Got a New Bike: 06 ZX6R Ninja

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Got a New Bike: 06 ZX6R Ninja

Post by 4Strokes » Tue May 31, 2016 11:14 am

Topic: Another new bike ('06 ZX6R Ninja)
Author: kountryboy
Posted: 08/17/2007 7:50:58 PM

Sept this one is for the street its a 2006 Kawasaki ZX6R Ninja. The color is satin blue. Ill get pix uploaded later. I cant wait to get it out on the road it seems like its gonna be a blast.

Reply by mspike on 08/17/2007 8:11:25 PM
Sounds like fun. Just make sure you wear a skid lid!!!Those look fast.

Reply by kountryboy on 08/18/2007 8:09:58 PM
Here they are just two....
I couldn't wait anymore I had to run it up the road so I put my dirtbike helmet on (I was looking very stylish) and went for a ride. I didn't figure it would hurt anything since I live out in the country anyway. I could have rode all day the more I got use to leaning into the curves and shifting the more fun I was having.

Reply by sparta4188 on 08/18/2007 9:49:33 PM
nice bike!!

Reply by Admin on 08/19/2007 06:07:44 AM
SWEET looking bike, kountryboy! Mods to come: under-tail piece, remove rear sets, bar risers, double bubble windshield.. Be safe on it! P.S. Okay maybe one more mod; a stereo system like the one on this ZX10R: (dead pic link)

Reply by rogersj on 08/19/2007 10:08:39 AM
i would not ride that id be afraid to blow a speaker

Reply by kountryboy on 08/20/2007 10:17:04 PM
HAHA!!!! That is the most stupid thing ive ever seen on a street bike. Let people be by their self long enough scary things happen lol.

Reply by kountryboy on 09/03/2007 01:13:10 AM
Lookie what I came across on youtube.

Kawasaki ZX-10R Soundsystem!
Kawasaki ZX-10R, It took three months and £10,000 to complete the bike's transformation. bike includes: a 600W,10-inch Competition subwoofer; an 1100W two-channel mono subwoofer amplifier; a 123W stereo amplifier; six pairs of speakers; a Drive and Play system; two Ipod nanos; a Sony PSP; and a DVD player. I filmed this at the Birmingham NEC Motorcycle show.

Thanks for the comments on the bike I now have tag,insurance,and my cycle license . Ive ridden it at least 25 miles everyday since I got my license I just cant stay off of it. The street is fun but people dont watch for bikes at all. Ive had a few pull straight out in front of me all ready but no close calls yet and hopefully never.

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