03 DRZ400 Sat 2mos Now Stalls

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03 DRZ400 Sat 2mos Now Stalls

Post by 4Strokes » Thu May 19, 2016 2:06 pm

Topic: 03 DRZ400 Dual Sport carb problems???
Author: drz400ds
Posted: 12/30/2004 11:53:16 AM

First off, I have the mechanical skills of a monkey with down syndrome.

I have a very clean 2003 Suzuki DRZ400 Dual Sport with 1300 miles on it. After letting it sit in the garage for a couple months I went out to start it up. The battery needed a charge as well.

Now it won't run right. I have to start it with the choke pulled all the way out. Even after 10 minutes if I push the choke in, the motor dies. If I give it any throttle while it's running with the choke out- the motor dies. Basically, all it will do is run at a fast idle with the choke out. I even rode it around for 30 minutes and tried some gas-additive/carb cleaner stuff in the tank w/no luck.

My guess is that maybe a jet is clogged???????

Thanks for any advice in advance. If you think it is carb related any detailed instructions on the net about how to fix it would be greatly appreciated too.

Reply by rajones on 12/30/2004 8:44:39 PM
One possibly is your pilot jet could be plugged. These have a very tiny orfice and can plug easily, especially if any water has collected in the carb. If you can loosen the carb mounting clamps and rotate the carb over with enough clearance to remove the fuel bowl then you could unscrew the pilot jet and clean it. Otherwise you will have to remove the carb for access to the pilot jet. This would also be a good opportunity to clean the fuel bowl while it is removed.

Another possibility is a vacuum leak somewhere on the intake side of the carburetor. If your bike has a coast enricher this could be a good suspect. You might want to permanently remove it. This webpage shows what a coast enricher looks like and how to remove it.

Check the coast enricher first because this is much easier than removing the fuel bowl.

Hope this helps. Roger

Reply by tomass on 12/31/2004 11:51:10 AM
I have a DRZ 400-s as well. Last week, I removed my fuel tank to change my plug. After I mounted the tank back on, I hooked up the fuel line to the tank. However, I failed to notice that there was a vacuum line that I was supposed to hook up to the tank also. Right behind the fuel outlet on the tank. That caused my bike to run like you described. It only ran on choke, and if I gave it any gas, it would die. So it sounds to me like it could be a vacuum leak.

Reply by buellfire on 12/31/2004 11:58:24 AM
Be very careful pulling the carb on this bike,It is a very tight fit.You will have to remove all the bolts in the rear subframe and remove the silencer. I think the pilot jet is going to be the problem with your bike, but since you have the carb in your hand now would be the time to richen the bike up a little to make it run the way it should. Put in a 48 pilot jet up from 45. and a 165 main up from 142 also place the needle in the 5th position from the top. Turn the fuel screw 2.5 to 3 turn out and it will run like it should have from the factory......Good luck

Reply by ckyguy68 on 12/31/2004 6:13:29 PM
i had the same problem. make sure the vacuum hose is hooked up. i have had this problem more than once. as funny as this sounds, one time it needed gas. i could hear gas in the tank, but it was in the reserve and not the main chamber. sometimes gas out of the reserve would splash into the main chamber, alowing the bike to run for a short time. hope this helps. alex

Reply by drz400ds on 01/03/2005 8:46:09 PM
vacuum leak or pilot jet, the envelope please..................

It was the pilot jet. Love to say I did it, but a friend of a friend that works at a local Yamaha dealer did it for $40.00 at his house. I could not pass up the deal and I did not even have to get my opposable thumbs scraped up. The performance tips sound good, but I'm going to sell the bike so there's no need for me to be tweaking it.

THANK YOU for all the right-on suggestions/replies.

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