Baja WD50 ATV Electrical Problems

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Baja WD50 ATV Electrical Problems

Post by 4Strokes » Sat May 21, 2016 11:20 am

Topic: I hate the Baja WD50 atv (electrical nightmare!)
Author: ikarus1
Posted: 06/10/2009 06:45:26 AM

I bought this thing from pep boys going out of business after owning a Panterra 50 (should have known better!!!)

After I cleaned and tuned the carb and put a decent plug in it, got it running for a couple of months. My kids had a blast riding it.

One day it just died and I parked it, took all the plastic off of it and it sat for about a year taking up garage space.

No spark. I tested the CDI, that wasn't a problem. The CDI off another bike didn't work but the one from the baja did work on the bike....

So recently we bought a Suzuki LT-Z50 for my youngest, and the other kids wanted to ride a quad instead of the myriad of dirtbikes we have.

So I busted out the Baja, cleaned the carb, put in a new plug and some gas and low and behold it started! Have no idea what happened but the "garage gremlins" must have fixed it.

So the kids rode it for about a day, and then we noticed we couldn't turn it off w/ the key and had to use the kill button (tether).

The engine honestly runs great and the CVT shifts out pretty good even w/ my weight. It's nowhere near the build quality or stability of the Suzuki, but it has grease fittings everywhere and the chassis looks well built ( I think it's a Yamaha Raptor 50 copy).

NOW it won't start or turn over w/ the button. It seems like the starter solenoid won't work. I'm going to test the switch but it's unlikely.

I really hate the wiring on this POS. The mechanicals are good, the electricals look like they were designed and built by 3rd graders.

Reply by Smokin101 on 06/16/2009 12:38:12 AM
Well I would say it's the cdi which already seemed bad in the first place. Could easily be the starter or solenoid also. Test the starter manually with the battery. But seeing it has electric start it should also have a regulator/rectifier, similar looking to the cdi, and that little box can cause all kinds of electrical mayhem if it goes bad. Runs then won't, turns over but doesn't fire, lights staying on at all times when the key is on. Heat will ruin these cheapo electrical components.

Reply by AbelGino on 12/14/2010 6:08:30 PM
good. got it

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