86 XL600R Uncork & Desmog

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86 XL600R Uncork & Desmog

Post by 4Strokes » Sun Jun 05, 2016 8:53 am

Topic: dont tell me no one has ever uncorked an xl600...
Author: scotttco62
Posted: 04/28/2008 10:14:09 PM

Does someone here have experience with uncorking, desmogging, smog removal or maybe you called it "ripping that smog crap off"! Hasnt ANYONE EVER removed the smog crap off a xl600r (86 to be exact) and if so what got blocked and what didn't and any info.

Reply by Reggie on 04/28/2008 11:34:38 PM
What smog crap.The 86 XL600 I have doesn't have any.We are supposed to be a slightly green country but none of the bikes over here came with any anti-smog gear during those days,besides which we have the roaring forties which sends the smog off to Cape Horn where the Argentinian's get to deal with it. They have a canister on the engine breather that can be ripped off and replaced with a bit of hose if you wish. That's desmogging the Kiwi way.

Reply by XXL on a XL on 04/29/2008 12:33:13 AM
Alright, U want it u got it. I am running a 87 xl600r. My motor has been rebuilt, but I would consider it basically stock. Check my signature. Anyway there isn't much smog crap on a xl600r, Just a small charcoal canister, that doesn't affect performance. If u want to step up the power, on a stock xl600 {1986, 87}, slap on a pipe, xr's only, supertrapp, and etc. Then buy a UNI filter, Do not mess with the factory backfire screen in the air box. Your jets stock should be 118 in the left carb{primary} and 115 in the right {secondary}. Take the 118 and install it in the secondary carb and go get a 120 for the primary. Lastly u'll need to shim the primary carb's needle up .020., w/a washer. Just go to your local bike shop, and ask them if they have any extra shims laying around. Usually jet kits from other bikes have xtra shim washers. Pulling the snorkel on the air box, is your preference, depending on how it runs. That should breathe some power into a stock xl600r. Try the Search Forums Feature, 2 search out my other XL600r Threads. Hope this helps ya. Hammer Down!

Reply by XXL on a XL on 04/29/2008 12:46:37 AM
Oh by the way, My mechanic has a piped/jetted 93 xr650l, I can pull him all day long on my Old Xl. XL600R 43bhp, stock. XR650l 34bhp, Stock. He gets pissy about that. Sometimes Old stuff will get ya.

Reply by scotttco62 on 04/29/2008 02:44:16 AM
I knew i wouldn't be let down by you guys..to our friend from the land of funny birds...consider yourself lucky, cuz here in California , we've been used to be an example of how much crap can be hung on a bike before it chokes to death.but our endless pursuit for either speed or to just prove we can do it teaches us how to reverse the same process . To our stateside friend, consider yourself luckier than me anyway,here in CA. they found a few more extra tabs for which to hang those cluttering chunks of plastic. We have a pcv and the almighty charcoal canister. As i roll in the knowledge you have bestowed me with thus far, i torment over all the empty nipples and hoses whom have lost there com rads . Do you have any ideas of which get plugged ,rerouted to or simply ignored. thanks for all the info thus far, any Californians have anything to add?

Reply by stevea661 on 05/02/2008 9:02:20 PM
nipple on top of the primary carb and plastic nipple on the side of the secondary carb routed individually up under the seat to breathers, I used small gas filters for breathers and vacuum tubing, DO NOT TIE THEM TOGETHER!! your bike will bog under hard throttle, off idle . That gets rid of the pcv. The charcoal canister leave on. You can't get a new pipe for the old xls any more but supertrap makes one for the xr. I had to cut off the female threaded piece, rotate the mid pipe and reweld it in order to get the tire to clear the muffler. Jetting is the same as xxl's but I didn't shim the needle. The bike runs great, starts on the second kick when cold and the first kick when warm. Good luck!

Reply by XXL on a XL on 05/03/2008 02:48:17 AM
Xr's only makes a killer dedicated XL600, pipe and a stainless header. It looks pretty killer. It is readily available. Not sure about supertrapp, if they still sell a xl pipe, I have one. They are easily found on ebay and ect. A xr600 pipe will fit, you will just have to fabricate a small bracket to attach it. 1983-1985 xl600r's were jetted differently from the factory, because the heads were slightly different" intake / exhaust ports are bigger". I believe thats why you shim the needle up.020. This jet/carb setting is directly out of a 1988 DirtRider, 1987 xl600r hop up. With my motor setup, I am running a dynojet stage2 jet kit. The other way worked killer before I installed a weisco 11:1 piston.

Reply by dawagner on 06/14/2008 8:13:17 PM
Hey quick question for you all, I have a 1983 xl600r and just recently got a xr's only header and exhaust what jetting should I use for this set up?

Reply by rsstom on 06/15/2008 8:19:14 PM
I removed my canister on my XL, not a California model. All it really does is collect crankcase vapors and route them to the airbox to be burnt in combustion. BUT, being a big single, the XLs have a tendency to draw a little oil through there too. The vapors and oil route into the airbox directly under the boot for the left carb. That oil will build up on the left intake valve. At least mine did. It looked like the valve seal had been leaking since the 80's! I installed the crankcase vent hoses from an XR600R. They just dump to the ground. That's green enough for me.

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1985 XL350R top carb covers

Post by 2Pilgrims1 » Sat Jan 21, 2017 9:38 am

Does anyone know where I can get the top covers for the dual carbs on a 1985 XL350R.
Thank You

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