Where are all of the KTM riders?

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Where are all of the KTM riders?

Post by 4Strokes » Thu May 26, 2016 1:56 pm

Topic: Where are all of the KTM riders?
Author: Brian10
Posted: 09/15/2004 5:38:40 PM

I know there has to be more KTM people out there than this. This site is great, but all the people seem to either ride Honda's or one of the green or yellow things. Come-on, I know there has to some info on KTM's that needs to be posted.

Here, I'll start the ball rolling. I purchased my first KTM last October. It is a 2004 525 MXC. What a great bike. After purchasing it, I put on a Dual Sport Kit (part Baja Designs/part My Own Design), handguards, skid plate, custom jetting, adjusted the squirter on the carb, Moose rear fender pack, Glove Box number plate pack, Ram GPS on the Bars, and a digital speedometer/odometer.

Then I've ridden it 4700 miles as of now. Only one small problem (The Cam Retainer Bolts that I talked about in an earlier post). All in all, it has been the best bike I've ever ridden.

Lest you think that tis thing is ridden by some old fart around town, I'll give you some examples of those miles. 1200 miles in Baja (All of the way to San Frasquito through the green door then back to La Rumorosa through Matomi Wash, El Diablo, and numerous other race routes and trails (Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that we rode bikes the whole way and had no chase vehicles). 400 miles weekend trips through the trinity alps, and trails around Mt. Shasta where we saw almost no asphalt, 250 miles on Saturday only crossing asphalt to get to the other side, and the day prior to that almost a hundred mile in Nevada. These don't include the days at Jacksonville, OR.'s OHV park in March (wet, and still covered by snow at the top). Basically, there are dozens of rides of over 200 mile duration out across the back country. The bike is awesome. Then, if for some reason I have to hurry home, I jump on the highway and get there. I also ride it daily the three blocks to my office and back. I just love riding this thing. Power is awesome, and the suspension works pretty good too.

Do I have any complaints? Yeah, Oil Changes are a pain in the patootie, Checking the Valves is a real pain in the patootie, and that is about it. The stock springs are a little soft for carrying a backpack, having a sleeping bag mounted on the rear of the seat, and pounding out miles of Whoops (this will probably be my next item that will be replaced on the bike). So far, the bike has not used even one drop of oil between changes (est. every 800 miles (excluding Baja)). So far, the stock sprockets seem to be holding up well.

That about does it for my KTM. I love the bike, Honda probably lost a customer for a while. As long as KTM keeps building light weight, electric start (a must have for me), screamers that are as reliable as this bike has been so far, I'll keep on buying them. But this bike will have a few more miles on it before I have to worry about upgrading it.

What would I change if I could? You guessed it, more reliable power and less weight! Who Wouldn't want that.

I will be riding in Arizona in the spring. The North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and the Navajo Nation look like they hold some great secondary roads. I've already been looking at Maps, historical literature (I love to visit the lesser know/more remote archaeological sites), and getting the group together. Baja was four riders last year. So far, this year, I've twelve riders expressing interest in the ride. If I'm lucky, six will be allowed to go (must have wife's permission). Yeah, we're all married. My two sons ride with me. My oldest (in college) rides a 650 Honda that I gave him when I bought the KTM. My youngest rides a 400 Honda. They are both excellent riders and treat riding and the environment with the proper respect.

Anyway. I've rambled enough. Let's hear from some of you other guys out there.

Reply by minitrail on 10/16/2004 06:30:14 AM
I had a Honda crf 450 2003,tried to put heaviest flywheel,13/53 sprockets and was almost ready to buy the wide gear set from baja-design. Then I tried an Exc 525 -04. I saw the light. It took me two weeks to switch my Honda to a new EXC 525 2005. I have no words,its such a great bike. Its like an xr250 with turbo.!!!

Reply by Brian10 on 10/19/2004 10:11:02 PM
Minitrail, I rode the CRF too. What a heap compared to the KTM. You'll love that bike. Good Choice. The only real good advice I have for you is soften up the seat. Man that thing is a board.

