Street Legal CRF230F in PA

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Street Legal CRF230F in PA

Post by 4Strokes » Sat May 28, 2016 11:49 am

Topic: street legal crf230 in PA
Author: shegg
Posted: 04/29/2004 2:12:10 PM

Has anyone successfully got a dirt bike street legal in PA and if so how hard was it. I have seen the forms and it looks pretty easy not to pass… I’m looking to make a crf230 street legal, any advise would be great

Reply by keithwwalker on 07/21/2004 07:37:01 AM
I did it in Philadelphia.

I got a Service Honda CR500AF, and walked in to a tax and tag place, and got a plate and registration.

I wasn't even going to ask for a plate cause I thought they wouldn't go for it, but the lady asked me at the last minute if I wanted one!

Now this isn't strictly kosher, the proper way to do it is to get a form 'MV426 Specially Constructed Vehicle' title conversion for the bike. Almost anything can be made to run legally on the road with that title.

Email me if you want the 426 pdf. Keith

Reply by combat88 on 09/19/2004 10:36:41 AM
Hey do you PA people have helmet laws?

Reply by So-Crates on 09/28/2004 06:24:03 AM
Helmets were mandatory in PA until 2003. Here's an interesting article about the stats 1 year later:

Link: PA Looks at Motorcycle Crash and Injury Data 1 Year After Repealing Helmet Requirement

Reply by shegg on 10/12/2004 09:29:26 AM
My bike is now street legal... what fun.

Reply by Stinson on 11/11/2004 6:38:06 PM
What did you do in PA? I need to do the same. Thanks

Reply by crf guy on 02/05/2005 1:47:30 PM
I have an 04 crf 230f and want to make it street legal. Where did you get your kit from?

Reply by crf guy on 02/05/2005 1:50:38 PM
by the way i live in Va so if any one has any specific info for Va it would be appreciated

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