Pit Posse Tire Bead Bender PR

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Pit Posse Tire Bead Bender PR

Post by 4Strokes » Tue Feb 28, 2017 2:04 pm

Pit Posse is excited to introduce it’s newest way to make your life easier!
Pit Posse Tire Bead Bender
  • Complete with 4 interchangeable tips and 2 spacers to insure proper fit from 10” to 21” tire.
  • No need for a second pair of hands!
  • Save Time and no busted knuckles!
  • Knurled handle for sure grip!
  • Only $29.95 and available at PitPosse.com
The Pit Posse Tire Bead Bender is a patent pending design that adds a helping hand to every offroad enthusiast’s most frustrating maintenance chore of tire changes. This revolutionary new tool pulls the bead away from rim for easy rim lock and valve steam installation. What sets the Bead Bender apart from other tools on the market is the unique design. After the Bead Bender is locked in place with the tire pulled away from rim, you will be able to let go of tool and use both hands for installation and removal of rim locks and valve stems.

Pit Posse Motorsports
3901 48th Ave N
Saint Petersburg, FL 33714

Originally published on or about 4/28/2011.

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