WI Dual Sport Ride 10/21/2007

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WI Dual Sport Ride 10/21/2007

Postby 4Strokes » Sun May 29, 2016 12:19 pm

Topic: Wisconsin Dual Sport Ride - Oct. 21st '07
Author: Ecksarelle
Posted: 08/15/2007 10:35:06 AM

Anyone riding in DairyLand may want to check out the all-day KMSR "Field and Forest Ride" coming up in October. I'm going. first organized ride for me, should be fun! 70 miles of scenic secondary roads connecting privately owned properties, each with a 1-5 mile off-road trail loop... containing regular and hero sections. Based on the pics posted on their club website, looks like there'll be some interesting obstacles and good riding.. I'll have to take some pics of my own and post a ride report.


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