XR600R Dual Sport Legal in PA

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XR600R Dual Sport Legal in PA

Post by 4Strokes » Sat May 28, 2016 1:57 pm

Topic: Legal in PA (XR600R dual sport conversion)
Author: jerry m
Posted: 11/24/2005 6:40:56 PM

Looking to make my XR600 street legal in Pa. Any help from someone that has done a Pa converstion. jerry

Reply by SR on 01/09/2006 12:15:54 PM
Dear Jerry: I just completed getting my '05 Honda CRF 230 F modified to dualsport.

There is a group in the PA DOT out of Harrisburg; I think it's called Special Vehicles Group or something like that. I don't have the phone number handy, but if you call into the DOT at Harrisburg, and describe what your trying to do, they will direct you to that group.

I called in to that group and asked what needed to be done to get my bike modified to dualsport. They said to get the Baja Designs Kit, and that it would be all that was needed.

I did get the Baja Designs kit, however, there are a few things that are needed that do not come in the kit, as follows:
  1. You need DOT approved tires.
  2. You need a chain guard.
  3. You need some type of turn signal indicator
  4. You need the front tire brake to trigger the rear brake light (on the Baja Designs kit, only the rear brake triggers the rear brake light).
  5. The rear fender extension provided in the Baja Designs kit does not extend down far enough. You need to break the plane of the top of the rear tire by a few inches. I cut a rectangular piece of semi-rigid rubber, and attached to the Baja Designs rear fender.
  6. You need a speedometer and odometer which you can purchase from Baja Designs
  7. You need rearview mirrors (at least one) which you can also purchase from Baja Designs.
A lot of older bikes don't have items 3& 4 (from above), so some inspectors may not feel those items are essential.

Once you have all this together, you have to find an bike inspector who is willing to do this inspection. There's not much money in it for them, so you may have to call around a lot to find someone. A shop that works a lot on reconstructed titles would be a good place to start.

Once you've found an inspector, you need to ask if they have any connections in Harrisburg that they go through to get the applications processed. This is nothing suspect; just a way to get priority to get your paperwork done faster than if you mailed it in yourself.

If your inspector has no connections, then submit your application through a messenger service, or better yet, your state senator or congressmans' office. The politicians office will do it as a service for citizens at no charge. The messenger service will charge you.

I got my application back, approved, in just three weeks.

If you have any questions, please post 'em here, however, I don't check this forum too often. Good Luck.

Reply by jerry m on 01/13/2006 4:13:59 PM
I may have ?s in the next few weeks. looking to make my CR500 legal. thanks jerry

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