Panterra Fusion 50cc Review

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Panterra Fusion 50cc Review

Post by 4Strokes » Fri May 20, 2016 10:22 am

Topic: Panterra Fusion 50cc Electric Scooter Review
Author: frostmud
Posted: 07/17/2005 06:51:51 AM

Wicked little bike here folks. This is the Panterra Fusion 50cc electric scooter. i bought this scooter off a neighbor for 400 bucks about a week ago and let me tell you, this has been interesting...

From the getgo, the scooter handled very well on the test drive, but i immediately noticed things wrong with it. (i'll detail this later) the seller was asking for 500 bucks at first, but i talked him down to 450 after i pointed out the obvious problems. (the bike sells brand new at pepboys for 699.99) i paid him in cash, and rode it home.

one block from my apartment, the rear tire goes flat after i go over a speedbump. i limped it the rest of the way and jacked up the rearend on the handy built in u-stand. closer inspection revealed a bent nail driven halfway into the tire. removal of the nail showed that the nail had been there for quite a while. the bastard sold it to me with a bum tire. it took me five freaking days to find a replacement. now, i origionally tried to patch the tube inside the tire (thats right, a nice feature of these scooters is it's like a bike; a tube inside a radial tite), but removing the radial tire was NOT easy. it took me an hour to get the tire off. once i got the tire off, i found the tube with three pinholes in it. patching the tire was the easy part, but getting it back on was not. in the process of trying to get the tube and radial back on the rim, i ended up slashing the tube on accident. so i had to get a new tube, and this time got a professional to remount the tube. another note, alot of tire places will not mount this tire for you, so you'll have to beg to get them to do it. the place i went to didn't even charge me though, because it was such an easy job. taking the tire back home and remounting it on the rear end was easy. but beware, when disassembling the rear end, be extra careful. there are lots of parts, and you'll need to get the brake assembly JUST right. it's a royal mess down there and you can't disconnect the electric motor. you'll need to take the whole bike down to the shop.

moving along. aside from the tire problem, i noticed that i had NO turn signals, but i still had headlights, taillights, and running lights. a few days later, still clueless, closer inspection revealed that it was merely a loose connection. pepboys puts these scooters together really fast and really sloppy, so after you buy one, take it home and tighten EVERYTHING. be careful with the screws on the light covers, because the plastic is weak and will crack if you overtighten. all the lights on this bike are bright and obvious, so you'll be happy with this feature.

second to last problem, on the electric model, the charger box gets REALLY hot. im not sure if this is just a bad charger, or if this is mainstream. the normal operating temp on the charger box is 32 to 90 degrees F. mine is running at 137+ degrees F and gets hot enough on a part of the charger than you can actually see that the plastic is melting slightly. not horribly, but it sinks in a little. i don't know how much longer the charger will last, seeing how its been making a small buzzing noise since the day i first plugged it in, but fear not. for one, most battery stores sell replacement batteries that you can use, and can also be recharged using a regular car charger. (40 dollars in most stores) You could also rig the assembly to plug into the 3 pronged outlet on the scooter. lets hope it never comes down to that. also, the charge time SUCKS. the bike needs at least 8 hours for a full charge from dead. also, the charger is SUPPOSED to shut off when the charge is complete, but never does. the light is green when plugged into the wall, then the other one comes on and turns red when charging. the red light is supposed to shut off when the charge is complete, but hasnt since i've owned the scooter, even though it appears to have a full charge. so basically, time your charge, and keep a VERY close eye on your battery level and charger temp while charging.

as for the instrument panel, it's a little quizzacal. because this is an overseas scooter, the panel is mostly metric. the readout shows 50kmh/30mph as the max speed. also, the odometer is in kmh. (0.6kmh = 1 mile) the battery meter will never show the actual charge. when you put the throttle in, the charge needle will drop slightly, sometimes drasticly, so there is no actual way to find out your actual charge. a safe range to use is 25.749504 kilometers, or 16 miles. this is full throttle all the time, with basic sloped and flatland driving. sucks eh? the gas model has a 1.7 gallon tank with a 244 mile max range, but that's actually about 100 or so with routine max speed driving. go with the freedom model if you want gas. it's about 300 bucks more though. also, the bike does NOT self recharge the battery as you go. (the gas model does though) so be careful using your headlights and/or running lights/turn signals all the time. this will affect your range slightly.

in summary, this is actually a pretty fun little scooter. taking sharp rights is fun, and you can lean in, but you cant do this on the left side because of the kickstands. also, there is almost NO ground clearance on this bike, so beware of speedbumps. you'll scrape alot. you can have the rear shocks adjusted by a shop to get a little more ground clearance though. if you you need just basic back and forth to work transportation, then get the fusion electric model. it's fun, and basic. for those of you who need longer range, go with the freedom electric model with the 1.7 gallon tank. be mindful though because the gas model requires much more routine maintenence than the electric model. also, these scooters are totally street legal. you do not need a license or insurance to ride one of these on city roads. you must be 16 years of age at minimum to ride one of these on city streets. also, you are still bound by traffic laws. you can't cut between vehicles in traffic jams, or you risk a sizable ticket. also, as i found out yesterday, do NOT ride these on the sidewalk or it's a $150+ USD ticket. these are fun scooters, but another warning is pepboys do NOT stock parts or service these scooters. (go figure.) baja motor sports honors the 30 day warranty on these buys, and all pepboys will do is give you a new scooter. american power products is supposed to have all the parts for this scooter, but they don't have any more. so basically, if one of these breaks on you, you're on your own when it comes down to fixing it. that, or rig it or get aftermarket parts. baja does NOT sell parts or service these scooters, nor does american power products. they're SUPPOSED to, but they just...don't. i don't know why either. anyway, enjoy your new scooter!

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