Panterra 125 good starter bike?

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Panterra 125 good starter bike?

Post by 4Strokes » Sat May 14, 2016 3:39 pm

Topic: Verdict on the Panterra 125 good starter bike?
Author: AmericanEagle
Posted: 02/16/2005 09:54:30 AM

Hey, as you all can probably see i am new to this, my main question is is the panterra 125 a good starter bike? ive never had a dirt bike before and i saw thise for a mere 1000$ and it has caught my eye. is it reliable, or an easy bike for someone like me with no dirt bike expierence to learn on etc or is it a pos? ive seen good posts and ive seen terrible ones and i just want the overall verdict on the bike? thank you very much

Reply by AmericanEagle on 02/16/2005 6:02:45 PM
anyone with any info id appreciate it for your opinion, thanks

Reply by Lynnrb on 02/16/2005 8:10:04 PM
I'm just like you this my first bike. I use it to explore desert jeep trails. It smooths the road out very well, and does everything I ask it to do. I use it for transportation not sport and it does that very well. I do'nt know how it will do going flat out on trails like mx bikes, not my thing. But it will easily go where pickups would have a hard time and with a nice smooth ride at that. I have not had any problems with the bike yet, so it seems like a great deal to me. I paid $699 for the 125.

Reply by AmericanEagle on 02/17/2005 08:57:28 AM
really thats awesome, how long have u been riding it? how many miles? was it a easy bike to learn on? 699 is awesome thats how much the 90cc sells for around here. and whats ur size? im 6' 240 lbs im wondering if the bikes suspension can handle me. thanks

Reply by AmericanEagle on 02/17/2005 09:10:11 AM
where do you have these bikes serviced? do u have 2 do it yourself? will any dirt bike dealer service them? because im sure pep boys doesnt service them? thanks

Reply by panterra125 on 02/17/2005 7:09:57 PM
This is my first bike too. I have nothing but good times on it. I ride the trails along the ditch by my house. I don't have the speedo on it but it seemes to have plenty of power for me. I understand everybody says don't jump it because of frame design. O.k. I can't ride like that anyway. It's my first bike! I have not gone through my first tank of gas yet but I have ridden it for hours. It goes along ways. I've wasted a $1000 on alot dumber things than this. The people how think the bikes are cheap and junk probly had there parents buying there $4000 honda. I have had to check all the bolts because I am afraid of the kids at pep boys putting them together. Most of it was good but I did loose the bolt that holds on the choke lever. Oh well Cheap fix. If you get one just make sure you break it in right. Change the oil before you start it and ride like you own it! Good luck and have fun.

Reply by AmericanEagle on 02/17/2005 8:13:38 PM
thanks a lot buddy...good info...

Reply by AmericanEagle on 02/18/2005 8:37:49 PM
anyone else wit any input?

Reply by dirtdestroyer on 02/20/2005 2:34:42 PM
their decent bikes too mess around on the trails with, but like someone else once said, you get what you pay for, any other 125 will smoke a panterra, and i think their going out of business or something anyway.... so i'm sticking w/ my rm 125

Reply by panterra on 02/20/2005 3:02:58 PM
of course a 2 stroke will smoke em, but like a ttr and one would be a good race, the only disadvantage would be jumps.

Reply by dirtdestroyer on 02/20/2005 3:48:58 PM
yea, ttr's are fun too ride

Reply by DRAGON on 03/06/2005 06:58:37 AM
great learner bike.but not for experinced riders.i have found that they are very easy to break."everything"

Reply by Joeizzle on 06/26/2005 5:01:28 PM
I'm thinking about buying a Panterra 125cxc form pepboys, i've seen the forums and read good things and bad, i just wanted to know if it's a good buy, or should i save up another 500$ for a Honda. Also if i do buy it are the parts from a honda gunna fit the panterra??

Reply by 2phasst4urazz on 06/27/2005 2:26:58 PM
i have a ttr and my dad has the panterra 125 and i do beat him but he is always behind me up my ass so its not much of a diff

Reply by hancadam on 06/27/2005 7:20:26 PM
I live my 125. It does not break easy. Do check all the bolts often, or use locktite. I also weigh 240 and the bike has plenty of power and shock stiffness. The manuel says max weight is 330. It is made for 2 people, so 1 big guy is fine. I have put 400 miles on mine with no issues at all. Everyone who see's it can't believe it for the price. My cousin bought his the sameday and he also has no issues. It is not maqde for heavy offroad. If you ride light trails and on roaqd, it will be fine for awhile. I highly recommend. Don't believe theseother guys because they don't have one. Enjoy!

