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List Your Injuries

Post by 4Strokes » Tue May 31, 2016 11:20 pm

Topic: Injuries! list them here!
Author: MXracer
Posted: 03/22/2004 1:44:33 PM

I feel that we should have a forum so that people can list their latest injuries. I want to hear about other injuries too.

Reply by Ironhydroxide on 03/22/2004 2:50:06 PM
this didn't happen to me, but my neighbor was jumping his 250 2smoke and somehow it landed on him. it blew out his hip, it was last summer but he is still having different surgery's to fix it.

Reply by xr250rguy on 03/23/2004 06:59:13 AM
The most recent injury was a shattered Talus(ankle bone) in Oct. Physical therapy sucks

Reply by dave_cl on 03/23/2004 9:41:07 PM
I had a good report up on here about my broken foot (it might have been feet...). It happened June 27 2003, I'm just now exorcising the last of the limp. there's lotsa tales of woe in this forum!

Reply by hilift on 03/24/2004 06:30:11 AM
I'm still in the throes of pain with my recent "get-off". It's been almost a month now and can just lift my arm to shoulder height with a great grimace on my face. Falling truly bites the big one!! UPDATE: At six weeks I still have a hard time lifting my hand above my head. Chiropractors, message therapists and physiotherapy have been the order of the day. I'm riding again but am taking it really easy. UPDATE: At fourteen weeks I'm finally sleeping the night through. I had another check-up yesterday and there seems to be no permanent damage done. I'm still missing a bit of mobility but that too will return. Sneezing is my worst enemy now!! I ride every day with no problems but I'm still cautious as the shoulder is still weak and is easily redamaged. UPDATE: At 25 weeks I'm just about back to normal. I still get a twinge of pain if I pull on something from an overhead position but have regained all mobility. I'm able to lift the bike out of a bog after sinking 'er up to the seat. I guess the shoulder improved markedly but my brain is still suffering from some long enduring form of stupidity. LOL! FINAL UPDATE: At two years ALMOST normal. Some restriction of movement in the shoulder but not enough to affect either my dirtbiking or vintage roadracing. No pain unless I push past the restriction and it's always when I'm physically working hard around the yard, etc...so I try to drink more beer and watch/supervise instead of working! FINAL-FINAL UPDATE: It's been over three years now that I dislocated my shoulder. It'll never be the same as it was. It clicks and pops all the time and hurts like h3ll if I push it hard. Even when sleeping every night it hurts. I'm still riding and racing but I'm fearing the next get-off!!

Reply by DirtyDog on 04/01/2004 9:13:04 PM
Mine wasn't on the dirt. I was riding a rode bike on the freeway with pretty much the road by myself. A car came up beside me and I needed to exit, so I slowed... she slowed... I sped up... she sped up... and on and on. Eventually, I sped up and get some room in front of her and started to change lanes, she sped up and tapped me from the rear sending me into a wobble. The bike ejected me and then pile-drove itself spreading parts across the freeway. I rolled down the freeway at ~70 mph like a log and tore off the inside and outsides of both ankles, the outside of both knees, hips and elbows, and to top it all off it ripped off both of my palms. My family has a high tolerance for pain, and my brother knew I was really hurt when they were cleaning out my palms and he could here me screaming out in the waiting area. At least I was wearing a full face helmet... the fiber was worn on side of my jar and opposing back side of my head and it would have ripped off my jaw if I wasn't wearing the full face. Man was that a bad day...

Reply by MXracer on 04/05/2004 1:57:49 PM
I don't have anything bad like that but the worst that happened to me was I broke 4 of my 5 toes on my right foot while riding amy 2002 xr50.

Reply by MXracer on 04/05/2004 1:59:38 PM
By the way. thanks for your guy's input. I really appreciate it!

Reply by MXracer on 04/05/2004 2:00:39 PM
other people can still list their injuries if they wanna.

Reply by Hoofy on 04/12/2004 02:13:02 AM
I broke 3 bones in my right foot ,Sitting on the back of a 4 wheeler - side saddle. Thought we where going to follow the track but the driver had other ideas. I don`t loss my rifle our BEER .

Reply by dan360 on 04/14/2004 12:42:19 PM
presidents weekend i hit a car battery , big bruise on the left thigh. over the bars and through the air .

Reply by dan360 on 04/14/2004 12:43:43 PM
easter weekend, rode off a dune into a witcheye, big bruise on right thigh , over the bars and through the air again! anybody looking for a 2 stroke? i'm sticking to my brp.

Reply by XRmachine on 04/14/2004 1:14:13 PM
I have been riding since I was 4 and have never had a major injury. Just minor scrapes and bruises.

Reply by cdx440 on 04/15/2004 2:26:39 PM
been ridingsince anbout 10 and in 13 years have had 1 broken right leg a shatterd pattela (kneecap) wright broken wrist 4 ac seperations right shoulder and a hair line fracture in my right femur. yes i walk with a limp, yes i still ride just as hard, no the list is not done....yet

Reply by KING DAVE on 04/15/2004 5:09:15 PM
one time I took t turn on my xr70r to fast I was trying th imate RC littie did I know a xr70 could not power slid well any aways I took the turn in third gear that is toped out for a 70 and I cought a edge the bike ejected me and I slid about 20 feet and got knocked out and when I woke up my face was in the back of my helmet but an major injuries just some scrapes, bruises and cuts. By the way I sold that bike.

Reply by drtbkr on 04/15/2004 9:23:17 PM
Let's see.....Compound fracture of my right forearm, broken jaw, broken teeth, broken nose, broken left thumb, concussion, many stitches throughout the years from boot rivets being driven through my ankle, KX250 landing on me off a double: chain tore a hole though my riding pants as well as my thigh, gashed my chin open, broken right wrist. It seems like a long list, but, hey- I got plans to ride both days this weekend! There must be something wrong with me.

