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Panterra How to Make Faster

Posted: Sun Jun 05, 2016 8:28 am
by 4Strokes
Topic: How can i make my Panterra go faster?
Author: Leosarria
Posted: 08/28/2004 9:16:48 PM

HEY! I just bought a Panterra 49cc at Pep boys but i need more power. how can i make it go faster? do i have to make carb adjustments? what are they? or do i have to take something off. i don't know if it has a speed restrictor or something like that. THANKS!

Reply by Honda Happy on 09/02/2004 6:37:49 PM
You sound new to the sport. Well first things first. TAKE THE BAFFLE OUT!!! lol, to do that,look at the very end of your exhaust pipe. There should but 2-4 screw/bolts, holding it in. Unscrew those and then simply just pull the baffle out. This will make it sound A LOT better and give it a bit more kick too. But if your looking for even more kick try buying a racing pipe for mini's from BBR , I dont know if they make them for panterra's but look around I'm sure you could make one fit somehow. Maybe down the road you might wanna put a big bore kit on it, A lot of companies make them , just go to a DIRT BIKE DEALER , lol not pep boys, and ask them about a big bore kit for a 49cc panterra. Then you could boost its up too almost 100cc. Hope that helps man! good luck with it!

Reply by combat88 on 09/13/2004 08:01:49 AM
Pep Boys Panterra's 49 cc trail bikes. Those are like moped's with gears huh? How much faster did you wanna make your panterra go? Aren't those the bikes advertised that say speeds up to 55 mph?I guess as long as they can hit 25 mph they can be registered as mopeds.I think that is all they are, mopeds with gears.I guess taking out that baffle might do the trick, I use to take them out of my mopeds.

Reply by truetoosu on 09/15/2004 07:07:17 AM
Do you even know what a moped is? Do you know what a 49cc Panterra Mini Dirt Bike is? I know what both are and the Mini Dirt Bike is no Moped. Trail bike, yes

Reply by wagan2 on 09/15/2004 8:04:04 PM
Ok, Does anyone actually have any experience with the 49cc dirt bike? I ride an XR250R and I am looking to buy my seven-year-old his first dirt bike. A new XR50 costs $1,200 and I worry that he will outgrow it too quickly. The $399 price tag on the Panterra is very attractive, but will it last long enough for him to outgrow it? Any information is appreciated. Wade

Reply by combat88 on 09/16/2004 05:15:22 AM
Originally posted by truetoosu
Do you even know what a moped is? Do you know what a 49cc Panterra Mini Dirt Bike is? I know what both are and the Mini Dirt Bike is no Moped. Trail bike, yes
Yes I know what a moped is, had 2 general 5 stars, i puch maxi, a puch cobra, and a peguoet tsm. All mopeds are 49 cc engines and this panterra is also a 49 cc engine. I seen these panterra products advertised in my local Sunday paper every week. They are all cheap alternatives to the real thing. All of them list what there top speeds can achieve, max is up too 55 mph, while all others up to 25 mph. That mini bike you are referring too has a max up to 25 mph and also is a 49cc, the same as a moped, so my question for you is, do you know what a moped is?

Reply by combat88 on 09/16/2004 05:32:47 AM
Panterra 49cc Dirt Bike, SKU 9264946, Part #06027, Recommended for ages 16 and up.
  • 49cc, 4 stroke engine
  • Speeds up to 28 mph
  • Up to 435 miles on a single tank
I seem to be a little off on the mph, the mini bike can go up to 28 mph, WOW ! For some reason this board wont allow pics to be posted by copy paste, anyway viewing the mini bike the engines are basically the same size as a moped's with the exception of the little exhaust pipe exiting from the top rear. Go to and read the specs for yourself. All in all in the price of it I guess it would be considered a bargain, since mopeds cost a lot more and have the same cc size engine. I personally wouldn't buy one for my kid, I would consider the Yamaha 50 or Honda 50, they start about $1100.00 from what I seen in a motorcycle store where I bought my new KLR. I would also go with a 4 stroke because the motor lasts much longer, they recommend rebuilding a 2 stroke yearly depending on how much you ride.

Reply by truetoosu on 09/16/2004 1:56:31 PM
So, since you insist you know what a "Moped" is, where are the pedals on the Panterra Mini Dirt Bike?
This is a MOPED (MOtorPEDal). See the motor, the pedals!

This is a Panterra Mini Dirt Bike! (dead pic link)

Reply by combat88 on 09/16/2004 3:35:58 PM
I was referring to the engine on the mini bike junior, can't you read? I'll say it clear for you so you understand, same size engine, same top end speed.My original Question was does the mini bike have gears. Why am I wasting my time arguing with a child? What I find really funny is my redmax eb7000 back pack blower has 13 more cc then your mini bike.

Reply by truetoosu on 09/17/2004 6:57:19 PM
nice try, I can read, your first post compared the whole bike to a moped.

Reply by combat88 on 09/18/2004 04:59:41 AM
Yea thats right I did compare my post to that cheap wimpy dirt bike to a moped, because it has the same power as a moped and also is a piece of crap. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for sticking up for that piece of crap! All of Pep Boys inventory is garbage, no one in their right minds would buy such fake crap in my state. I can walk faster then your panterra mini bike.

Reply by Ioxus on 10/10/2004 5:39:40 PM
Combat, are you really 33? I ask because you post a lot like a kid. If you are an adult, what satisfaction do you get from bashing a dirt bike and being rude to someone who has bought/is considering buying one? If you don't get any satisfaction from bashing the Panterra or people that have purchased one, as I suspect you will answer, then why take the time to post? Either way it seems a little silly.

Here is why my kid has a 49cc Panterra (which, by the way, he loves and so far has been a fantastic first bike for a 9 year old), because I can't afford an $1,100 Honda. Especially when my kid will probably outgrow it in a few years. There, happy? You probably make more money than I do, so you have the financial flexibility to buy a better bike. Fantastic for you. Feel better now? Superior? Hopefully I made your day.

BTW - I strongly suspect you are not the age contained in your profile. If you are, well, my condolences. Obviously whatever fledgling maturity you had at one point or another up and died on you.

Reply by MX100Rider on 11/21/2004 09:20:09 AM
yea some of us cant afford that kind of stuff i bought my bike with my own money and i dont have a job. and besides these bikes are just as good as name brand. your buying the name not a bike

Reply by panterracrazy on 08/16/2005 7:56:38 PM
check the first page it tells how to make it go faster.

Reply by panterracrazy on 08/17/2005 11:56:21 AM
the 49cc panterra can go way faster than twenty eight it goes 28 in third it has four

Reply by hondacrazy on 08/19/2005 07:29:56 AM
yes...the panterra dirt bike does WAY over 28 MPH. i hit around 35 in 3rd gear. i don't know what is does in 4th. maybe low 40's.

Reply by Smokin101 on 12/22/2005 01:33:25 AM
Yeah sure combat88 I would like to see you walk 50mph!!! The pep boys info is so incorrect. Even the manual that comes with the Panterra 49cc is wrong. For starters there isn't a stock moped out there that could keep up with the Panterra 49cc bike. I have one and outrun any moped, mini bike, mini chopper, and even every stock Panterra 49cc that I have raced. I can even keep up with my neighbors 250cc 4 wheeler. I know my mechanics and this is no moped. Its a trail bike and if u knew anything about dirt bikes you would know that just looking at the frame. Next time think before you go bashing a bike you never even rode.

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