Plating issue even w/title in WI

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Plating issue even w/title in WI

Post by 4Strokes » Sat May 28, 2016 2:45 pm

Topic: Plating issues even with title in WI
Author: soccer8823
Posted: 08/18/2006 09:32:05 AM

Went to the dmv today to plate my new bike (xr400r) it has a title and so it shouldn't have been a problem but now they wont even plate that. They said that of recent (last 6-8 weeks) there have been lots of people trying to plate bikes because of gas prices and now they have become/ are becoming more strict about it. So now I have a bike that I was planning to ride a decent amount on the street to get to trails and now I can't any ideas..

Reply by b_king on 08/18/2006 09:33:35 AM
Complain to the local/municipal government in your area. If you raise a big enough stink, they are bound to let you do it. Good luck, keep the real dual sports alive!

Reply by cruzean on 02/05/2007 12:37:06 PM
I live in Cali and just plated my bike with a WI plate by using my mothers address. I just went online, printed out the form, made sure to check the box that says it meets all federal requirements, sent it in and they sent me the plates without even seeing the bike. Good Luck, Tom

Reply by Admin on 02/05/2007 1:27:21 PM
cruzean, would you mind telling me exactly which form you used?

Reply by cruzean on 02/19/2007 12:44:23 AM
The title on the form is "Wisconsin Title & License Plate Application". Below that says MV1, it does not give a form number. It has sections A through G. Just make sure and check the box in section G on the far right "Manufactured for highway use". I printed out the form, filled it in and sent it. 3 weeks later the plates arrived at my mom's house.

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