Reply by racefreak on 04/19/2004 10:23:40 PM
broken foot in 3 places broken arm in 2 places and lots of head injeries

Reply by doubleodevine on 04/26/2004 8:50:05 PM
worst situation ive had was i was riding my dads friends 85 honda atc350x in a cornfield behind a friend on a fourtrax300....he went around a corner and i did the same, but turned the front wheel (3wheeler) back to the left and back right to try and avoid a hole...the forks twisted and the wheel went straight up into the woods 8 feet ahead of me...the bike drove straight up a tree and landed upside down on top of me. all i was wearing was a tshirt, pants, and work boots (this was when i had just started riding i was in 5th grade 7 years ago)...it messed up my back/tailbone pretty bad and i had a hard time walking...forks were all twisted and the bars were bent...i still drove it back up myself but had to have ronnie (friend) start it cause its a kick start and it hurt my back too much...but it felt weird having to ride w/ the bars turned 45 degrees to go straight.. my dad and his friend and their friends just laughed and drank their brewskies...same day ronnie rode and hit an underground beehive and they swarmed into his helmet....my little brother somehow managed to take my xr200 and on flat ground make it go into the air and do 2 barrel rolls in the air before landing and twisting the bars, and busting the clutch/brake perches and levers.. a little heat to the forks, new set of bars and lever assemblies fixed it up in no time!

Reply by XRSheRider on 04/30/2004 12:29:26 PM
You guys are all animals man anyone looking for any of the following: 96 XR 426, 04 JR 50, 04 CRF 50, 03 TTR 125l? Will sell or trade for nice set of golf clubs (with balls). LOL I dont need golf to have balls sorry I was having a geezer moment

Reply by bardracing on 06/07/2004 11:16:16 PM
My most recent was 6 weeks ago, i was fighting a cold and not feeling well, just finished mowing my grass and went to put the mower in the shop and thought what the heck I`ll take the XT 350 out for a spin right quick, well my big toe in my untied tennis shoe just happened to snag the foot peg while the rest of my foot and body weight went right by the same foot peg, man I`ve never seen such a nice deep shade of purple (Dr was very amused by its color) just about the time the toe healed good, I was sitting on our (since been sold) ATC 110 in our back yard w/ it idling talking w/ my wife when I got done chatting I goosed it and low and behold the throttle stop didn`t stop, after taking out about 1/4 of a 4X4 patio cover pole I was heading for the fence @ oh 20 mph or so (our back yard aint for riding) I had to bail, I turned a hard left (away from the fence) and lept, well I tried to tuck but my shoulder dug in to terra firma and as i rolled hear came the trike right after me, luckily It avoided me.and tore cartilage and bruised about 4 ribs. they are juat about healed and I`m riding again (found out previous owner had shortened throttle stop screw in thumb throttle), I rectified this before it sold. other than these Its been a while but never long enough!!

Reply by bluestragler on 06/08/2004 08:10:43 AM
XRmachine wins!! I'm taking a wild guess that he'll be riding long after most others have hung it up.

Reply by drtbkr on 06/08/2004 5:17:25 PM
Yea, but, he'll have no bragging rights to show off to the ladies!

Reply by bluestragler on 06/08/2004 7:15:23 PM
That's when your peformance really counts!

Reply by jeffke on 06/26/2004 2:35:30 PM
the only serious injury from dirtbiking I have on my injury list is a broken key bone. But damn that realy hurts. Not when it happens, you hardly notice it when you hit the ground and snap the bone, but when the ladies in white dresses tear your shoulders backwards to get it all in place you scream the longs out of your body. And that's just the beginning of the worst 8 weeks of your life. Laying the whole day on your bed you're unable to make any movement without being punished by pain. At that point you stop drinking any liquid, yes even beer, to not have to go toilet. I know it sounds incredible but lifting up just your head is painful on your shoulder, imagine lifting up your whole body by using your unexsisting abdominal. My girlfriend had to slowly push my back upwards, meanwhile I was suffering a terrible pain. Actually I don't know who was suffering more, me or my girlfriend, as women are almost impossible to help you with something that causes you a heavy pain. Yes I tell you, I hope this is never going to happen to me or any of you again. Best Regards, Jeff.

Reply by Hutch on 09/12/2004 8:14:46 PM
My favorite injury was the time I ran over a rogue peice of barb wire just right, so that it got cought in the spokes of the rear wheel and came up to whip my back. That was a good one to show the boys. I wish I could have seen my face, becasue that was the last thing I expected to happen crusing along at about 40mph.

Reply by ThumperTDC on 09/12/2004 11:15:14 PM
Riding down the trail at a pretty good pace. I took my foot off of the right foot peg to make a turn. I didn't see the stump behind the tall grass, the toe of my boot caught the stump, my foot peg found the back of my boot right at the flex point above the heel. Man did that hurt, I had to take a lil break from riding till it wasn't throbbing as bad and I was able to put my weight back on it.

Reply by Thncs on 09/22/2004 11:50:08 AM
My latest and by far funniest,(funny now). We were riding up at WP, CO. Came to a pretty steep hill and I was leading the pack, there was a big washout area with little room on the left to ride. I chose my path and it was wrong, front tire hit the rut and over the handle bars I went. Not to bad, only couple bruises and scratches. After I straighted my rear brake lever with a rock and my boot, we decided to go back to the truck and get lunch and straighten my forks back. We rode for maybe 10 minutes more when we were going up another hill and the guy in front of me stalled. I slowed down and bamm, back tire slid in a rut and slam, here I fall right on my left hip. Damn, that one hurt. Well after everyone laughed it off, we started to go back to the truck. I told everyone to go ahead because I was going to take it easy on the way back. No more than 10 minutes later I was riding and going around a corner and my back tire hit a log in the trail and sent me directly into a tree!!! (I now know what it feels like to be hit by Ray Lewis..DAMN That HURT!!) After rolling on the ground not breathing for a minute, I gained my strength back and got back on my bike to catch up. My forks were tweaked about 30-40 degrees. Man It is hard to ride your bike like that! It took about 2hrs to putt my way back to the truck. Never the less I was done for the day. It is over 2weeks later and my cracked ribs and the largest bruise and lump on my hip still hurt. The bruise is almost gone and the ribs are better, but man it still hurts to sneeze or blow my nose. That bruise on my hip turned the darkest purple and yellow I have ever seen That thing was the size of a volleyball. Moral of the story, Thank GOD that I had on all the protective gear that would fit on me.

Reply by Casper on 10/01/2004 12:19:07 PM
I Had a bad wreck racing. Another rider landed on top on me. It was the last lap, and I was in 1st place, after the last big jump, a guy landed on me. I broke right arm, right wrist, knee (had to have surgery), 23 stitches in the back of my neck and broke 3 fingers. It was crazy. I was out of school for 3 months. Home school was better than normal school by the way. This happened about a year ago. A year before that I broke the same arm, in the same place. It sucked.

