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CRF50F Power UP Options

Post by 4Strokes » Sat Jun 04, 2016 5:37 pm

Topic: CRF 50 Power up Help!!
Author: acpepper
Posted: 06/14/2004 06:37:43 AM

I got my six year old son a CRF50 for Christmas and he really loves it. In fact he has started racing at the local MX tracks. My problem is, that at these tracks we run in to KTM's, Polini's and Cobra's that have twice the horsepower of the Honda. Is there enough power up potential in the Honda (and still remain in the 50cc class) or do I need to trade?

Reply by kx85xr80 on 06/16/2004 3:08:35 PM
there is plenty of power in the xr but u need to bring out the $money$ to get it i mean if u race ama then u cant bore it over or do that much to the engine but if u race cra there a little more lenient there are plenty of performance parts for the xr but if u don't want the work or the aggravation i would trade it in for a cobra its the best 50 there is ktm is ok but hard to get parts polini hard to find parts and over heats easy

Reply by Honda Maniac on 06/18/2004 2:15:16 PM
In my opinion, there is more to riding a dirt bike than just "having the best bike out there." If your son likes his bike, then he should keep it. Sure there are things out there like adding exhaust or getting high performance parts, but as the level of competition increases, the fun factor diminishes. If he's out there to have fun, then trying to be better than everyone else defeats his purpose. The CRF50 is something to have fun on, and it is not meant to run with KTM's, Polinis, and Cobras. To be a competitor against these bikes, you would have to pay big bucks. If it were me, I would stick with the Honda. Your son will have more fun on something that he likes than something he doesn't. I think the question is, is it your son or you who is worried about winning?

Reply by acpepper on 06/21/2004 07:39:39 AM
Spare me the psychoanalysis. My son is getting grief from his buddies (who ride Cobra's and KTM's) because they always beat him. I only want him to have a fair chance and fortunately have the funds to do so. On the other hand, if you know something about upgrading this bike I would appreciate your feedback.

Reply by Honda Maniac on 06/21/2004 10:37:17 AM
Upgrading isn't everything, ya know. Your son could decrease lap times by working hard on his riding skills. On the other hand, the CRF50 is not a race bike. If your son really wants a faster bike, KTM is top notch. I don't think there is any way to make a CRF50 as fast as a KTM or a Cobra. You're either going to have to get a different bike or live with the grief.

Reply by airattack111 on 06/25/2004 1:39:27 PM
no duh ktm's will beat it there 2-strokes, and have much more than 2 times the power, stock crf50's put out about 2.5 hp, stock ktm 50's probably put out 11-12 hp at a much higher rpm, If you want more power for your 50 get an 88 big bore, swingarm, pipe carb ect, the big bore kit gave me the most power, but the 50 has very bad suspension even with my stiff springs, +1 fork legs, and stiffer rear spring. You can make it a race bike by putting maybe a storm swingarm on it, xr70 or bbr front forks, big bars, trail bikes 88cc bore kit with clutch springs!!!, bbr pipe(or other), and other stuff, it will come out to a more expensive cost than the kt's or about the same but he will have the nicest ride, then when he grows out of it, its your play bike hehe.

Reply by Honda Maniac on 06/25/2004 3:50:33 PM
Unless I'm mistaking, (correct me if I'm wrong) if you bore it out to 88cc, it's no longer in the 50cc class.

Reply by airattack111 on 06/26/2004 9:52:04 PM
O I'm sorry I didn't see that, ehhh I don't know what to say. Stock motor get some head porting, bigger carb, shave the head and raise compression, fast 50s exhaust (I compared a fast 50's exhaust to a bbr exhaust on a STOCK 50 motor and its much better.) Even though I have a bbr pipe, but I got the bore kit anyways back to the topic, if your son is light get some five-0 extended legs W/O springs, and a stiff shock spring, bars, air filter, re jet, tires, bars, 3 speed manual clutch kit ($155), and maybe some more small stuff, you should be pushing close to 5 hp,I hear if you get a kitaco inner rotor kit it makes it run like 2-strokes because it mainly lightens up the flywheel, and allows it to rev faster, If you don't feel like spending 200 buks for it get a 60 dollar rev box. The 2-strokes will still be faster, but whoever has the most skill will most likely win.

Reply by bigjim on 06/30/2004 10:44:06 AM
Fast 50s has quite a bit of upgrades. whether they are legal or not for the bracket your son is in that i am not sure of. when i started road racing we always had a smaller motor than the rest it taught us how to ride more efficiently and mechanic better to get the most out of what we had. we only upgraded when we couldn't squeeze anymore out of a bike.

Reply by from_xr_to_cr on 06/30/2004 6:35:33 PM
The deal is, that once you put all those parts on a CRF50, you will have spent enough money to buy a Cobra or KTM. Just sell the 50, there is a pretty hot market for them right now. Once its sold, get a KTM 50, and the KTM will have everything you wanted out of the CRF modded, stock.

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