XR650L Fork Seals & Fluid Level

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XR650L Fork Seals & Fluid Level

Post by 4Strokes » Sun May 22, 2016 6:07 pm

Topic: XR650L fork seal change and fluid level
Author: snowthrower
Posted: 08/27/2007 09:39:28 AM

I am going to be changing the seals in my forks and changing the fluid out to 10W since that is what the moto pro build sheet for them said to use ( previos owner had them revalved and..??? ).

So I'm working on a 1993 XR650L,I have done everything to a bike but change out seals and fluid. I know there is a fluid level but how / were do I measure it? What is the fluid level?

I just ordered a service manuel from the dealer ( should have bought on line ) but it is back ordered and it will not be here until after Labor day.... I want to go riding Labor day weekend..... HELP .... PLEASE

Reply by snowthrower on 08/29/2007 11:39:26 PM
Come on, I know someone out there knows the stock fork oil level for an XR650L.. I got the new seals in I just need to know how much oil to put in.

Reply by dave_cl on 08/30/2007 6:20:14 PM
Are there manual pics here somewhere? It'll tell you the volume to add in the suspension section, or the capacities page. Dave

Reply by Admin on 08/30/2007 6:26:13 PM
I don't think there are any pics, Dave. There are some specs listed or linked in the Honda XR/XL Suspension & Controls topic though.

Reply by b_king on 09/01/2007 08:03:13 AM
On conventional forks you measure the oil level with the fork fully compressed from the top of the oil to the top of the fork.

Reply by snowthrower on 09/02/2007 10:52:12 AM
Thanks guys, I did indeed find what I needed there, I set my oil slightly over 5.7" I went for around 120mm to firm up the "squishy" feel they had before. Best part is now I can go riding tomorrow

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XR650L Fork Oil Change & Drain Mod

Post by 4Strokes » Mon Jun 06, 2016 6:37 pm

Topic: Fork Oil Change - XR650L
Author: walleye5
Posted: 04/01/2004 6:08:07 PM

My XR650L is 1 year old tomorrow and I want to change the fork oil. My Clymer is a bit unclear in it's description of process, (at least to me, ha). Can someone give me some advice, direction, to go along with the manual? Thanks in advance. Later, Bob

Reply by kubiak on 04/01/2004 7:25:17 PM
this is probably very wrong but when i changed oil in my stock '89 xr600 forks i just took the fork caps off and took the two bolts out on the back bottom of the forks and let them drain out the oil. then i just added the recommended amount of oil to the tops of the forks and then put the caps back on. the forks worked great!then i got the cr forks and they worked even better.

Reply by dave_cl on 04/01/2004 7:49:29 PM
Various years have/don't have the drain plugs you describe, kubiak. If no drain plugs, remove and invert.

Reply by walleye5 on 04/01/2004 7:58:35 PM
Right Dave, No drain on my forks '03 XR650L. Thanks for replies. Later, Bob

Reply by Djr01974 on 08/20/2010 8:48:44 PM
Has anyone drilled and tapped their forks and if so can you just drain and refill like the good ol days.

Reply by NOV8TR on 08/21/2010 9:17:59 PM
Yep, one of my favorite mods. The casting features are there, but Honda in their infinite wisdom decided that the cost to drill and tap the holes was not worth the value it added to the customer. Here is the log entry I made in my maintenance log:

June 9th 2006 @ 2371 miles ~ Last tank showed 38.5 mpg: Disassembled steering stem and re-greased bearings, and bearing races, top and bottom. Disassembled forks and removed the stock fork oil (fish oil!). Drilled and tapped 6mm drain hole and installed 6mm drain plug and washer in each fork leg (like they used to do up until 1997). This will make future service much easier and cleaner. Replaced stock fork oil with 5W @19 fluid oz in each leg. Reset dampening to stock locations (3 clicks out from full counterclockwise).
And the pic of the finished project
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