Reply by dragon129 on 08/01/2005 09:07:29 AM
the only problem ive had was one of the bolts that holds the battery on there came off. it was no big deal i just found another old bolt and put it on there
one of my friends has a ttr and they run reely close. im 6'2 and wheigh 120 and i have had no trouble with it. it is a great learner bike

Reply by cuzzy on 11/17/2005 7:28:33 PM
the bike is worth the price, i ride mine hard, just change the oil and clean the air filter and spark plug, it does a mean wheelie, but be careful, the bike goes up quick, i broke my plate holder from going straight up, its awesome dude.........ride on!!!

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Panterra 125 dirt bike any good?

Post by 4Strokes » Mon Jun 06, 2016 2:45 pm

Topic: Panterra 125cc dirt bike- is it any good?
Author: wheeler740
Posted: 07/22/2004 6:39:55 PM

I am still wondering about this bike.. so I know about the cold start but I would appreciate any other info about this bike. One thing is how fast can it go? How high does the speedo go up to? I have seen 80 and 100. Is it worth the money? Is the gas mileage descent or what? Anything at all would be helpful.

Reply by rob119 on 08/10/2004 7:08:18 PM
its ok. parts brake easily. I've gone 50 on it only because it says not to give it full throttle, otherwise i bet it could hit 65. the cops were assholes wen they saw me riding on the roads. i'm only 14 but wen i'm 16 i'm gonna try to get it licensed or whatever.

Reply by icpnugget on 08/15/2004 10:45:44 PM
I bought my bike at a Pep-boys in Arizona, and I purchased one that was in the box instead of the display- But when I bought it they cut a hole in the box and took out the turning signals? Also, sometimes when I switch to neutral it kicks into 1st or second...kinda hard to get into neutral, So sometimes I just put it into 1st, hold the clutch, then start it and go from there. The correct gearing for neutral is 1 above 1st(all the way down) when the engine is off. When starting, I found that usually It is best to shift to neutral then kick it into first and slowly release the clutch while giving it about 1/4 gas.

The only problem my bike is having is that the engine has to be running in order for the electric to turn on, rendering the electric start useless? Does anyone know how to get the electric to turn on when the key is turned? The only wires I have hooked to the battery are the main Positive and Negative wires that had plastic caps protecting them when I got it. I looked for other wires and saw a black[negative] wire hanging down near the rear wheel on the left side(from driver's view) but I figured it was for the turning signals, but it does not extend far enough to reach the battery. I haven't looked very much for a red [positive] wire on the other side, But I just need someone to tell me how to get the electric starter to work, It's quite annoying having to kick it while trying to hold the brakes in on hills.

Also, I found an auction for a smaller sprocket for the Panterra 125 cc dirt bike. It ended but you might want to contact the seller as to where he got it or if you want to buy it he'll probably relist it upon request. ... 2484777367

Finally, My bike is the exact model as the one that was auctioned at ... 2485084623 I even removed the stickers like it and now people are guessing it's a 250 honda. Please post a reply if you know how to get the electric to work without having to start the engine.

Reply by Leosarria on 08/28/2004 9:10:44 PM
Can anybody tell me what do i have to do to make my Panterra 49cc go faster?

Reply by truetoosu on 08/30/2004 11:53:10 AM
ICP, Are you sure the battery is good? The wiring sounds fine. The bike will run as you describe because the magneto supplies electrical power after the bike is started and in turn keeps the battery charged. I'll look over the schematic and see if I can figure out what the extra ground wire is part of and post later.

Reply by biker kid on 10/10/2004 10:41:38 AM
Can anybody tell me how to get parts for the 125cc panterra. I accidentally dropped it on my first time out and bent my clutch lever. It still worked but my dad tried to bend it back and snapped off the end with the ball. It still works but my hand slips off, any help finding a replacement would be greatly appreciated. Also when we got it we had to fill the battery with the acid and when I ride it, it leaks all over the place. Is it just my bike or has it happened to anyone else? But other than that it has worked out perfect, I never had to adjust the air-gas mixture screw and it is perfect bike for the money.

Reply by bp 1.8 on 10/29/2004 10:00:14 PM
bike does 80 with a rear sprocket change. gets over 32 miles per liter.

Reply by rmjsts on 10/30/2004 07:01:12 AM
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