Motion Pro Quick Jack Tool Kit Bike Stand

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Motion Pro Quick Jack Tool Kit Bike Stand

Post by 4Strokes » Tue Mar 21, 2017 12:55 pm

For those of you that don't know, Motion Pro is a company specializing in unique and very useful tools and accessories for off-road motorcycles. Among their vast inventory is this handy little gadget. What is it, you ask? It's the Motion Pro "Quick Jack" Tool Kit Stand. A collapsible and portable tire-changing stand that fits in a tool pouch or backpack and can be carried while on the trail. It can be put together in seconds and holds up either end of a bike while a tire is removed for a flat-fix. What a concept--so simple, yet so ingenious!
Motion Pro Quick Jack Tool Kit Bike Stand
The Motion Pro Quick Jack consists of four parts, as shown. The Quick Jack measures 9½" collapsed and when put together, can be adjusted from 10¾" to about 17½" in ¾" increments. The top piece is made so it kind of a hooks into or around a foot peg bracket, skid plate, or an area of the frame. On our KTM EXC there was a hole on a factory-welded bracket on the frame right underneath the swing-arm pivot. This was perfect for the Quick Jack and held the rear tire up a couple inches to facilitate removal. To lift the front-end of our KTM it required removal of the skid plate because there was no area in which to rest the Quick Jack. A better solution to removing the skid plate might be to just drill a hole in the skid plate the size as the Quick Jack hook so the skid plate doesn't have to be removed in the future. A picture of the Quick Jack Tool Kit Bike Stand can be seen here on the Motion Pro Website.

At the time of this review, cost on the Motion Pro Quick Jack (P/N: 11-012) was $33.70 and can be ordered from your favorite retailer. Rating - 1 2 3 5
We couldn't find anything wrong with the Motion Pro Quick Jack, except maybe that it's a little pricey. We still think it would be a great addition to anyone's tool bag or backpack. At least you don't have to find a stump or a big boulder to set your bike on to change a flat while out on the trail. We gave the Motion Pro Quick Jack a rating of 4½. Originally published on or about 3/30/2003.

Motion Pro, Inc.
867 American Street
San Carlos, CA 94070
Phone: 650-594-8131

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