Baja Motorsports DR70 Upgrades

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Baja Motorsports DR70 Upgrades

Post by 4Strokes » Sun Jun 05, 2016 2:56 pm

Topic: All About Baja Motorsports DR70
Author: RockOn
Posted: 09/04/2007 09:27:32 AM

I have bought a Baja Motorsports DR70 for my son and have noticed there is little information out there from the suppliers and manufacturers in regards to parts and accessories. What have you guys done with your DR70? Good Riding and Rock On!

Reply by RockOn on 09/04/2007 09:32:40 AM
Modifying the DR70 Muffler. In order to modify the muffler to make it sound like the name brand bikes all you have to do is follow a few simple steps:
  1. Remove the three little screws on the rear tip of the muffler
  2. Pull the unit out, shouldn't be very long
  3. There should be a cap on the end that goes into the muffler, with a few tiny holes on the side/casing near this cap.
  4. Drill a hole into the cap, the larger the size the louder it is (I drilled a 1/4" hole)
  5. Replace back in and screw back in the three screws
  6. Start, Rev and RockOn
Reply by Admin on 09/04/2007 10:30:36 AM
Moved Shock Mod to suspension related forum:

- Baja Motorsports DR70 Rear Shock Mod

Many thanks for the tips!

Reply by Smokin101 on 09/04/2007 5:23:52 PM
Hey RockOn, you may not have found much elsewhere but search through the forum a bit. We've got quite a bit of mods, aftermarket parts, and tweaks. Most can be applied to all the pit/trail bikes, Baja or Panterra, and more. Search through a little, you'll find Big Bore kits, exhaust, carbs, filters, and more. Most of these things are posted so many times it's redundant by now. Then again I guess it would be nice to find it all in one topic. Good job, keep it up.

Reply by elas123 on 09/05/2007 11:36:29 PM
Rockon, did you adjust you carb a lot? if so do you remember how you set it. i got one for my son and it seems like i'm always adjusting it. i'm thinking of putting new carb on it. do you replace the air filter? stick on touches the frame. Is yours very hard to start cold? it takes me at least 10 min. to start even with choke.

Reply by RockOn on 09/17/2007 2:05:12 PM
More info on suspension/shocks in the suspension mods section.

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