90cc & 125cc Top Speeds

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90cc & 125cc Top Speeds

Post by 4Strokes » Tue May 24, 2016 1:43 pm

Topic: top speeds (for 125cc & 90cc?)
Author: 2phast4urazz
Posted: 01/05/2005 4:21:57 PM

The top speed of the 125 i think is 60.. right? and what is the top speed, i mean absouletely opened up for the 90cc

Reply by biker kid on 01/09/2005 12:10:25 PM
The top speed I have ever done on my 125 in a 3/4 mile strip is 67mph.

Reply by 2phast4urazz on 01/09/2005 12:53:02 PM
do u have any mods on it? thats fast!!

Reply by DRAGON on 01/12/2005 05:55:53 AM
125 model i weigh in at 157 pounds.wide open on high way got mine to go fast enough to break the speed o needle lol yes it is true.and the bike all stock. ps the motor is the only good part on the bike

Reply by biker kid on 01/16/2005 12:11:06 PM
Yes my bike is all stock with no mods of any sort. The reason I think I can go that fast is because I only wiegh 135lbs and take really good care of my bike.

Reply by jdg123 on 08/24/2005 11:08:30 AM
i weigh 145 and got my 125cc pantera up to 62 the week i got it. now 3 weeks later it only hits 55 unless i am going down hill.

Reply by kag16 on 11/09/2005 04:52:17 AM
ive had 2 panterra 125s i ran my 125 next to several different cars and it tops out at around 50-55mph every time and i only weigh 117 pounds and i take real good care of it its perfectly broke in but now i put new sprockets on it and it dose around 60-65

Reply by superhondaz50 on 11/09/2005 5:19:45 PM
I tested my two bikes using a truck driving next to the bike while it was topped out. My panterra 90 (86cc version) top out about 53mph, my custom Panterra 50 (88cc bored motor) did 61mph, the bikes with a little modification can go pretty fast.

Reply by kag16 on 11/10/2005 03:16:58 AM
dragon that kind of hard to belive

Reply by kag16 on 11/10/2005 03:18:02 AM
Originally posted by superhondaz50
I tested my two bikes using a truck driving next to the bike while it was topped out. My panterra 90 (86cc version) top out about 53mph, my custom Panterra 50 (88cc bored motor) did 61mph, the bikes with a little modification can go pretty fast.

Reply by kag16 on 11/11/2005 05:51:29 AM
hey superhondaz50 thats a nice 50 but i no for a fact it dosent do no 61 mph me and my friends race YZ 80-85 and CR 80-85 stock they only do like 65mph so sorry but thats a little exaderated dont u think 88cc or not!

Reply by superhondaz50 on 11/13/2005 7:48:01 PM
The bike just doesnt have a bore kit on it. I have been building little Honda horizontal engines for over 10 years now and know how to make them fast. It has numerous hours of work on it and engine hop-ups I do not talk about because if you are not careful doing them your motor will go POP and die. I will admit riding next to a truck isnt the most acurate way to tell speed but its the best I could do, and it was within that speed give or take a few MPH.

Reply by kag16 on 11/14/2005 07:08:52 AM
yea it might but thats almost to fast to believe

Reply by superhondaz50 on 11/14/2005 08:01:21 AM
What year(s) are your 80's? they should be alot faster than that

Reply by kag16 on 12/13/2005 07:26:26 AM
my friends 80-85s are 1995-2003 there are about five of them and they still top from 65 to 70 MPH

Reply by Smokin101 on 12/21/2005 11:19:16 PM
I believe him I know it can go about that fast. I too have been building these little motors for a long time, they're so simple to work on but with a little modification u can get a lot more from them. I know mine hits at least 50, the stock bike can't even keep up with mine. You wouldn't believe the difference on the panterra 49cc when u do a rear suspension mod. Mine sits 4 to 5 inches higher in the back than the stock bike. Although it requires a heavy duty swing arm guard. It hooks up with the ground so much more and gives it a higher top speed. Tinkering with the carb and adjusting the jetting also gives more top speed when u put in a better air filter. Also oil weight will change the way the motor runs. I run twice the weight of the recommended oil and have a smoother and faster bike no adverse affects at all. Not even in 30 degree weather. Still cranks 1st try every time since the rebuild six months ago. A little love and care go a long way with these bikes. (By the way the valve gaps suck on these bikes many of them come from the factor with loose valve nuts. Remember a little lifter noise is a good thing. No noise means no compression.)

Reply by sparta4199 on 07/27/2006 12:32:13 PM
i have a baja 125cc and i can only get it to 57 MPH and i'm 105lbs. does that sound right?

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