Reply by killerbeez75 on 10/24/2004 2:47:50 PM
recently bought a 250 rfs and absolutly love it.Looking forward to going to ocotillo.

Reply by killerbeez75 on 10/26/2004 8:36:35 PM
Holy crap!!!It seems like there is only 3 ktm riders.Its not our fault were the only ones with good taste...haha

Reply by Brian10 on 10/27/2004 11:47:55 AM
Yeah, were a pretty under-represented group around here. I know we're definately the minority. Oh well, everyone else has no idea what they are missing. Having owned one of almost every major brand motorcycle made in my life, I can honestly say my KTM is the best bike I've owned so far. Light, fast and reliable must have gone out of style. I'm just glad I got over that Honda thing. It's kinda like a disease.

Reply by killerbeez75 on 10/27/2004 4:48:34 PM
The problem I have is that I own a cr 250 and my wife owns the ktm(because I wanted her to have the best).I love riding her bike and I take it with me everyware 90 percent of the time.I find myself quicker and more comfortable on that thing rather than my honda.Also it gives me pride when Im on the ktm and everybody and their brother is on the other big four.And it makes me laugh when I take a desert bike to the track and am able to spank all my buddies on their 450's when I am on a 250 rfs.I love ktm and as soon as i can afford it Im taking my 02 cr250 to the ktm shop to trade her in for something that has a little bit of class.

Reply by ktm29 on 10/30/2004 9:59:49 PM
At my local mx track I'm only one of about 5 KTM riders. But I am the only mx rider in my state thats been on KTM's since 96.

Reply by Brian10 on 10/31/2004 4:40:10 PM
If you read Ewan Mcgregors and Charley Boormans's new book, you will be really disappointed with KTM's management. Ewan and Charley's book "Long Way Around" details their ride around the globe on motorcycles. Originally, they tried to get KTM to sponsor them in their adventure. KTM hired some world expidition snob to inspect their plans then ruled that they might not complete the trip and backed out of the sponsorship deal. Ewan and Charley went to BMW and they jumped all over it. They supplied the bikes, and told Ewan and Charley that "Part of the adventure is to try. If you fail, then that's fine. As long as you've given it a good chance."

Too bad for KTM that they were so reserved when it came to this couple of riders. I really like my KTM, but this type of corporate attitude is alarming. Hurrah to BMW for understanding riders and the sense of adventure that drives riders like Ewan and Charley. I personally will be buying my adventure tourer this next year. Prior to reading Ewan and Charley's book, I was pretty dead set on the KTM 950 Adventure. I won't say that will not be my choice, but BMW just went up about four notches on my scale.

Reply by XR4DEZ on 10/31/2004 5:39:48 PM
KTM used to mean"keep tools mobile" but not anymore.I've seen em all over the desert and the bikes are sweet, I just like my 650R too much to change.

Reply by Brian10 on 10/31/2004 8:08:06 PM
I love my KTM! I was just sad to hear of management decisions like that. We all know BMW's can circumnavigate the world. Lets see some KTM's do the same thing and lets see the KTM management support those efforts. I like the products that KTM is putting out, and my 04 525 is the best dual sport bike I have ever dreamed of owning. Now, I want longer legs, maybe even ones long enough to see the world on. It is my dream to ride around the world in this lifetime. I hope I will be able to do it on a lighter bike than the BMW, but one that still has the reliability to handle the trip. And, if that doesn't happen, and I make it half way around the world, well, I'll have to remember what the BMW executives said and just be sure that I gave it a good try.

Reply by XR4DEZ on 10/31/2004 8:15:21 PM
I'll easily put 24,000 miles on my 650, will that count for the trip?I don't think it was because KTM did'nt want to see someone accomplish the task. They really only associate their advertising and sponsorship with BIG Names. The Allesi(sp) kid is going to be a real big name for them soon too.