Reply by drtbkr on 10/01/2004 10:53:22 PM
That's exactly how I compounded my arm. (I will admit I wasn't in 1st place). After I got out of that cast, I over flew a double, endo'd, and broke my wrist on the same arm. I didn't ride dirt bikes for the next 14 years.

Reply by maximo on 10/21/2004 9:39:54 PM
I'm 15 now and the worst Ive had was (I dont know how to spell!) a concusion. But my best friend told me a story about when he lived in cold lake alberta, he went quading with his friend on the back and someone set up a barbed wire clothes line for some stupid reason and they hit it. He still has the scar across his neck to this day. How could someone be so stupid to set up a cloths line on a trail

Reply by drtbkr on 10/22/2004 7:57:34 PM
Someone who doesn't like Off Roaders "tearing" up "their" forests.

Reply by maximo on 10/22/2004 11:14:12 PM
ya but you have to admit, thats not the way to stop them right?

Reply by drtbkr on 10/23/2004 06:30:16 AM
No. That's the way to injure/mame/kill someone who is doing nothing but enjoying the outdoors in his own fashion. It's sad, but that is today's society.

Reply by maximo on 10/23/2004 11:28:35 AM
It's too bad, but what do you do?

Reply by drtbkr on 10/24/2004 4:46:23 PM
I'd let the Forest Service Representative know and he will more than likely take it from there.

Reply by Slash on 11/06/2004 11:56:30 AM
I had that happen to me one time. I was riding my XT600 around an empty field that have I ridden around on for years. On one side it goes uphill and back down. I was in 3rd around 5000rpm's(about 50 mph)Going up the hill, when all of a sudden I see this big wood...sawhorse type thing set up. I slammed on the brakes and stopped with about 2 feet to spare, and my bike stalled.( the previous owner put a supertrapp on it and didn't jet it!) Well, I started taking off and all of a sudden, a black jeep wrangler comes out from nowhere balls to the walls chasing me. Or attempting to chase me. I lost him and started going home and there was glass ALL OVER the trail. These woods were right behind my house and EVERYDAY I would go back there with a saw and shovel and keep up the trails and fix burms and jumps and off-cambers. I pretty much turned this into a mini moto park, and everyone from around town would come and ride, since this was one of the few places to ride. This was in Battle Creek, MI. I moved shortly after that. When I visited friends a while back, we went back in the trail and It was nice and groomed like before with one exception. No burms, jumps, whoops or anything that involves skill of any sort. As it turns out, some kids were riding way over their heads and kept running off burms and casing doubles so their parents blocked off all the trails except for the one coming from their sub-division and took everything out! Now they can go back there in their golf carts and amphibious 6 wheelers and drink and get f#cked up!

Reply by Slash on 11/06/2004 12:51:36 PM
But anyways, back to wrecks. I have to many to list, from barbed wire to 5 foot pot holes I didn't see till too late, but the one I find myself telling people the most is; It was the last 2 weeks I was living on the lake(not Battle Creek) and my dad was moving stuff up to storage where we were moving to. One day he started loading the bike in the van to take it up to storage. "awwwww, let me ride it just one last time pleeeeease!" After about a half hour of this he finally said yes. For some strange reason he thought I was going to wreck it in the trails or something was just going to happen to it. I reassured him nothing would happen and I would take it easy. He should have known better. I started heading down the road to go to the sand pits. This beeing the last time I would have my bike down here, I was getting on it pretty good. I wasn't even on the opposite corner of the block when an old 1 ton Ford farm truck, rusty old steel brush guards and all, going the other way down the road about 30 yards ahead of me decided to turn left in front of me. And he'd probably made it if he didn't stop in the middle of the road! I'm not making this up or exaggerating, he just plum stopped dead center in the road. I'd probably stopped in time if I was on knobbies. Plus, I already started going around him, so when slammed on the brakes, the rear was locked but the front was at perfect threshold... until the rear slid around and took weight off the front. But I held it 'till I hit the truck. My friends said they heard tires squealing and a loud "Oh Sh!t" and then a loud shatter.(My lights, tach and speedo, no doubt) I flew up on the hood, over the cab, and landed on my feet, twirled around a couple times and looked up and I was halfway down the bed about even with the fifth wheel. He got out of the truck and I think he asked me if I was okay, but I could couldn't hear anything for a few minutes from the adrenaline. I just walked(limped) past him and looked down at my poor bike sitting halfway under his truck in a puddle of oil and broken parts. Then I got mad and went to kicking screaming every cuss word I ever heard. He thought I was going to kill him, and I probably would have if there wasn't a crowd of people...who all knew me! He asked if I wanted to call the cops and I said no. I figured this would be best since I had neither a license nor insurance. We were waiting to get insurance up north. We just threw the bike in the back of the truck and went around the block to my house and settled out of court. As we were talking, he told me he had broken his leg the day before in a tractor incident(he was limping)and he was all hopped up on pills. I could smell a little JB on his breath too. But I was alright except for a big scar that runs up the entire shin( from his brushguard) and a finger that doesn't like to bend sometimes. The worse part is, the scar clashes with marks left from the cooling fins, which actually look pretty cool. I wanted to strip the bike down, but not that way!

Reply by maximo on 11/06/2004 1:00:03 PM
That would suck! I remember on my old XR100 I went to do a wheely off a hump of dirt but didn't see what was on the other side....there were no trees or anything except an old flume line. Ouch! I drove right into that damn thing without even having enough time to think about hitting the brakes. I didn't get hurt and neither di the bike but it sure scared the crap outa me! I just picked up the bike and decided to ride in the flume line until it ended lol!

Reply by Casper on 11/11/2004 12:35:57 PM
I have also had 3 concussions.

Reply by xr250rguy on 11/11/2004 2:16:26 PM
Earlier this season went riding with a bunch of friends at the local trail system. We got to a sandpit and I pulled into the shade for a break. When I was rested, I got back on the bike and started ripping around in the sand. I was cruising across the pit in the top of third gear. Heading into the sun on the white sand, visibility wasn't really great. Someone had done a good donut with a four wheel drive and at the last minute, I saw the "crater." It was probably 10-15 feet across and about 3 feet deep with a lip around the outside. I hit the lip dead center and went flying. I could see that I was going to land on the upslope on the other side, so my only option was to hold on and hit the throttle. I hit and bounced about 20 feet, but stayed on the bike. I looked around and NO-ONE saw anything. D'oh!! Oh yeah, this post was supposed to be about crashes.

