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Deposit NY Ride Report

Post by 4Strokes » Mon May 30, 2016 11:32 am

Topic: Deposit NY Ride Report
Author: dave_cl
Posted: 07/05/2005 10:11:03 AM

Went down to Deposit NY yesterday for an event- a weird combination of trail-ride and trials.

The RidgeRiders have a spot of land in Deposit that's mostly side-hill (mostly? HA!) that's a mix of single-track and quad-free double-track. The only level stuff is the 2-track that winds around the hill.

The trails themselves have a good mix of nice hard-pack, shale uphills, hard-rock and dirt heart-stopping downhills with not too much muck.

The goal- make it 5 laps around the 7-mile torture course (no, its not really bad, just interesting stuff to ride on) but get scored on 5 trials sections. No verticals, just gnarly stuff. Nothing you have to stop on, but they made some stuff where only a trials bike doesn't have to clutch it.

First lap, first obstacle right at the start: 3 18" logs spaced about 2 feet apart, looks pretty easy until you come around the turn and see that behind the bush there are 2 more logs, the first at about 30deg. from perpendicular to the trail, the next touching the first on the left side and forming a V. Lotsa folks boogered this one as I watched, and I cleared the first log and the engine stalled. Damn! not enough warm-up time! 5 pts. Well, the next 4 times I cleared that sucker, so that just made me more PO'ed about the stall.

2nd trials section was up a short hill, turn almost 180deg. sharp left on the hill, turn right back up the hill (while still on it), make a couple of tight (crawling, clutch in) turns, onto a big square-edged rock with the edge facing you level but at a 45deg. angle to the trail, and then you had to roll off of that into a tight left. 1st time through, and another time, the front end washed out on a loose rock (strategically placed there on top of the grass) and I dabbed for 1, but the other 3 times I cleaned it.

There was a trials section that had a few small (2ft) vertical lips (stalled here once, damn! I richened up the idle and that fixed the stalling), a root on a sidehill, and up a short wet-loose shale slope. Except for the stall, I cleared the whole section clean except the shale upslope- got stopped and spun once, had to paddle for 3 pts the other times.

One trials section was loose wet shale (there's a pattern here...) up a hill, turn sharp, then over some extra snotty-wet roots. Got stopped the first time (as did most), paddled my way the other 4 times for a 3.

Favorite section was the shortest, but it was over some 1/2-exposed boulders, a few feet high, with no real clear path through it. Most chose to try and wind their way around the rocks which was a mistake, because the turns were too sharp to let you through easily- most people that tried that had the front wheel smack a rock in the middle of a turn, and down they went. Best path was up and over the rocks, just treating each one as a small jump that would land you most of the way up the next- just like Thomaston dam, except dry, so no surprise here that I cleaned it 3 times and dabbed twice.

Of course, just going over these 5 obstacles 5 times each would be pretty easy, so they distributed these across 7 miles of some fairly tough terrain. They have nothin' but hill there, so big surprise, there was a lot of hills! The uphills were mostly 2-track covered with loose flat rock, except for a few that were dirt and had some nice turns on 'em. The downhills were plentiful as well, and always seemed to have a thrill-item added in- a few exposed ledges on a 45deg. slope, TST downhills with not quite enough room for the bars, a sharp turn at the bottom, with most more like skiing (on a 350lbs bike) than riding.

This was a great event, and even though on the last lap I couldn't steer straight, was getting cramps in my arms and legs (all uphill and downhill, you find a few muscles you haven't used lately) I didn't want to leave. The only thing they lacked was one huge killer uphill, but the sheer number of merely daunting hills made up for it. Lots of sidehills, no cliffs or dropoffs.

They are having an enduro there Aug 7 (or thereabouts), and they hope to have this twisted adventure again next year. I don't know about August, but I'll sure be there next year.

Oh yeah, of course the best part (after the riding) was to watch people realize what I was riding. There were trials bikes, a smattering of 300s, a CRF 450, but almost everything was a nice small bike. 1st overall went to a trials bike, an XR100 took 2nd or 3rd (I forget which). Seeing what I was on almost put 'em into shock! This time I did remember to let the 2-strokes go up the hills first, so they wouldn't get stuck following me up at tractor-speed.

I probably need a 'regular' bike, but its tough to let go of the notoriety (that and the ability to idle up obscene hills). Maybe I'll get something nice'n' light for the big 4-0 in a coupla years. Wife'll be pissed about a second bike, but then I can put it down to 'mid-life crisis' and I can say "well, at least its not a convertible corvette!"

So if you can get there, a ride with the ridgeriders in Deposit NY is worth the trip, and when you leave your hill and rock skills will have had a workout.


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