Reply by Brian10 on 10/31/2004 10:25:59 PM
Ewan Mcgregor isn't a big enough name for them. George Lucas seemed to like the guy well enough. There are a few other movies that he stars in too if I remember right. You are right though, he's not a professional rider. I kinda respect him for that. Few actors that I know of actually set out on their own adventures. most seem to have an opinion and not a lot of actual backbone. So, in this one instance, I think Ewan Mcgregor kinda represents a little of all of us. The regular joe who quits his day job to do a world tour. I like that idea.

Reply by carl Jahns on 11/30/2004 11:39:56 AM
If I am between KTM's do I still count as an orange rider? Sold my 01 200exc (yes a 2-stroke) and am waiting for a 450 exc from my Wisconsin dealer. After reading stuff on this web site, I am beginning to think I should not be waiting, but buying the 525 he has in stock. I am a b-class enduro rider who went from and '87 XR 600 (loved the torque, put up with the weight, but could not stand starting it after a hot stall after three hrs of hard riding) to a '90 KDX 200 (loved the bike and won my class 2 years in a row) to a '01 200 EXC (great bike) to a '05 450 EXC?? I am looking for the smooth 4 stroke power for the tight long distance stuff I ride in the enduros as well as making a good trail bike I can ride withthe wife and kids ( I am selling my XR 650 L along with the 200 exc to afford a new bike). I thought the 525 may be too much but am looking for some input.

Reply by Brian10 on 12/02/2004 6:58:33 PM
Carl, The 525 is the best bike I've ever owned. I Dual Sported mine, and now have over 4700 miles on it. Mine is a 2004 and it did Baja once already and will be in that general vicinity again this year. Yes, the 525 is a big bike, but mine feels surprisingly light and powerful. Plus, the power is awesome all the way through. A couple of things though, adjust the squirter like Larry Roessler (see instructions on this site) and put in two sizes bigger primary jet. Your fuel mileage goes up and the bike runs better if you can believe that. Other than that, enjoy. Good luck with your purchase. Oh yeah, the brakes are awesome and the suspension works well. One more thing, i re-routed the crank-case vent tube away from the carburetor and put a KN filter over the end of it. It weeps a little blow by, but not too much, and that oil is not being re injected through the carb.

Reply by carl Jahns on 12/07/2004 10:25:16 AM
Thanks Brian10, I just took delivery of a 450. The dealer and one of the customers (who just bought a 450) talked me out of the 525. As a 170 lb guy who rides mostly in the tight stuff they said a 525 would tire me with the power. I only rode the 450 at night in the rain on pavement without a helmet, and the power seemend more than adequate. Thanks for the tip on the breather and jetting. I will chek this out. I am planning on dual sporting this thing also. How did you go about doing yours?

Reply by carl Jahns on 12/07/2004 10:36:45 AM
Brian 10, Sorry for the dumb questions. Should have read more before sending the last reply. Sounds like you are real serious about riding. I have never ridden in the desert (would have went 525 if I did)but have always wanted to take a trip. Sounds like durability is good if you maintain them. Do you use the $12/L dealer oil or is there a viable alternative. I spent $40 on the stuff to change the oil (2 filters and 2L oil). Wow! since I am not under high load riding the tight woods, I can probobly go a little longer between changes, but until I have good info will go right by the book.

Reply by Brian10 on 12/07/2004 4:06:04 PM
Carl, In my opinion, the 525 is awesome in the tight stuff, but then, I used to ride an XR on the same stuff. Somewhere, people got the idea that big power is hard to ride and tires you out on tight stuff. I disagree. First, the 525 has the most tractable power I've ever had in a bike. I use the clutch less and shift even less with this engine. Thisting the throttle is about all it takes to get through anything. I've been riding for over 33 years on dirt bikes. I have had almost every type of bike and almost all the CC configurations. Mostly, I think that people who have the opinion your dealer expressed haven't ridden the bike they are selling. Mostly, I think these dealers are still using a line that was applicable to the real big bore singles about ten years ago. With the new light weigh KTM's, that really doesn't hold true anymore. Heck, my riding buddy just took his motorcross class for the season at Honey Lake this fall and he's riding a 525?

