My XR is now street registered in NY

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My XR is now street registered in NY

Post by 4Strokes » Sat May 28, 2016 10:37 am

Topic: My XR400R is now registered for street use in NY!!
Author: crashxr
Posted: 12/03/2002 6:42:02 PM

it's here , it's here !! last month i completed the paper work for registration and tag for my xr4. well it arrived in the mail yesterday. my xr4 is now registered for street use. now all i have to do is install a dual sport kit , still have not decided which kit.after this i can get the bike inspected and change the vermont registration to a ri registration.then i will have a completly legal dual sport in ri.

Reply by sizzler on 12/03/2002 6:55:52 PM
How do you get a "street" registration for your bike before its equipped with a dual-sport kit. That's very strange. In California you need to have the bike inspected before you are issued any kind of registration, let alone a license plate for street riding.

Reply by crashxr on 12/03/2002 9:15:36 PM
sizzler, i got a phone number to vermont dmv from four strokes only. i called vermont dmv and they sent me a bounch of paper work. i filled it out, enclosed a check and back came a tag, registration,and dirt only title changed to street use title. now the paper work is legal, i need to get the bike to match.

Reply by sizzler on 12/03/2002 10:56:30 PM
That's COOL!

Reply by Nantucket XR on 12/04/2002 12:50:11 PM
and here in Mass, as long as your title says "motorcyle" not ATV or "off road use only" you get your plate, then you go for the inspection. which is where im at now. Im still amazed though that Vermont allows you to do that without maintaining an adress in the state. Vermont has always been cool like that, like its way of flicking its thumb at the rest of the countries harsh registration rules. 97 "bone stock" XR 400

Reply by sizzler on 12/04/2002 10:04:11 PM
You'll never see that in the Republic of Kalifornia!

Reply by Ric on 12/05/2002 8:53:18 PM
Vermont,will register motorcycle anywhere(call 802-828-200). Once you have a title,your are not home free.You must have the vehicle inspected for compliance with state vehicle codes before a license will be issued for the vehicle.

Reply by crashxr on 12/08/2002 12:31:26 PM
hi folks, ric is correct,even though i have tag, title, and registration i'm not ready to put the bike on the street. i still need to be compliant with equipment, that' one of my winter projects. after installing a dual sport kit and dot tires i will get it inspected. then change the vermont registration to a ri one.
hope this explains how i plan to get a ri registration. good luck!

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