Coolster 110 Won't Idle

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Coolster 110 Won't Idle

Post by 4Strokes » Wed May 18, 2016 3:03 pm

Topic: Coolster 110cc won't idle
Author: mkalavitz
Posted: 03/29/2007 10:19:31 PM


I recently purchased a Coolster ATV (110cc) for my sons B-day...Well, it is his B-day tomorrow...I am trying to get this thing running right...I can get it started (battery seems a little wimpy), but pressing the starter button and throttling. I let it warm up for a few minutes, but have to keep my thumb on the throttle...As soon as I let go of the throttle it dies

I have played around with the mixture screws on the carb, but they do not seem to make a difference...There are two screws on the carb that I can see..One with a spring around the threads and extends out from the carb about 3/4" and the other which is countersunk...I believe that I have restored these to the original position that I received them in...Not that that was right ...

But, I can say that when we first tried to start this engine, we found that the gasoline tank was FULL of water...We drained all of the fluid out and replace it with fresh gas...We also changed the spark plug...

As I mentioned above, the engine runs decent when you keep your finger on the throttle...I ran it down the road and would believe that any excess water have moved through by now. I do not see a separate "idle speed" adjustment screw...Am I over looking it somewhere? What should I tackle next? I am about to take the carb off the atv and clean it...Would this be a symptom of a sticky float? How would I fix that? Any advice would be greatly appreciated...I would really like my son to be able to ride this scooter on his B-day and not have to worry about keeping it idling...

Thanks for any advice..


Reply by Smokin101 on 03/31/2007 7:02:18 PM
Sounds to me like you have it idled too low. The screw with the spring is the idle speed adjuster. Turn it up until it idles properly. The smaller screw that has no spring is the fuel/air mix. The fuel/air mix screw should be about 1/4 turn out, when it is screwed all the way in. Just turn it clockwise till it stops and turn it out about a 1/4 turn. If it doesn't like to idle you may need to turn the fuel mix screw out a little further, or in a little. You do so by turning the engine off, turning the screw counterclockwise about a 1/8 of a turn, then start the engine and see how it runs. Changing the fuel mix probably won't be necessary, you should only need to idle it up.

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