Reply by Brian VT on 11/13/2004 12:15:30 PM
Last Sunday I had my 1st bad injury in 24 yrs. of riding. I was on a 70mi. Turkey Run that's all tough singletrack (rocks, roots, mud). I dropped the bike once and was trying to catch up to my group. Around mi. 17 I shot off the left side of the trail and took a tree hard on my right shin. It's broken in 4 places even though I had boots and knee guards on. The doc put a Ti rod down through the bone and I should recover fully. The bike's fine except for tweaked handlebars.

Reply by wesd40 on 11/13/2004 7:54:01 PM
I've been real fortunate off-road- only scrapes and bruises. Had a little accident on the street almost 15 years ago, though. I pulled out in front of somebody (my fault entirely), so they hit me. Smashed my right leg and totaled my DR650. Now I have a plate and seven screws in my lower leg, but that didn't hurt as bad as seeing my DR wheels-up in the ditch. I loved that bike.

Reply by david taylor on 11/13/2004 10:59:37 PM
compound fracture of fibia/tibia(leg in 3 places)right wrist,right thumb,lots of sprains

Reply by 99wr400 on 11/22/2004 9:48:43 PM
last January I was riding my 2001 CR125 (Which i sold to buy a 99 WR400) and I apparently attempted a backflip of some sort while jumping the top of a hill... I woke up in the hospital with a broken arm, a concussion, and all kinds of cuts and bruises. The break in my left arm went strait threw. The stupid 2 smoke probably landed on me. But in my usual style, once I got used to riding my WR400, I was trail riding at a pretty high rate of speed (45 or 50MPH) I met a huge hole in the ground. I figured "This bike can just ride right over it," so instead of turning, I pinned the throttle and brought pulled up the front end... The hole was bigger than expected, and my entire bike got stuck in it, I landed about 20 feet away with a dislocated shoulder. That was the only time i have ever seen my front number plate hit dirt (the front of my bike slammed into the other side of the bike-sized hole)luckily i was wearing all of my riding gear, and was riding with a friend who helped me lift my bike out of the hole. I couldn't move my arm much for a week, two weeks later i resumed riding.

Reply by ericb on 11/26/2004 3:26:26 PM
Mainly my pride. Did stoppie showing off in front of some girls, guess what? I lost it, tipped over the handlebars and my pride suffered a nearly mortal wound. I've had other injuries (physical ones), maybe I'll list them later....

Reply by savycinta on 12/04/2004 5:50:53 PM
its been raining all this weekend and i went to ride my bike this arvo and it got stuck in a puddle and i came off in a bad way, have a mean bruise all the way up the back of my leg already and graises to match-so no skirts for me at work this week ;) nothing too exciting but still an lil injury i guess. red bikes go harder!!!

Reply by panterra on 12/04/2004 8:22:57 PM
i was riding my 1990 or 1991 DR100 on a trail close to home, i think i was 10, but i took a turn and i hit a rock, i went on top of the bike and it fell on me, but i was wearing regular gym shoes,and the foot peg pinched all of my foot to the ground, i was under the bike like that for like 10 minutes before anyone found me, i sprained my ankle and had a big burn on my leg. the funny part is i had a argument before i left about wearing my boots.

Reply by 2phasst4urazz on 02/28/2005 3:04:58 PM
1 week ago i was riding in 1 foot of snow in the trails with my dirt bike (surprisingly it actually made it through) and these guys on quads made this giant jump with snow, so i went off of it going pretty fast and i just lost the bike right in the air, i landed on my chest and really messed my arm and my dirt bike up.

Reply by Royo on 03/09/2005 7:35:32 PM
Broke my right foot a couple years ago when I wheelied over at the top end of fourth gear and am getting arthritis in it now. I can tell when it is going to snow now. Also stretched many ligaments and tendons in knees and shoulders. Lots of cool scars. Ego has been the hurt the worst but it heals the fastest.

Reply by roadcam on 03/20/2005 10:26:09 AM
hmmmm what AINT I tore up yet? ... gimme a minute .. damn, this rememberin' stuff hurts ! ...

Reply by SpeedyManiac on 03/20/2005 3:21:16 PM
My worst injury from riding was a broken hand. It was the last ride of the year, November 17th, 2001 to be exact. I was cruising up an old railgrade (no rails or ties) and came around a corner to see a pretty big log across the trail. I slammed on the brakes which I later found out had lost the nut holding the rear brake actuator rod to the cam (XR100R) so I had only had the front brake working. I somehow managed to not go over the bars (bald front tire) and instead had the front end wash out and down I went. Somehow my right hand ended up between the dirt and the end of my handlebar and thus broke the bone in my hand going to my middle finger. I was little dazed and confused when I got up, but I somehow managed to get my bike back up. I then looked at the log. It has a good 12 inches diameter and it was about 8 feet long. It looked like some @$$hole had placed it across the trail. I used my left arm to move the log out of the way so nobody else would hit it. Now came the fun task of starting my bike. The 100 wasn't jetted perfectly and thus required a little gas on start-up, even when flooded. I got the bike into neutral and then used my left hand to open the throttle up a little bit and kick it. After a good twenty kicks it finally started. Now came the fun part of riding home, by myself. Luckily I was only about 4km from home, but it still required riding through two washouts and a ton of rocks, plus pushing my bike two blocks on pavement to my house. Keep in mind my right hand (throttle) was the one I injured. I eventually made it home after one hell of a painful ride to find my dad had gone out to walk the dog and my mom was at a craft fair. I parked my bike in the yard then went and got changed, keeping the glove on to keep down the swelling. I could feel a funky lump in the middle of my hand and I've experienced quite a few broken bones before (boys will be boys) so I figured it was broken. After about half an hour my dad got home, so I took off my glove (no sense letting a doctor ruin a good pair of gloves) and headed to the hospital. After about 4 hours in the ER I came out with a splint taped to my hand. Turned out the break was pretty gnasty, spiral fracture with the bone parts at a 10 degree angle. They decided there was no sense doing surgery since I would still have a huge lump there. Looking back surgery probably would have been better as it ended up taking all winter for it to heal. They ended up putting me in a hard fiberglass cast after a month with no improvement, plus snowboarding season was starting. The bone still hurts in the cold and if it gets hit, but it seems to be holding up to many more dirt samples.

