06 CRF50F Not Starting

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06 CRF50F Not Starting

Postby 4Strokes » Fri May 20, 2016 3:12 pm

Topic: Honda CRF 50 Not Starting
Author: PiperTL
Posted: 08/31/2007 10:22:42 AM

I have a 2006 Honda CRF 50 for my boy. He's ridden it for about 2 years now with no problems. Now it just want crank. I've changed the plugs and the gas lines are free of any trash. What else can I check on it. It does run a little sluggish though before this. He is not a real fast rider, he just rides around the yard and some trails by the house. He's 8 and I was about to put him on a 70 anyways or increase the suspension and big bore kit. What would you guys recommend?

Reply by 250f canuck on 08/31/2007 11:40:22 AM
The only thing I can think of would be to pull the carb and give it a good cleaning. It's possible one or more jets are pluged up. Clean the air filter while you are at it, it might be really dirty and restricting air flow. Those thing should last forever and a day, so the problem is probably minor.

Reply by Jschick on 08/31/2007 1:03:05 PM
does it have spark? we need a little more info. also when you pulled the plug was it wet or dry? it either isn't getting fuel or isn't getting spark. these 50's have some problems with the fuel petcock going bad, pull the fuel line off the valve and confirm you are getting fuel running out the valve, also does the fuel shut off? my valve does not shut off. it broke apart inside the tank and all the pieces plugged the carb. I have since added a inline fuel filter because for some time the carb was getting clogged and the bike was running very spuratic. somtimes idleng real fast, then fuel comming out the overflow, or sometimes it would only idle. as the particles from the fuel valve plugged different parts of the carb it would do different things till i finally found the problem. I cleaned the carb i don't know how many times, then 2 dyas later another problem. if you have fuel flowing to the carb, and you have spark, you need to confirm your plug is wet. i would pull apart the carb and clean it. it is a real simple job. just losten the clamp and pull it off, unscrew the top (where the throttle cable goes in) pull of the fuel line and it's off. now flip it over onto a towel, and remove the 4 screws on the bottom of the bowel, inside is the float, remove the phillips screw holding it inplace and carefuly lift the float out, you will see a small silver needle valve hanging off the float don't loose it. now remove the main jet and look thru it into a light, can you see through it? I use a small piece of wire to clean the jet, also a can of carb cleaner would be good to spray thru it. you can remove the other jets from the outside of the carb but first screw them in and count the # of turns so you know where to put them. now just reinstall.

if you don't have spark then first confirm the Key is on? I never turn the key off but sometimes one of the kids do! check all connections and you will then need to confirm the plug wire is good, sometimes it can get pulled out of the coil.does the coil get power. if all this checks out then you will need to test the stator and more!

Reply by PiperTL on 09/07/2007 2:45:38 PM
I got it running. It still doesn't run really fast with my boy on it. He 8 and I'm trying to find him a second hand CRF 70. He's just outgrown it. We changed the plugs, the oil and filter (we meaning he and I supervised). Did as you mentioned and cleaned the carb out and put it all back together. When new he could pull a wheelie but now it just lags even in 1st.

Reply by Jschick on 09/10/2007 08:19:30 AM
remove the whole muffler, and check if the header is plugged, also remove the rear of the muffler (baffle) and see if it is plugged. try running it without the baffle or spark arrester to see if it is better. if it is their is a simple mod to do to the baffle by punching a hole it it. they can get plugged with carbon and oil. the header is just about big enough for your little finger to get stuck so it can get plugged.
my sons crf50 will pull a wheelie with me when shifting from 1st to 2ond. also confirm that the throttle is moving correctly. is it acctually opening up all the way. good luck

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