reply by kiwijetpilot on 01/29/2005 08:01:36 AM
I have a project bike with an XT350 motor in it - chassis is a KTM 250MX. It was a tricky project as the Yamaha motor has the drive on the left, but the original KTM was on the right! I tried to find performance parts, but all I could find was a Cobra ISDE pipe which works pretty well. From what I have found out, the only real mod you can do to the engine is add a TT350 head. The TT is slightly different, it has larger valves. The XT and TT carbs are different too. I have a K&N filter on mine, and a "custom" induction system (as the fuel tank is now under the seat). I really need to re-jet the carb, but of course you can't buy alternative jets for the Teikei carbs. I am seriously considering modifying the head so that both valve tracts feed to a common inlet, and slapping on a 40mm Mikuni I have lying around. I tried emailing TeiKei in Japan about jets, but they never replied. Apparently the XT600 carbs are similar, so maybe those jets would work... probably overkill though. I have a spare engine that I may "play" with - get the local cam shop to re-grind the cams, etc. But the valves are so small, I doubt I'll ever get much power out of it. I am also wondering if any parts from an XT400 would fit... that might also solve the jetting problem. Hope mine turns out to be as bulletproof as others have found.

Reply by Thumbs on 01/30/2005 6:03:07 PM
I got my 88 last year and love the thing. In fact I also have a K75S. I almost always take the xt out unless I am on a trip. I bought it to put on the back of my fifth wheel while traveling. Tons of fun. I love it. I did develop an oil leak just the other day though.

Reply by saxin on 07/25/2005 1:15:17 PM
If we speak about the XT350 I have 92 (yom), I can't find nowhere the valve clearance specs ... maybe someone can help

Reply by corky on 07/26/2005 07:34:01 AM
I have made some progress on my project XT 350.

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