Baja Dirt Runner 125 Feedback

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Baja Dirt Runner 125 Feedback

Postby 4Strokes » Thu May 12, 2016 7:58 pm

Topic: Baja Dirt Runner 125
Author: dirtbike111
Posted: 05/14/2007 5:36:22 PM

Im looking into buying a Baja dirt runner 125, seems like a good bike, but ive been told that they arent good at all...would anyone know whether or not the are good reliable bikes, or whether i should stay away from it. What would be some of the most typical errors, or things that break on the bike? thank you all in advance!

P.S: i am buying this bike for 1100$ i think it is, brand new at canadian tire, down in sault ste marie ontario.

Baja Dirt Runner 125

theres a pic of the bike...

Reply by sparta4188 on 05/14/2007 6:47:52 PM
well, it depends, if this is your first bike it will be good for a starter bike. If your new your not going to be riding it hard so it will be fine. If you plan to do wheelies, stunt , jump it, rock climbing,go fast or anything of that sort, do not buy it. It is so heavy, with not much power to move it. I am 5'7 115lbs and play many sports so im not that small and when i got that bike (my first dirt bike) i fell over several times, but i also started in the dead of winter so that didn't help much. My friend had a ttr 125 and it would beat me everywhere. because i was new i thought it was me. So , i jumped on his bike and i realized that my bike is a POS. The ttr has so much more acceleration ,top end, suspension and overall it is much better. so basically from my experience don't buy it.

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Reply by dirtbike111 on 05/14/2007 9:10:13 PM
thanks, all im going to do is like putt around my lot and in bush trails...ill go fast but thats it, so jumps rocks or wheelies or nothing, just nice trail riding...would the bike be good for stuff like that?
thanks alot...anyone else have a 125 dirt runner? how is it for you guys?
thank in advance!

Reply by dirtbike111 on 05/14/2007 9:12:23 PM
sorry forgot to mention this, im 6 foot and 155 pounds, 16 years old, so i think i could keep up the, but still, im more worried about the mechanical aspects of the bike

Reply by dirtbike111 on 05/15/2007 2:22:53 PM
anyone else have comments on the bikes performance abd reliability?

Reply by dirtbike111 on 05/16/2007 3:34:45 PM
anyone ??

Reply by hondarocks61 on 05/19/2007 4:12:35 PM
well,in general, these chinese bikes are ok, but they are hard to find parts for, like sparta said, its chinese, all chinese bikes are sort of like throwaway bikes.these things are fun to mess around on but there not very high quality...(ps, your spamming in your own topic!)

-good luck with your decision

Reply by burnout on 06/08/2007 09:55:27 AM
yea man I have this bike as well and it is a decent started bike, but has a weak top speed and not good for jumping. There are hardly any stores that service these bikes but you should be able to find one. The bike was reliable for me until 5months down the road and it started grinding and making strange noises inside the engine(lower crank case). Dont think ill ever get a Chinese bike again. btw I was riding with my friend on his cr80 and eventho it was a 2 stroke it still was blowing this dirt runner out. but it has decent low end torque and is aight for trails. hope this helped

Reply by baja125 on 06/10/2007 10:22:48 PM
ya baja's ar a good set of bikes i have the 125 blue baja 4 stroke i ride about every day there is just a few thinks that suck about them since they are not brand names if you brake a part you have to wait for the new part or if you can find a baja dealer near you and you have to go and check to see if any bolts have came loose after your last ride i got mine from pepboys for like $1100 i think they also had a 200cc witch looked nice

Reply by baja125 on 06/12/2007 2:00:49 PM
you know that if you leave the stickers on it, it will look way better i wish that i never took mine off

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