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XR400R Street Legal in TN

Post by 4Strokes » Sat May 28, 2016 2:32 pm

Topic: XR400 Steet Legal? (Tennessee law interpretation)
Author: d3crypt
Posted: 05/02/2005 11:16:15 AM

Hey everyone, I was looking on AMA's website about Tennessee's motorcycle laws and would like to know if I really need to get a Baja Designs kit for just casual street riding. It shows the following requirements:
  1. Daytime Use of Headlight - Required by Law (modulating headlight permitted)
  2. Mirror Left & Right - Required by Law
Tennessee I know doesn't require turn signals either. Other than DOT approved tires and maybe a headlight replacement, I don't see anything that would keep me from bolting on some mirrors, and being street legal. That... and a license plate holder.

Am I very wrongly mistaken? Does anyone know anything more specific to Tennessee laws? What is the bare miniumum it would take to get me street legal?

Thanks for your time and support, it truly is appreciated! I only wish I knew enough to contribute to other's problems.

Reply by jabroni1m on 08/22/2005 09:38:12 AM
HI, I live in Clarksville, TN. I have my xr600 street licensed. The only requirements for Tennessee are:
  1. hi/low beam headlight
  2. DOT tires (they don't check though)
  3. 2 mirrors, after inspection I only keep one on bike
  4. Brake Light that can be seen at I believe 100 ft, maybe more. It really just requires the brake light to be brighter than the tail light.
Reply by bofusfly on 10/25/2006 11:03:13 AM
Hi jabroni1m, I live near Chattanooga and would like to ask you some questions about how you titled and registered your bike. could you e-mail? Thanks, Terry

Reply by Gearman on 02/18/2007 11:37:49 AM
Goto a inspection station and talk with a inspector and ask what the min. requirement is. I went with a baja designs kit, and after inspection I took off the turn signals, and after a crash last year and damaged the tail light, I ended up putting the stock XR light back on, I had to modify the light to be a brake/tail light. What I am getting at is, I really didn't need the baja kit, all I needed to pass inspection here is a DOT head light, horn, mirror, brake/tail light, which you can get and install for cheaper vs. buying the whole kit.

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