SRC CRF230F Skid Plate

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SRC CRF230F Skid Plate

Post by 4Strokes » Tue Mar 07, 2017 11:55 am

Summers Racing Components (SRC) is quickly becoming a household name in aftermarket dirt bike parts and accessories. With their roots in Honda related products, we thought who better than SRC to supply a skid plate for our new Honda CRF230F thumper.

Many of the newer Honda four-strokes come from the factory with a bash bar or in the case of our CRF230F, a plastic skid plate. Plastic skid plates offer very little protection against rocks, logs and other elements found in off road terrain that can easily damage vulnerable engine cases. If you have ever had to replace an engine case then you already know that a good skid plate is much cheaper than the cost of replacing engine cases or side covers.

Among other things, skid plates are a must-have for dirt bikes ridden off road. Finding a good skid plate for a particular application can sometimes be difficult. This is not the case with the SRC Honda CRF230F skid plate. Upon close inspection of the SRC CRF230F skid plate, we found it to be well engineered with forethought and very functional with some added features and benefits. Most notable include the following:
  • Holes in front of skid plate to aid in engine cooling
  • Constructed of thick, sturdy, one-piece aluminum
  • Pressed-in stand offs
  • Oil drain access hole
  • Full coverage design
As you can see by the pictures below, the stock plastic skid plate does not offer any protection to the engine side covers and very little to the engine cases. The SRC skid plate offers at least 50% more protection while allowing more airflow without too much added weight.
CRF230F Stock Plastic Skid Plate
SRC CRF230F Skid Plate 1
SRC CRF230F Skid Plate 2
The SRC Honda CRF230F skid plate included all necessary hardware and was extremely easy to install. All holes lined up perfectly and nothing had to be tweaked, enlarged, or otherwise, which seams to be all to common these days with aftermarket skid plates. Kudos to SRC on the design and workmanship of the CRF230F skid plate.

The SRC Honda CRF230F skid plate used for our review sells for less than $100 (USD) and can be ordered directly from the SRC Website. Please check the SRC Website for latest pricing, applications and availability information. Rating - 1 2 3 4 5
The SRC Honda CRF230F skid plate is well-designed, easy to install, and offers much more protection than the OEM plastic skid plate. All hardware was included and no modification was required to install the skid plate on our new Honda CRF230F thumper. We really like the added benefit of cooling holes and the overall design of the SRC CRF230F skid plate. We could not find any fault with the SRC CRF230F skid plate, and for this, we gave it a perfect rating of 5.

Summers Racing Components
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Shelbyville, KY 40065
Phone: 800-221-9752 or 502-647-5858
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Originally published on or about 3/1/2004.

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