Now, that said, I would bet the 450 will be an awesome bike. The only short-coming of that bike will be the ability to use it on the highway for extended periods of time. I ride with a guy on one of these, and he has to gear down more than me on the sprockets for off road and that limits his highway speed between riding trails. Sometimes, when the highway is more than a few miles or we are running for home right before dark, he falls behind rather quickly. Other than that, he's right there everywhere else, and so far, he aint been able to pass me on the trail either.

Now, onto the Dual Sport thing. I added a Baja designs kit to my bike, but I customized a few areas. First, the initial kit is great, but I added an ignition switch. The ignition switch came from Artic Cat and is a two wire jobbie that I hooked into the coil. I also bought the LED taillight set up instead of the one supplied with the BD kit. The rear turn signals are LED's also. I would reccomend upgrading to the metal mounts for your front headlamp/number plate. I broke the cheesy rubber straps on the first ride. The aluminum mounts have been on about 4500 miles now and no trouble yet. Get the Ken Sean mirror. It folds out of the way when you are off-road and it actually works on the highway. I put on a Trail Tech speedometer. This unit works pretty well, and the front brake rotor of the KTM is already drilled to accept the magnetic pick up.

If you get all of that stuff done, I wouldn't forget the skid plate. Mine has saved the cases and frame a bunch of times. I also run Engine Ice coolant at all times. The 525 will heat up and boil over on extended climbs in hot weather. I'm adding a fan this spring. I don't know if this will be a problem for the 450 or not. The only other thing that is a real must is the seat. I pulled mine off the base and using a 1 inch hole saw, I hollowed out the underside ofg the foam to within about a half inch of the top where the seat cover rests on the foam. It is better now. This last tip is on this web site with pictures somewhere.

Have fun with the new bike and welcome to the club. You'll be glad you went Orange.

Reply by Brian10 on 12/07/2004 4:11:08 PM
Carl, sorry, I didn't see the question about the oil. Yes, I do use the recommended Motul Oil. I have gone over 1200 miles between changes, and this stuff has worked well with no consumption issues. Our single Baja trip was over 1200 miles last spring, and that oil held up fine. Yes, it is expensive, but I just can't help using stuff that works good.

Oh yeah, tires. Kenda Trackmaster 2's. They are Dot Legal and will wear for ever, plus, they are very aggressive knobbies.

Reply by minitrail on 02/17/2005 1:34:07 PM
Brian 10 . Write more about your bikes. Its excellent guidelines for all who has difficulties to choose the right bike.

Reply by Brian10 on 02/18/2005 1:33:14 PM
I think I've covered my bikes pretty well. There can't be too much more to say. If you have any specific questions, write them down and i'll get back to you.

I just returned from a week in the Mojave. It was awesome. i'll be there again in May. The rain was a little extreme this time, but in May, I doubt it will be doing that. I'll probably be begging for rain then.

Reply by mlawler29 on 03/01/2005 6:59:36 PM
I love my 450, but I am curious about a post on this page, I have never had to gear down for trails on it. I live in Colorado and ride everywhere on a stock bike. I dont know about highway but I have run at 65 MPH on a dirt road for a long time and dont see how I would fall behind unless I was scared.

I rode both the 525 and the 450 and like them both, if I was ridign exclusively desert then I would have bought the 525 for sure. Good luck.

Reply by Brian10 on 03/02/2005 3:22:08 PM
The reason i had to drop a tooth on the 525 is because it is an MXC. The other 525's have a lower 1st gear ration and the Exc has a taller top gear. it depends which bike you have what your low and high gear ratio is. Also, it depends what type od trails you ride. On the tight twisty gnarly stuff, the MXC's first gear is a little tall for my riding style. It had plenty of top speed, so dropping a tooth was a good compromise.

Next winter, I'll probably do a tear down on this engine and do a switch on the gears to get the exact ratios that I want. I will put in a set of 1st gears from EXC and a taller top gear from the same bike. The taller top gear will allow a little more top speed and provide a little better fuel economy for the long hauls that I ride.

