01 DRZ250 Carb Issues

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01 DRZ250 Carb Issues

Post by 4Strokes » Mon May 16, 2016 6:04 pm

Topic: Suzuki DRZ250 Carb issues..Mikuni
Author: dipper_skipper
Posted: 06/24/2004 3:08:34 PM

I am having a tough problem with my 2001 DRZ250 and wondered if anyone has some experience with the same issues. the local shop want big $ to look at the bike and I have NO faith in their ability.
Both with the OEM and the FMF pipe I now run I have a reoccuring problem with "run-on", particularly in downhill situation. What I mean by run-on is when I chop the throttle, some times (not all the time) the engine want to keep running on...chop the throttle again and it will usually idle down. We've check and adjusted the floats, inspected the main needle and seat and it still does it. Is this just a characteristic of this Mikuni carb?

Reply by jeffke on 06/26/2004 09:33:38 AM
Hi D_K, check your gas cables for wear and adjustment. When you have your bike running, look at the throtle lever on the carb if it goes fully back to it´s inital position when you chop the throtle. Maybe the spring has broken. If everything is ok, it must be a problem with the low circuit settings of your carb: idle to high, wrong fuel screw adjustment, pilot jet to rich. But than you should have this problem all the time, so you better check for air leaks in the intake boot. Good luck. Jeff

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