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Panterra 90 ATV Starting Problems

Posted: Mon Jun 06, 2016 7:56 am
by 4Strokes
Topic: panterra 90cc 4-wheeler . Still need HELP
Author: jjbraders
Posted: 02/26/2005 07:14:43 AM

We bought a Panterra 90 ATV for our son for Christmas. After about a month we had some slow starting problems. Now it wont start at all. There seems to be no spark coming to the spark plug. Can anyone help please!

Reply by panterra on 02/26/2005 12:11:02 PM
the spark plug or the condenser are probably bad. the atv's condenser is the same one as the xr50's, don't get a replacement one through Honda, they will over charge you, for the same price you can get a racing one, which will put out more spark, giving it more acceleration, and making it easier to start.

Reply by jjbraders on 02/26/2005 4:50:06 PM
if I don't go through Honda, where can I get it? This is our first ATV so we don't know a lot of places for buying cheaper parts. Thanks

Reply by Admin on 02/26/2005 5:34:17 PM
It shouldn't be that hard to find a spark plug and condenser. Just pull them out and take a trip down to your local bike shop. I'm sure they'll be able to match them up just by the numbers.

Reply by panterra on 02/26/2005 6:56:55 PM has the 1 i was talking about. look under ignition

Reply by jjbraders on 02/26/2005 8:16:58 PM
thanks guys. Ill try that

Reply by jjbraders on 02/26/2005 8:23:33 PM
hey, I looked on that site and saw that its a dirtbike. We have the 4-wheeler. Is the condenser still the same?

Reply by 90cc on 03/01/2005 4:23:06 PM
Any luck with the fire issue. I have a 90cc bike. I get very low fire bike will not start. I have replace the wiring harness, CDI, kill switch, Ignition coil. Still no luck. I am thinking the problem is in the lower engine, I am not real familiar but it appears I need a gear puller to go any further. Any suggestions from anyone would be helpful. Thanks

Reply by jjbraders on 03/03/2005 10:53:55 AM
we seem to have gotten lucky with ours. We were pulling out the coil to replace it and it ended up being only a broken wire. Sorry I cant help

Reply by PitsRider111 on 03/06/2005 11:50:25 AM
JJbraders, i have the 90 cc quad too...i seriously have taken it to a level panterra never thought there bikes would go... jumping with it... I've added fog lights and took that thing off the handle bars..been in about 8 inches of mud and crazy other things. a couple of weeks ago mine had trouble starting too. after a while i figured it was the battery..because you never know how long these bikes have been sitting in a warehouse somewhere in china, i spent $45 on a 12v battery charger and its been working great

Reply by panterra on 03/09/2005 6:33:21 PM
ya, I've done some crazy stuff on my ft50 too, like I've had it up 2 the seat in mud, and my friend fried his condenser doing that, I've also completely bent the footpegs to were they were touching the ground, and its had its crashes too, like my friend said he knew how 2 ride, and he crashes into the neighbors parked mini van, but these bikes are pretty well built, but i forgot there's a plug in wire that comes undone a lot, mine was doing it to me 2.

hey pitsrider111, what did u take off of the bars?

Reply by PitsRider111 on 03/10/2005 12:50:05 PM
On the 90 cc quad panterra makes... they had this ugly @$$ light thing on top of the handle bars that made the quad look like a toy... so i took it off and i mounted two round halogen lights on it.. it looks a lot better.

Reply by panterra on 03/10/2005 3:32:49 PM
did u mod the suspension on the quad? because if u left it stock you must of bottomed harsh lol

Reply by PitsRider111 on 03/12/2005 1:08:05 PM
no i didn't do anything to the suspension yet. it hasn't bottomed out at all. do you know anything to mod suspension.. like companies that have similar sizes of the panterra?

Reply by panterra on 03/12/2005 2:04:19 PM
i haven't seen the quad in person, but if u can take a pic i can tell u want may work

Reply by PitsRider111 on 03/13/2005 07:43:07 AM
This is a picture trail of every motor toy i can find in my garage. as u can probably see i put Honda stickers on the side because everyone told me it looked like one and i bought some on eBay for like $7. (dead pic link)

Reply by panterra on 03/13/2005 08:02:54 AM
lol, your just like me with all the toys, i got a ft50, xr50, i got a goped sport, a super razorback 43cc gas scooter, a yz125, ttr125 and a mini chopper, oh and a Suzuki fz50 moped. i'm gonna try and sell them all except the dirt bikes and goped.

Reply by panterra on 03/13/2005 08:10:07 AM
also if you can get a shot of the back of the quad i might be able to tell u a free exhaust mod u can do and aftermarket suspension

Reply by PitsRider111 on 03/14/2005 3:01:10 PM
here's a pic of the back..its a little dirty but u can get the idea.

Reply by panterra on 03/14/2005 4:56:26 PM
the bottom of the shock and the spring look a lot like the 1 on my xr50, you could pick up a xr50 spring and shock off eBay for $5 and see if it works, then you could change the spring to a heavy duty one.

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