Thomaston Dam: Terrafirma's Ultimate Ride

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Thomaston Dam: Terrafirma's Ultimate Ride

Post by 4Strokes » Sun May 29, 2016 4:51 pm

Topic: Terrafirma's Ultimate Test Ride
Author: RockyMtnSpode
Posted: 08/08/2003 8:18:23 PM

Thought I'd post this just in case he didn't make it back...

I'm taking TF to the Thomaston Dam riding area here in CT. It's his first time, I believe. For those of you who don't know this area, it's 6 miles of pure rocky, rooty hell on earth -- when it's dry, and 6 miles of loamy bliss. A definite Jekyl & Hyde type of place. Well, in CT, we've been hammered every day with rain & T-storms, making TD a wet, sloppy mess. From experience, the 6 mi out will test Mr. Terrafirma to the extreme. A month ago, 7 out of 8 (expert-enduro) riders who post on RMD left with injuries (including me: broken rt foot). I learned to ride in North-Central Colorado, and I have to admit, TD is tougher than anything I've ridden. Esp. when wet. The 6 mi back is guaranteed to be seat-high muck & water -- ultimate fun, right? Will post a ride report if I feel Terrafirma has earned his TD "Patch". Wish us luck...

Reply by ThumperTDC on 08/08/2003 11:27:39 PM
You will post a ride report if you feel he has earned the TD patch?... What the heck, you give us the details and and start the story and then you will only tell us the ending if you feel he has earned the patch. Man, I hope you dont go into writing books, cause I dont think you do too well

Reply by RockyMtnSpode on 08/12/2003 9:20:11 PM
You raggin' on me man? Jeez, I'm no Stephen King OK? A TD "patch" can be physical, emotional, or both. WTF is your problem, TDC? Sand in your vag..ahhh, enough. Here's the friggin' report...

Got geared up & ready to ride @ 9:30. 2 vehicles in the pkg lot, no one on the trails. I took TF (Terrafirma -- ’01 XR250 w/ SuperTrapp) all the way to the end of the road that splits the north & south trails, and doubled back to ride the south-bound trails as a warm-up. Every time I’ve been to the Dam, I start off with the tough northbound route…not this time. I figured the south-bound would be a “warm-up” for my TF & me. Not 5 minutes into the ride, which was essentially whoops with 2-4” of water between them, I look up to find a 30’-long-f-in-tree, not cross-wise, but length-wise in the middle of the trail!!!! I had 0.5 seconds to think, “OH SHIT” before my left footpeg rode the length of the tree, and myself sliding on the ground parallel to my bike the entire 30’. WTFH!?!? Never in my life have I seen nature put a cut tree in the middle of a trail like that! TF came up seconds afterward, to find me cursing like a sailor, throwing sticks, mud, rocks, and jumping around like a MF-er!! I was SO PISSED!!! Hmmm, so who would put a friggin’ tree in the middle of a trail like that….OHVers, beware…the ELF has infiltrated Thomaston Dam!!! Next time I’m bringing my .44.
Surprisingly, the rest of the Southbound trails were incredible!!! I’m talking 100+-foot sections of swampy, muddy, wetness….whooped-out sections that were forgiving, and splashness-over-yer-helmet-fun!!! I’ve never swallowed as much water/mud mix as I did Saturday…and it was awesome!!!! The grip was perfect, and I want to thank RMD’er Jay C, as I adjusted my suspension per your recommendations, and the front tire stuck like glue on those trails, man!!! My bike did everything I asked it to!

So TF & I get to the “open area” of TD to find a Dad (strangely clean DRZ250) & his son (KX125), thankfully in full gear for a change, and 3 guys tearing it up through the whoop sections, in full gear, sans goggles. One guy stops, and I had to look closely just to see if he was white! The mud on these guys made me double over in laughter, and not one of ‘em was wearing goggles – there was just no point in doing so!!! Haha, then I looked at myself, and realized I looked just like them, and TF & I were only 1/3 through our ride!!! We Headed back to the truck for a break before the serious TD sections, where I put the fear of God in TF (who’s only 17), by telling him the Big Purple Swollen Sausage story (guy who’s throttle stuck on a KTM 520), and other various injured RMDers from Dam-Ho….surprisingly, it didn’t seem to phase him…young punks…

So, off we go into the upper trails, which on a dry day, are super-slippery and very technical. The warmup through the south trails were just what we needed! I can honestly say that this section was the best trail-riding I have ever done. Extremely narrow-rocky-rooty-slippery-muddy-whooooooped-out but so much friggin fun I shoulda been wearing a condom! With the exception of 2 stalls and a front-tire-washout, we never crashed, and we conquered those trails and called them our Bitch! I cannot emphasize more just how incredibly awesome, wet, muddy, fun, intense, orgasmic those rocky trails were this time!!! Maybe it has something to do with riding with RMDers who are experienced & full of testosterone that intimidated me, but my God, this time…that F-IN RULED!!!! We came down the last steep section to the overpass/cross-road area, and took a break. I asked TF if he wanted to take the road back to the truck, or the trails… I love this kid…he said, “Trails!”. We were smokin’ the first 2 miles or so, when I lost TF…I’m putzing through the trails looking for him when I see a guy on another Red bike, so I pull up, thinking it’s TF. Not so, but I look ahead at what he’s waiting for, and there’s a guy on a CRF450 & his boy on a CR80, 100’ up the trail, which happens to be a 300’-long MUD-POND, and they’re stuck (hehe). I give the guy next to me a smirk, and gun it through the swampy mess! Just as I meet up with the stuck guys, ‘ol dad gets his bike going, only to be greeted by the huge wake coming off me passing him….and he goes down! I felt bad for…mmmm….a second…and make it through, to be greeted by a chuckling TF who heard the whole thing! HAHA!!! That was awesome! At this point we’re about 4 trail miles from the truck, and feeling REALLY good. (no arm-pump, no injuries, all A-OK), on top of being utterly and completely soaked from head to toe (my helmet visor has since broken off, making me look like a horned Devil, 2 sharp points at the front of the visor – looks kinda cool actually). Those last 4 miles were as fast & wide-open as 2 spodes can be…both of us learned to ride the whoops & mud as close to the edge as possible!!! I can’t count on 2 hands how many times I could’ve (SHOULD’VE) crashed, but hung on, and TF behind me only confirmed how out-of-control I was during the last section (I think he’s faster than me), and couldn’t believe I actually held it together!!! I’ll tell you what, too, that damn-ol’ 17 year old has got some talent, and am jealous that he’s getting a better head-start than I am (damn young kids!)!!! All-in-all, that was definitely the best ride I’ve had since I lived in CO, and I think the rain, mud, & wetness only intensified the experience!!! All I can say is…WOW!!! To bad y’all missed it.

Survey says:

4 crashes (kept the engine going on 2 of ‘em), no broken bones, no bruises, no broken bike parts, one broken visor, too much mud swallowed to account for, and one helluva good time!

--Chris M.

P.S. If any northeastern folks want to come out to ride this place, leave your name below – we’ll set up a group ride. This is a place to experience.

Reply by RockyMtnSpode on 08/12/2003 9:25:38 PM
  • BTW, total trail miles: 22.25
  • Time: 3.5 hours
  • Fun: priceless
Reply by ThumperTDC on 08/13/2003 6:32:04 PM
lol, sand in my vag... ha ha you funny guy

Reply by RockyMtnSpode on 08/13/2003 7:34:04 PM
Glad you liked it, TDC!

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