The only other injury I've had (besides lots of road rash, including a nice gash on my neck from a low hanging branch) is a fractured my right foot in a race a couple years ago. I had bike troubles so I started a good 25 minutes late and was determined to make the top five. Not five minutes into the course I smoked a stump hiding on the side of the trail, pushing the rear brake lever under the frame and doing some damage to my boot and foot. I soldered on to finish 8th without a rear brake, not being able to stand for most of the race and starting 25 minutes late!

Reply by Thor101 on 04/08/2005 5:21:38 PM
man my injury isnt really even that bad compared to what everyone else is talkin about the other day i droped my bike and the exaust landed on my ankle and i got 3rd degree burns and the doctor had to pull of the burnt flesh and holy smokes did that ever hurt

Reply by Thor101 on 04/08/2005 5:22:34 PM
2 days ago me and 9 of my buddies were out at the local pit(aka mud/sand area) and we were building jumps, anyways when we were done all of my buddies were talking and what not around the corner from where the jumps were, so i decide to hit a few of them, when i was hitting the table top i came up on a wrong angle and dumped my bike it just so happens that the bikes exhaust is extremely hot from riding all day and lands on my lower leg and i was not wearing any boots just some fox riding gear ans some shoes the exhaust was so hot i didn't feel it at first but then i did, i was facing down hill and couldn't get the bike off of me and i was yelling for help anyways about 20 seconds later everyone came flying over to come to my rescue but the exhaust ahd beat them to save me and my leg was completely burnt, i went to the hospital and i have third degree burn on my leg and when i was there , there was some "excess" skin hanging off and the doctor had to peel it off and it hurt like a mother, anyways im thinking of purching a set off racing boots i think that they will be well worth it, this topic doesn't have much to do with dirtbikes themselves but i figured since i wont be riding until my leg heels up i could share this with u and u might get some laughs out of it... anyways back to looking at pics of bikes, later 87 XR200R

Reply by braap307 on 04/14/2005 1:06:48 PM
I normally make one trip a year to the dreaded ER. Last year I was lucky, no ER visit just my Doc. This years races havn't even started and I've already made my first trip. I always make a couple of laps before going full throttle but last sunday while on the 1st lap I somehow lost control while making my normal landing of a 50ft table top, but something went wrong on the landing and I'm still stumped. I know realize I went down on the right side of the bike and rolled about 6 times. I could deal with the bruised ribs, hip, fingers and slight pain in my wrist but somewhere on my uncontrolled landing I crushed one of the family jewels. I actually finished practive that day for another 3 hours. but a few days later as the swelling and bruising got worse I stopped by my Doc, who took one look and sent me to the ER to get a sonigram. Needless to say I probably shortened the time I have left to have kids! Better than breaking a leg or arm!

Reply by Hutch on 05/10/2005 01:06:08 AM
When I was a teenager on my XR200, I was riding around my block, testing something I had just fixed. I had no helmet or goggles because it was just a quick ride. While going about 40-45 MPH, a big fat locust flew right into my right eye. I had to pull over because it really hit me hard and felt like it pushed my eyeball in. I shook it off after a few minutes and rode back to the garage. When I went in to wash my hands I looked in the mirror and I noticed a black object in the white part of my eye. "Mom, I need to go to the hospital, I have part of a bug in my eye." I couldn't even feel it because it was below the surface, but after the doctor removed it with a little pick, I asked if I could look at it under the microscope. I was a little leg with little hairs and everything. That was fun.

Reply by YZF426oz on 07/28/2005 4:58:16 PM
A few years ago i was riding my (very) old DT-125 behind my cousin, who was on a TT-500. after crossing a cattle grid, I got stuck behind a 4wd, extreme amounts of dust, couldn't even see the front mudguard, anyway, just as I was about to go around him, the front wheel washed out on a rock about the size of a football and I dropped the bike fair on my left knee. luckily, it didn't break, i got back up and kept riding, but I was limping around for 3 or 4 weeks.

Reply by iLIKEmud on 07/28/2005 6:01:11 PM
i actaully burned my arm the second da i had my crf150 when i was checking the tire pressure. my friend was there and almost threw up when i started pulling off my skin. of couse i tell ppl i did a big jump, crashed, got up and found the burn on me

Reply by Westicle on 08/01/2005 7:47:17 PM
A bit too much right wrist twist off the big table at Metcalf. Sailed straight up and strait back down, tail first. Shattered rear tail on the YZ 125, knocked off the exhaust, broke tail bone on the landing, slid down the rest of the landing on my elbow and left thigh, shredded through jersey, and ground down pants. Lesson learned lean forward more! Still ride with the stained jersey and it was just an excuse to get new plastics!!

Reply by NUTZO99 on 11/14/2005 07:52:50 AM
my first time on this site...cool so far...im getting a 4 stroker when i get my taxes back...Polaris outlaw bung holeres...but here is my list i got from riding my Polaris scrambler 400 2 stroker 400....rolled going up a mountain...all 5 of my fingers ripped to shreds on left hand...2 fingers had to be reattached..on another ride..tried to powerslide at a new riding location...and it grabbed and off i went...both elbows dislocated and are now a neat drinking conversation piece...last month the girl under steered a bit and into a large wood tree my shoulder goes...it grinds and cracks when i move it...ahhh ha ha ha...

Reply by mattman on 02/12/2006 12:29:54 PM
last mothers day i broke 4 fingers kept riding and then tried a new hit on a step down and dislocated my shoulder and had internal bleeding. then i thought my mom was gonna kill me because she had to drive me to the hospital. almost 8 months later i still get pains in my shoulder.

Reply by YoungGun17 on 05/14/2006 10:54:25 AM
i was out just taking a short ride one day when i thought i had a great idea to jump a pile of rocks. So i got into the gas and hit the rocks, i went into the air sideways because the rocks gave out on my. so i hit the ground with the bike lying on top of my right legs. when i got it off the was blood everywhere. The chain adjuster had went into my skin and tore almost all of my calf muscle out. I had to have 32 staples and im still trying to regain that muscle. So take it from me dont jump a pile of rocks.

