Wolfman Enduro Tool Bag/Rear Fender Bag

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Wolfman Enduro Tool Bag/Rear Fender Bag

Post by 4Strokes » Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:43 am

Founded in '92, Wolfman is a company specializing in soft luggage and storage bags for all types of street and dual sport bikes. I know what you are thinking, "What could possibly be so different between soft luggage and bags for motorcycles?" There is a difference, as you will see here in our reviews. Owned and operated by a motorcycle enthusiast that rides on and off road, Wolfman designs its products from real-world experience. The sole product line of Wolfman is soft luggage and storage bags for motorcycles, and as you might expect, this is what they do best. As we found out, Wolfman motorcycle soft luggage and storage bags are superior to most any other related product on the market today!
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Wolfman Enduro Tool Bag / Rear Fender Bag
Another very unique soft-sided bag from Wolfman is the Enduro Tool Bag, which is actually a rear fender bag. What makes the Wolfman Enduro Tool Bag so unique and different from all other rear fender bags is its ability to be removed easily from the rear fender and without tools. The Enduro Tool Bag attaches to a base (shown below) with ample hook and loop faster as well as two straps with buckles that double as compression straps. Note: compression straps are just that, straps that surround an object and compress items within to keep them from shaking around violently while riding.
The 2-liter Wolfman Enduro Tool Bag measures approximately 5" wide x 8" long x 4" deep and construction is of heavy coated 1000-Denier Cordura. Bolt pattern on the base is 3" x 4" on centers. The hook and loop fastener runs the entire length of the base and is 3" wide so between it and the two compression straps there should be no fear of loosing the bag while riding. We tried the Enduro Tool Bag on several dirt bikes (Suzuki DRZ400 pictured below), with all bikes requiring the base to be mounted lengthwise with the rear fender, which is common for most large rear fender bags.
Most notable features on the Wolfman Enduro Tool Bag include:
  • Compression straps
  • Removable from base and portable
  • External zipper dust cover
  • Extra heavy duty zipper
  • Duraflex buckles
  • Spacious 2-liter compartment
As with the Enduro Tank Bag above, we could find no faults with the Enduro Tool Bag itself. However, if you are not already accustomed to a rear fender bag then you may be a little annoyed with the fact of always hitting it with your boot when swinging a leg over but that is something you just have to get used to with a rather large object sitting atop your rear fender. In addition, sometimes with large rear fender bags, especially ones carrying a lot of weight, you may need to reinforce the underneath side of the rear fender. With the Enduro Tool Bag we would have liked to seen an optional rain cover.

At the time of this review, cost on the Wolfman Enduro Tool Bag was $44.99. We think this is a reasonable price for a rear fender bag of this quality that can also be removed and carried around like a tool bag. The Enduro Tool Bag is available in black and can be ordered directly from the Wolfman Website listed below.

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The Enduro Tool Bag is another high quality product from Wolfman. The best feature we think is the ability for it to be removed and carried around like a soft-side tool bag. We found no faults with the Enduro Tool Bag itself but we do wish there was an optional rain cover. We gave the Wolfman Enduro Tool Bag rear fender bag a near-perfect rating of 4. Originally published on or about 12/6/2006.

Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage
1840 Skyway Drive, Unit E
Longmont, CO 80504
Phone: 800-535-8131 or 303-651-6022
Website: www.wolfmanluggage.com

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