01 KTM 400 SX Valve Adjustment

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01 KTM 400 SX Valve Adjustment

Post by 4Strokes » Thu May 26, 2016 12:27 pm

Topic: Valve adjustment
Author: 01ktm400sx
Posted: 06/19/2006 10:18:05 AM

So I am taking my bike in for the valves to be checked. I have heard that to adjust the valves there are a couple screws, as opposed to most bikes using shims. Is this true? I just want to know because my appointment is on a Friday, so if I will need shims I won't be able to ride that weekend. If I need shims I will re-book for the following Monday.

Reply by b_king on 06/19/2006 3:02:35 PM
You probabley have screw and tappet valve clearance adjustment. It is just a different way of doing things.

Reply by 01ktm400sx on 06/20/2006 10:17:50 AM
If my valves need adjustment, will I need parts?

Reply by b_king on 06/20/2006 4:44:49 PM
Nope. You simply loosen the nut, and adjust the distance the screw is from the top of the valve by either screwing it in or out.

Reply by MCassle on 07/01/2006 5:28:56 PM
I was so afraid of doing this job that I had a local shop do it several times the first couple of years. Finally just decided 'enough is enough' and I'll do it myself. Now that I have, I can't believe I wasted so much $$ at a dealers shop. The biggest part of the job is getting the bike clean enough to keep from getting dirt in the top of the engine.

I would recommend getting the motion pro 45-degree feeler gauges though, for proper access. Pull the rads off too, it'll make the exhausts easy(er) to get to.

.0047" is the official spec from KTM, a .005" will work just fine.

Even though more than likely you can reuse the valve cover gaskets, I'd order a couple just in case.

Reply by penguin on 08/08/2006 7:18:54 PM
Valve adjustment is pretty straight forward,that is why I love the KTM 4-strokes. Routine maintenenace is so much easier than the Jap bikes and the build quality and top notch components make the bikes run better for a much longer time between major repairs. I have owned 3 of the 4 major Japanese 4stroke mx bikes and the KTM has them beat by far on reliability. I might give up a little( very little) on sheer horsepower, but I get to ride more and wrench less on my pumpkin.

Reply by penguin on 06/01/2007 10:09:54 PM

this will show you how to do the job yourself. A manual would be good for backup information

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