Reply by trd4jt on 06/09/2006 10:22:29 PM
Several, errr, concussions.. where am I? Uh, well I feel fine now, I think?? Its tough looking at your drivers license in camp, and very creepy as your memory slowly comes back.. kinda like the Twilight Zone.

Also couldn't remember anyones name back in camp, for about two hours. Just sat quietly drinkin Gatorade, nursing a serious noggin ache.

Reply by Jlutty650L on 06/12/2006 7:31:15 PM
Collar bone, Nose, fingers, toes, left femur, sprained right ankle, tore left hamstring, stretched Achilles, tendinitis, tennis elbow, etc. Nothing on the BRP!!!!

Update: Riding with the beginning of a cold and allergies in full swing. Had the tank bag on and could not get over the bars. Wheelied a hill climb with my road gears on, a half bald rear tire, new chain too tight on adjusters (short wheel base). Got sideways in wheelie. Fell sideways downhill trying to save the bike. Landed on my shoulder on a rock. Softball sized bruise. Still weak after two weeks. Skinned my shoulder through two shirts. Bought chest protector on ebay next day.

Reply by drtrider on 07/04/2006 11:31:54 PM
I was on the top of a big pleateu that has a small jump off of it and then down the huge vertical hill... Everyone else pulled in the clutch and glided down to the jump at the bottom, then gave it a blip. I didn't. I gassed it all the way down, came off the jump face wrong, then nosedived straight into the vertical face of a berm. (this is a motocross race) I cracked my helmet straight down the middle of the face, broke my nose, two black eyes, and broke a rib. (Bars in the chest hurt with or without a chest protector...so much for my motocross career.

Reply by 4StroKen on 07/05/2006 10:23:19 AM
I guess coasting and bliping would have worked better! OUCH!!

Reply by drtrider on 07/05/2006 3:46:49 PM
Originally posted by NUTZO99
my first time on this site...cool so far...im getting a 4 stroker when i get my taxes back...polaris outlaw bung holeres...but here is my list i got from riding my Polaris scrambler 400 2 stroker 400....rolled going up a mountain...all 5 of my fingers ripped to shreds on left hand...2 fingers had to be reattached..on another ride..tried to powerslide at a new riding location...and it grabbed and off i went...both elbows dislocated and are now a neat drinking conversation piece...last month the girl under steered a bit and into a large wood tree my shoulder goes...it grinds and cracks when i move it...ahhh ha ha ha.
Dude...don't buy a Polaris...just DON'T! I have heard first hand horror stories, and been present for one. They are crap. I don't know why Americans can't make a good OHV, but they just can't. The Japs know what they're doing. Stick with a Japanese machine, man. Just trying to help.

Reply by roost151 on 07/18/2006 11:29:16 PM
my last injury was in early 2005 when i fell trying to do a back flip into my foam pit & my 2005 sdg hit me in the face i should have worn a helmet because i shattered my skull,broke my nose,&my hand trying to stopp the bike

Reply by LarryXR400 on 07/25/2006 12:22:11 AM
Man, we sound like a bunch of barely walking wounded here. LOL. Riding injuries- broken right ankle, on the street. Broken right collar bone-dirt. Concussion-dirt. Two broken ribs-dirt. Broken fingers on both hands-dirt. Broken right wrist, kneecap, major blunt trauma that left a bruise from my arse cheek to my ankle, broken bone in my left hand, and two hairline fractures to my left shin bone-High school football. I feel safer now that I just ride through the woods.

Reply by Duffman1111 on 10/29/2006 4:17:40 PM
i was riding three wheelers with my neighbor when we heard a blood curteling scream from his little brother. when we approached the accident he was crying histaricly and pointing at his left calf. somehow the three wheeler rolled over him in such a way that front brake lever was pierced (yes pierced; in one side, out the other) through his left calf. he was face down and we tried to keep him from looking at it but he just wouldn't listen. he passed out (i guess from shock) and we carefully removed the three wheeler from his calf and carried him to the house. they took him to the hospital and blamed me for everything. they sold the three wheelers after that and i have been on bad terms with them ever sins.

Reply by motomonte on 10/31/2006 11:39:42 AM
Dislocated wrist while on a 1 mo. old bike.Got 4 surgical pins inserted in it for my efforts.A severe case of road rash (well,a few cases)seems like every time I go ridding without protective gear I go down.Now I wear some gear even for going to the next corner even when doing some errands.

Reply by 250f canuck on 12/26/2006 1:17:48 PM
A few weeks after I got my WR I was riding through the woods by my house. I thought I was doing pretty good, I was in and out of 2nd and 3rd gear and keeping the revs up. I started setting up for a right turn when my neighbor on his 400 EXC comes around the corner. We hit pretty good and twisted both our front wheels. Not a lot of words were exchanged, just the basic "You OK?" kind of thing. He thumbed his bike to life and I was left kicking. My right wrist started to hurt like hell, but I got home all right. The X-ray of my wrist looked like a freshly split piece of firewood and I had to have a screw put in to hold everything together. Lucky for me, my Dad's health plan hooked me up with a super-cool carbon fiber brace from CTi. Now I'm a little paranoid of blind corners, but I'll get over it.

Reply by slowpoke1 on 01/11/2007 08:49:47 AM
Came around a corner that had been rutted when wet & had dried out, got cross wheeled & did a face plant, couldn't get nmy hands out & landed on the back of my wrists, head first into the ground, the peak of my helmet pushed the mouth guard down into my throat. No serious damage but couldn't swallow for 3 days or use both my hands.wrists for a week.

Reply by Duke on 01/26/2007 02:29:19 AM
I hurt my finger

Reply by ikarus1 on 01/26/2007 11:42:19 PM
We have a construction site right down the road from my house, and it's literally miles of dirt jumps rocks ruts drainage ponds...you name it. Like my very own terrain park on the weekend. I am OLD (32) so I ride with caution most of the time.