Reply by KTM2Go on 03/07/2005 12:17:41 PM
I've had many bikes over the years, street, sport, superbikes, dual sports, and MX'ers. My '04 625 SXC is the first KTM, and I must admit I kind of fell for the premium component list over the XR650L & XR650R competition; Brembo's, WP suspension, etc. It was converted to a dual-sport by the dealer, and I licensed it with absolutely no problems here in TN.

I've only ridden it about 120 miles so far, mostly on road and fire trails, but it's a blast The power is great, but jetting seems a little lean, at least according to the large amount of bluing on the exhaust. NP, I've ordered a jet kit for it; should be here soon!

It's definitely more for the committed "I want a dirt bike with lights" kind of guy over the street bike with dirt manners crowd. The seat is hard as a 2X4, the reach to the ground is tippy-toed, and there's a fair amount of vibration. However, you really forget about all that when you're blasting over the trails, and the bike just swallows whoops and ruts.

I'm happy with this bike, and the KTM support community is really cool. Looking forward to putting on the miles, and seeing how it holds up.

Reply by corydavis on 03/07/2005 5:42:52 PM
I have 3 KTMs: 2003 450SX, 2003 LC4640, pro senior 50. My SX has an electric start and 6 speed - sweet! I prefer to ride woods over the MX track and this this is too much for the woods; it definitely needs a flywheel weight, unfortunately it wasn't available in the spring of 2004. I would prefer to ride a 525EXC in the woods, but I'll have to gear it down more (i've already gone down 1 on the front cs and 1 on the rear, but it just isn't enough. This thing goes faster than I need it too. I raced the A class in the US and did pretty well there so it's not like I some old bloke or something - it just plays you out in the woods. I was building the MX tracks in Calgary Alberta and rode the bike on the MX where it's definitely at home. Coming off a Yamaha WR, this bike was a nice change. My Yamaha was a dualsport so I bought an SX and LC4 to replace it.

Reply by Brian10 on 03/24/2005 1:22:26 PM
On the seat issue, check out the guy on this web site who drilled out his foam from the bottom using a 1 inch hole saw. I did this to my seat, and for about an hours work, the improvement is huge.

Reply by techieguy2 on 03/25/2005 09:31:28 AM
I just got my first KTM. A 625SXC. I used to ride a lot off road when I was younger, then I went to street bikes. I did some quad riding with my daughter and I forgot how much I miss off road riding so I'm selling my VFR Interceptor and picked up a SXC. Super quality, not too many accessories needed except for new jets. Peter

Reply by Oldgoat03 on 03/30/2005 9:30:08 PM
Hey folks I'm new here but have an 01 400 EXC with a 453 kit. It is the best bike I've ever owned. It is fast dependable and easy to ride.

Reply by motomaj on 04/26/2005 07:00:11 AM
Brian, I live in Utah and would be happy to accompany you to Baja. I did the race in 2k and have pre-run the course many times. What a great country! I have an 02 520 MXC with lots of goodies.

Reply by peeweesp on 05/23/2005 7:53:32 PM
I ride a 98 KTM 620 Rxc, just havent updated my profile in a while

Reply by 4727 on 05/29/2005 4:43:30 PM
I have had 3 hondas and a suzuki, now Im on a ktm and loven it. I can smoke everyone out at ocotillo wells. I convinced my step dad to buy a 525 and he loves it.

Reply by bludrgn on 07/01/2005 5:22:29 PM
I have been looking at the 525's and am going to buy one when the 2006 models arive at my dealer in August. I will dual sport this bad boy as well. So should I go with an EXC or an MXC ? I was thinking EXC due to lights already there. The dealer will put the dual sport kit on for me and register it. My riding will not be in tight woods, mostly open hard pack trails and hills. I do not ride moto-x any more but my get on the track for fun runs every once in a while. I will take this bike camping and use to explore as well. I am 40 and don't ride hard anymore...well maybe for short bursts. I will ride some street and rarely highway. So EXC or MXC ?

Reply by dpop24 on 11/29/2005 12:50:12 AM
bludrgn, definitely the EXC. It's the best compromise for the type of riding that you described. The MXC will be begging you to take it out to the track!

