Baja Panterra PDF Manual Downloads

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Baja Panterra PDF Manual Downloads

Post by 4Strokes » Wed Jun 01, 2016 3:40 pm

Topic: Baja Panterra 50-90cc PDF Service Manual Downloads
Author: countryboy84
Posted: 06/13/2006 7:50:58 PM

If you guys need one just call Baja and ask! :) or I can send the adobe file let me know! It's over 200+ pages! for the Panterra/Baja 50 and 90.

Reply by okben on 06/20/2006 3:07:45 PM
Does the manual you have explain the auto carb on the 2004 model? thanks

Reply by SouLeZZ on 06/08/2007 03:23:56 AM
I'll take that manual for my Baja 90cc. Thanks

Reply by elsey05 on 06/13/2007 09:16:26 AM
I'd like a copy of it. My youngest is riding the Panterra ATV 90cc, and i'm hoping it's the same engine.

Reply by ctandc on 06/13/2007 10:26:57 AM
I'd love to have a copy of that as well. thanks

Reply by Blizz on 06/13/2007 2:54:25 PM
Google Panterra Motorsports Canada and they have all the Panterra/Baja manuals free to download. (Only for bikes in Canada no scooters)

Reply by elas123 on 08/16/2007 2:38:21 PM
i would like a copy of that service manual

Reply by drewkuch on 08/06/2008 12:44:47 PM
Could i please have the manual for my Baja SC50 . Thanks, drew

Reply by Dtox on 08/13/2008 7:35:20 PM
If you don't mind I would like a manual for the Baja 50cc, Thanks

Reply by mspike on 08/14/2008 8:12:51 PM
I dont think its going to happen guys. He hasn't been on this site in a long time.

Reply by jamey on 10/19/2010 07:10:17 AM
I have just become the new owner of a Baja 90 atv which has clutch problems and I need the service manual to help me solve the problem. Can anyone help. Thank you.

Reply by DenvCO on 03/28/2011 3:24:58 PM
I contacted Baja and they sent me the repair manual for the Panterra but that is different for the Baja SC50. Can you send me the one you have. Thank you

Reply by john082657 on 05/18/2011 08:10:38 AM
do you still have a pdf of the service manual. I have a 2006 baja 90cc atv. I'm not getting any oil the the engine.

Reply by mphillips81 on 07/07/2011 1:30:57 PM
I would appreciate a copy for my grandsons DR 50 Dirt Runner. Thanks in advance. MArk

Reply by spalluti on 08/23/2011 10:42:20 PM
i would like a copy for my baja 50cc atv. Thanks spalluti at gmail dot com

Reply by Razyoung on 09/29/2011 05:42:39 AM
If anyone has the manual for the Baja 90cc I am trying to rewire the ignition switch because the original rotted. My email address is pappyauto at live dot ca. Thanks, Randy

Reply by 80sDweeb on 02/09/2012 6:39:53 PM
I found Baja DR50 and DR90 manuals at:
I know this is an old thread, but I found it while searching for this manual, so I figured posting the link would be better than people hoping to have a manual emailed to them. Scott in Penfield NY

Reply by mikey4200 on 05/17/2013 12:14:21 PM
I have a 49cc 4 stroke that I made a custom intake and exhaust and put a 19mm carb I can't get it to stay running I don't know how to adjust carb can any one help.

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