Welp, riding all the bikes to get the chains warm so I can do some maintenance, and I am on the TTR125. I love that bike cuz it feels like a mini. The only time I don't wear elbow pads or a chest protector, I roll out to the site, and try to climb a hill with a short jump on top, then you have to stop and turn on top of this hill. I roll off of it hot, into the air, almost over slam on brakes fall backwards elbow into rocks bike on top of me. Fortunately had my boots on otherwise broken ankle from the bike falling on me. Elbow didn't fare so well, and it's swollen and sore as I am typing, now my wrist and forearm is swelling and I need to go to the DR.

What do I do for a living? Computer Tech - typing constantly. It's probably carpal tunnel!

Reply by hondarocks61 on 05/18/2007 2:36:49 PM
my worse injury=i was 3rd gear pinned and flew into a pile of dirt, flipped over the handlebars, AND... got a bruise.

Reply by Old dog on 05/28/2007 9:00:04 PM
hmmmmmmm ..... I've had so many bike injuries over the years it's not funny. So instead of writting a book I'll give you the "Reader's Digest Condensed Version", of the 3 most memorable (you'll understand why they're the "most memorable" after you've read them)

The first injury I got while riding a motorcycle (and one of the most embarrasing ) was when I was 12 years old on my XR80. I remember that at the time there was something wrong with the back brake on it, so I was pretty much only using the front brake combined with gearing down to slow the little beastie down. There was a group of girls watching us show off and I was going to stop and brag to them about my unsurpassed motorcycling skills, so I was approaching them about to do a fabulous sideways skid to show them how cool I was. Unfortunately, I forgot about the back brake being of little or no effect. I came in kinda sideways, jammed on both the front and back brakes, the back brake did nothing, the front brake locked up, the handlebars went sideways and I went flying over the handlebars head first skidding down the road on my chin for about 10ft. When I finally came to a stop I jumped up off the ground (trying to look like I planned on stopping that way), picked out the gravel sand and mud that was embedded in my chin, walked over to my bike, jumped on it and started it up and took off, trying to ignore the crowd of girls that were laughing at me. I still have the scars in my chin from that wipeout to this day. It's also part of the reason I now always wear a full face helmet.

My second motorcyle injury occurred when I was 14 years old on my uncle's "Big Red" 3 wheeler. My aunt and uncle had gone to a movie one night and I was looking after his kids when I got the big idea that I'd take his 3 wheeler for a ride (he specifically told me NOT to take it for a ride). It was the first time that I had ever ridden a 3 wheeler, I remember my cousin had told me it was just like riding a snowmobile (yeah, right). So I hopped on, started it up and away I went. Everything was going along splendidly until I tried to slow down and turn around. I was zipping along in top gear (I think it was 5th),I let off the throttle and the bike immediately started to pull to the right (the dirt road was crested in the middle and sloped towards the sides). The really bad thing about it pulling to the right was that there was a 25ft partially treed cliff where the right hand ditch should have been. The harder I tried to pull the bike back to the left, the more it wanted to go to the right. I finally lost the battle and went flying over the cliff, luckily (or unluckily, depending on how you look at it), I hit several small trees on my way over and down the cliff. However, I came to an abrupt stop when I hit an 18 inch diameter Black Spruce tree. I say "I" hit the Black Spruce because at that point the 3 wheeler and I had parted company, as it bounced merrily along it's was down the cliff down to the bottom which was the shore of a river. When I hit the Black Spruce I peeled the skin off of and bruised 3 ribs. After I managed to catch my breath and straighten up I made my way the rest of the way down the cliff to miraculously find the 3 Wheeler fully intact and seemingly none the worse for wear. I now had to find a way back up the cliff and onto the road. I traveled about a mile down the beach until I found a trail that I could ride back up to the road. I promptly made my way back to my uncle's place and parked the 3 Wheeler in the exact same place that I had found it. I thought for sure that nobody would be the wiser about me taking it for a ride until my uncle called me up the next day and asked me to come over so he could have a "talk" with me. He said one of his kids and told him what had happened, but said that he would have known the bike had been rolled anyways because the little tiny parking brake clip was missing (it must have come off as the bike went over the cliff). It took about a month for the skin to grow back and my ribs to stop hurting after that. I never drove a 3 Wheeler again after that experience and am glad they eventually got outlawed.

My third and by far, the most painfull injury happened when I was 21 years old (20 years ago now) and occurred while I was riding my 750 Custom. I had just bought the bike (second hand) and was on my way to Mickey D's to get something to eat, accompanied by a friend behind me on his 440 LTD. I had just gone through an intersection and was proceeding towards Mickey D's when I noticed this Bronco II coming towards me with it's signal light indicating it was turning across our lanes of traffic. Of course we had the right of way, so we kept on going. I noticed the driver looked as though she was debating whether or not she had time to cut across in front of us, so I started to slow down. She then seemed to decide she didn't have time and stopped to wait for us to go by. Then at the last second, she cut directly in front of me and then she must have panicked, because she stopped broadside to me. I barely had time to react, I had three choices, I could try to go out to the left of her and then risk hitting the other oncoming traffic or I could try to go the the right of her, up over the sidewalk and hit one of the many trees or telephone poles lining the side of the road. Or, I could try to lay the bike down on it's right side, unfortunately I didn't have much room to play with and had just started to try to lay it down when the bike contacted the rear quarter panel and wheel of the Bronco, I then came flying off the bike also hitting the quarter panel and the side back window. I don't know if anyone is familar what the Bronco IIs from the 1980s were built like, but the rear side windows were of a "bubble" type, that wrapped up into the roof line. When I hit the window, it was with such force that it caused all the windows in the truck to explode outwards. I then proceeded to fly up and over the Bronco and landed about 15 ft farther down the road on the other side. This is when the woman in the Bronco II made her third insane move, she pulled off the road into the parking lot she was originally shooting for, which left me exposed to oncoming traffic. As soon as I hit the ground, I tried to get up and off the road, but my body didn't seem to want to cooperate. As soon as I stood up I crumpled right back down onto the road. At this point I remember thinking "hmmmmmmm, I must be pretty messed up if I can't stand up". So I did a little post accident checkup on myself while I was laying there on the road exposed to traffic. First check, can I feel and move my legs? yup .. good. Second check, am I spitting up blood? nope .... good, although my top lip was numb where the fullface helmet had contacted it when I hit the side of the truck. Third check, run tongue over teeth, are they all there? yup ..... good. Fourth check, can I move my fingers? yup .... but what is that what thing sticking out of my jacket by my elbow? .... that can't be good. It's at this point that I start to also notice and excruciating pain in both my upper thighs and realize whatever is causing this pain is the reason why I collapsed back onto the road when I had attempted to stand up. It's also about the time that I notice my buddy looking down at me saying something to the effect "hey man, are you ok?" (he had gotten stopped in time and escaped any kind of injury) Being in somewhat less than a good mood I replied back "what do you think Einstein? I'm laying here in the middle of the road after having just hit a truck and flying through the air with the greatest of ease". The ambulance arrived quickly (I could see the Hospital from where I was laying on the road), they scraped me off the road and loaded me into the ambulance and took off my helmet, I was rather pleased when the top of my head didn't come off with it. The pain in my thighs and groin was now approaching "I'm gonna puke and passout" levels, so I asked the ambulance attendant to do me a favour and check to see if my family jewels were still there, he checked and informed me that they were still intact, however they had turned some interesting shades of blue, black and purple. It turned out that I had seperated my pelvis and broken a bone (Ulna?) in my right arm just about two inches from the elbow joint, this was the "white thing" I had seen protruding from my jacket. I had to have the bone pinned together with a plate and six screws. I spent two week in the hospital and walked like I pooped my pants for about three months.

