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Pastrana Double Backflip Video

Post by 4Strokes » Tue May 31, 2016 9:51 am

Topic: Pastrana double backflip - 199 2X 360
Author: Admin
Posted: 08/04/2006 9:34:56 PM

Anyone else see Travis Pastrana do the first ever double back-flip on the X-Games tonight on ESPN? Pretty sick! That was the first time I saw a four-stroke doing freestyle motocross too.

Reply by ThumperTDC on 08/05/2006 08:30:27 AM
Didnt see it, but just found a video clip.. insane. TP's double back flip (removed dead link)

Reply by kubiak on 08/05/2006 2:54:02 PM
i just saw it on the x games!

Reply by ThumperTDC on 08/08/2006 10:19:12 AM
Another video link to it: (removed dead link)

Reply by 4Putter on 08/08/2006 11:06:04 AM
Thanks for posting that second link, Thumper. I tuned in too late that night and missed it. Insane!

Reply by 4StroKen on 08/08/2006 12:01:47 PM
I saw it also ....Amazing!!!

Reply by Duke on 08/08/2006 11:25:49 PM
He is NUTS. I wonder if it will will be tried by more riders quicker than the 360?

Reply by Admin on 05/09/2007 7:46:59 PM
Another one from all different angles:

Travis Pastrana Double Backflip

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