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GY200: Is it worth the money?

Posted: Sun May 15, 2016 5:06 pm
by 4Strokes
Topic: 200GY (GY200 - worth the money?)
Author: thumper4
Posted: 06/04/2005 09:31:51 AM


Does anyone have any experience with these Chinese copy "200 GY" bikes? Some come under Redcat Cheetah 200, Kazuma, etc. I know that they are all basically the same bike. My question is are they worth the money? Looking for a cheap bike to mess around on. No serious trail riding, just playing.


Reply by reddman on 07/08/2005 8:57:43 PM
I have a 2004 200gy. made by united motors(china) and for the price it is a very good bike for first time riders,or just for fun. the 200 i have is a dual sport that i'm making into dirt only. i'm having a hard time finding any info.on the the bike. but for what your going to do it will be fine.
p.s. i can e-mail a pic if you would like to see the bike befor you buy one...

Reply by bbeamer on 07/11/2005 08:27:28 AM
Not a bad bike as a money saver! I got one in December and it is good for mild trail riding, fairly smooth on the street too. All I do is off road though. If you get one, as with any off brand bike, you must go through ALL of the nuts and bolts and fasteners and also check ALL of the controls and wiring. Most of these bikes look like they were assembled by people who were five minutes away from clocking out for a four day weekend. After that you should be good to go.

reddman if you get a lead on some parts let me know. I busted my rear shock this weekend and can't find any replacements online. I am going to take the measurements to the local shop and see what they can do.

Reply by rfitch on 08/09/2005 9:18:40 PM
I know this may be a little late, but I bought a UM DS (200gy) about a year ago and ride the hell out of it. It takes a beating and crash's well (always starts). Just an fyi..I'm not sure that all of the 200gy's are the same (kazooma, UM, pentara). I looked at the 125 pentara, and saw a UM 125. The UM looks so much better, but it's more expencive also. The chinese are funny, they build bikes from parts from other companies, so you don't know what's on it or how good it is. I think their basicaly the same, but the UM (united motors) looks like a higher quality bike than the pentara.

I have about 2000 miles or so on my bike, sunk it in a really big puddle, crashed it (alot), dropped still runs great. If your going to by chinese, I would recomend the UM, good quality control (somthing lacking with chinese importers), 3 year warranty, tech support and parts available. I don't want to sound like an add here, but I hear people trashing chinese bikes, but I really like mine. I think it's the distrubuter that makes the differance. UM say's they spec out their bikes as opposed to just importing what's available. There are about 4 major chinese companies who build (assemble) bikes. It's hard to tell what bike is what, since a importer can be buying different bikes from different manufactures.

Reply by Sixgun on 08/24/2005 4:05:34 PM
I just bought one of these myself, fopr the unbelievable price of $600. For a first bike, I think it should do me fine for a while. I am planning to get a smaller rear sprocket for more speed on the road, assuming I can get this thing tagged, which is the battle I am fighting now.
Does anyone else's GY have the turn signal beepers? I thought it was a cool feature for about 5 minutes, but having everyone look at you weird when you flip on a blinker is getting old. It sounds like a garbage truck backing up! Anyway, my first "mod" to the bike was to stuff the beeper horn with cotton balls and wrap it in tape (un-hooking it disables the blinkers). Now it is tolerable, lets you know your blinker's on but doesn't draw attention.

Reply by rfitch on 08/31/2005 5:37:01 PM
The correct term is "winker" : ).....thats how they have it written in the owners manuel.... $ 600.00 bucks is a dam good price...I paid $ 2,195.00 last year for a UM, but it's still a hell of alot cheaper than a jap bike. I don't think it's as good as a jap bike, but I have about 2500 miles on the sucker so I can't complain. It does suck in the dirt. Very sandy off road in south heavy and sucks...but it is what it is...I'm tagged, have the smaller sprokets, so I'm all good on the road up to about 60 mph...

Reply by rfitch on 08/31/2005 5:38:38 PM
also, the gy-200 is a copy of the Honda XR-200 (out of production now).

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