Newspaper clipping pic in this topic: Live to ride and ride to die

Now you know why I use the "I do all my own stunts" Avatar.

Reply by hondarocks61 on 06/06/2007 2:56:27 PM
wait a second, that whole thing with hitting the side of the truck and flying over the top sounds familiar, my dad and his friend(who i think he lost contact with along time ago) were in a crash just like that, my dad was riding in front of his friend(this was way back when he rode motorcycles)and some lady cut him off,my dad took a really sharp turn and started sliding sideways down the road,(which ripped up his arm pretty bad,his friend wasnt so lucky,he hit the side and "jumped" the car and flew into the air. this crash is probably why my dad dosent ride anymore!

Reply by 250f canuck on 06/06/2007 4:35:25 PM
Old dog, those are quite the stories. I was at a friend's place a couple months ago and we were both messing around on his old Honda 3-wheeler. That this was awesome in 1' of snow, I never had it pointed in a straight line.

It's been roughly a year since I broke my wrist and last Friday I had the screw removed from my wrist. I got to keep the screw, I was surprised how long it was, over 1". It also had a hex (Allen) head, which upon closer inspection still had a small piece of red stuff in it. You can probably guess what that was part of. Everything's healing up nicely though, I'm going riding this weekend.

Reply by CRF250R DR on 07/11/2007 10:18:24 AM
only injury i got to say is a trip to the doc with a fractured wrist :) all other injuries were non dirtbiking

Reply by 4Putter on 07/11/2007 1:21:22 PM
Old Dog--Insane, man. Glad you're still around. Great crash stories.

Reply by Ecksarelle on 07/11/2007 2:11:43 PM
O.D., You indeed "Do all your own stunts"!. Enjoyed reading your antics...waiting for another installment

Reply by mspike on 08/16/2007 12:25:26 PM
My worst accident was on my Grandpa's go kart. I tried to make a sharp turn and it rolled over and I broke my arm and had to have twenty some stitches in my pinky finger. My dad thinks I cut my finger on a ty-strap that was holding the on/off switch to the steering column. Anyway, I was supposed to spend the night at someones house that night and I still did, sipping my morphine(or whatever liquid drug it was) even though it didn't help.

Good stories Old Dog, I pray I never have any as bad as yours.LOL

Reply by tkandlj on 01/05/2008 6:30:12 PM
wow lets see,stitches on chin from run in with handle bars,sprained wrist,tweaked ankle,twisted knee,cracked ribs,and just recently more cracked ribs and a nice new scar on my arm while trying to do a freestyle trick,lets say i realize since i'm 38 and been riding since i was 7 that i've been pretty lucky and still look forward to riding every weekend,at least its winter in ohio right now and i can spend the winter months healing and prepping everything for the spring.

Reply by sparta4188 on 01/05/2008 6:57:04 PM
I haven't really got that many injuries. Here is a couple of little story's that hurt me. I was riding one day on my dad's 400ex. 4th gear, cruising and trying to pick a good line, There is one section that was like whoops but it was one big rock. At the beginning i knew i was going to fall off because my front left tire caught a rather large rock. (i was looking back for my friends) I then hit a rock, it was sorta like a step. It went up about a foot. My quad is now sideways in the air and i am standing up.My front tires hit the rock whoop and flipped my over the bars. Weird thing is i hear the quad still running. I then feel pressure on my back. It was my quad. I then though i had room to get up, i didn't. My back hit the frame. My stomach hit the bars sorta hard and that hurt! Another one i went off of a jump on my baja 125, landed wrong and twisted my ankle. On a hill climb(rather big) On the 400ex i filpped backwards at the top on a rock and hurt my bad pretty good. On my ba-gillion pound mototek 125, i was doing wheelies with my friend and the quad flipped back, then i tried to get out. I couldn't. I told him to flip it on a side and let me get up. He fliped it to my side.... right on my ankle. Almost the whole quad's weight on my ankle. I took a little bit more thinking to get it up. The plastic was going into my ankle with it's jagged edge. Ive rolled many times but i mostly just jumped off.Nothing to bad. If you don't crash your not trying hard enough!!!!

Reply by jrsride2002 on 05/20/2008 11:34:18 AM
Well, I have been riding for about 18 years. I started doing street riding in 2002 when I bought my 650L. A year later I crash into the safety rail and have a whole mess of problems. I broke my right thumb, scafoid(spelling might be off. Its a bone between your wrist and thumb), radius bone in my right arm, broke my left and ankle, and suffered a fracture to the Lumbar section of my spine. The "L3" if you know your physiology stuff. 6 months of rehab and PT, 9 months of no bike :( That was the first time I ever broke any bone or needed and surgery or stitches..

Two years ago, I crashed again, broke my left foot! I broke my four little toes, and my pinky toe was broken in four different places and had a chunk of bone floating in the soup of a foot I had. All so had a major amount of road rash that I was screaming about durrning the clean stage.. P A I N ... A chiropractor near where I work gave me some pills to help the bone heal a little faster, was a great return on investment in my opinion. Walking still!! And riding!

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