I've got a dualsported 1998 400 EXC and it's handled everything I've ever thrown at it including open area riding, jumps, enduro races, tight singletrack, and the occasional laps around the mx track - as well as the 30 mile commute to work!

You won't be disappointed with the EXC and once you go ORANGE you'll never go back!

Reply by andrewk on 12/01/2005 06:49:38 AM
I am a new KTM rider since middle september 05. on a 2003 ktm 450sx. I bought it off a guy who raced it in the 40 plus class. it's got an 04 motor in it. great bike, i love the power, I just came from a crf 230f. way to small for a crazy 17year old. i went of a jump on a trail in cottoge country canada that goes along side a high way. it was a wide drive way that i was trying to clear. well the second time i past i jumped down on the supension at the the bottom of the jump, over shot it and did an endo into the trees with the front tire locked and didn't hurt myself. my buddies thought it was pretty funny. anyways there is a trail up by my cottage called the seguin trail. it is an old railway bed. i wemt in end of september with a buddie of mine on an xr 400. we start around the middle of the trail. were we start it takes us an hour to get to the other end. we are going top gear full throttle. there is sections miles long with with small whoops probably a foot or 2 high. flying through that section around a 100 km/h is a huge work out. once we get top the one end we turn around and go proibably 150 km into to town. my buddy has a trip odometre on his bike, i think we went 350 km for that day. and later went riding with the rest of the boys around town.

I kick the shit out of them in the sand pits on their 250 4strokes. pure power out of KTM and no less, their always asking me to ride my bike. hell no I say, why would i want to ride something less than a KTM.

Reply by emelvin on 12/02/2005 05:53:42 AM
I have had my 525exc for 3 months, I wish it had been arround when I started riding in 1970.
Like anything you have to personalise it, but has all the power one could ask for. Going too slow, just twist it.

Reply by 01ktm400sx on 12/03/2005 12:48:21 PM
andrewk, good call on the KTM...I also started on a crf 230f. It's not a bad bike, if you're about 14. My biggest complaint, other than power, was those terrible forks on the front. On top of that all you couldn't even adjust them, what a joke. I'm gonna steal a quote from someone else, "Once you go orange, you never go back."

Reply by andrewk on 12/05/2005 11:32:00 AM
01 ktm 400sx, ya, i agree with the quote, I will never go back to honda, know I have to sell that piece of shit sitting beside my pride and joy. even though it was only a 230 i could still cat walk better than my buddies on there 125's and 250's. now i win catwalk races hands down.

Reply by HawaiiKTM on 02/17/2006 3:47:01 PM
02/2005 is when i acquired my first KTM, 2002 400 MXC to be specific. I got it from Bob A 50+ year old man who rode it once, he fell and never got back on it. I didn't pay anything for this awesome machine. I was Installing plumbing to bob's 3000 sq ft home, I saw his KTM parked in the garage, anyways I got the orange thumper for partial payment A $4000.00 orange beast. Holy crap what a bike I cannot get enough of my KTM, and ride at least 3 times a week, I recently installed a BajaDesigns dualsport kit, and a KTM cooling fan such an easy installation its almost !@#$%^&*() A little heavy for tight trails but i manage to traverse some pretty knarlly terrain, hills, roots, off camber slopes, logs, rocky passes, mud, japanese bikes, and pavement just to name a few. I pledge to be a KTM rider for as long as i can walk, 1992 ATK dses350 was the last bike i owned, I think my cousin still has this broken overpriced unreliable P.O.S. what a sucker i was to own this lemon. KTM is the way to go, Go up any hill, Go through any washout, go over any rocks, heck go wherever you can handle and the KTM will take you there and back, WHERE YOU CAN HANDLE, KTM WILL LEAD. This machine purrs like a kitten and roars like a lion all with the flick of the wrist. I stumbled on to this web site and had to share my orange passionwith my fellow oranges. Enough typing and go ride your KTM!

Reply by Mopardoc on 04/06/2006 09:45:16 AM
The KTM 525 is a great bike! I've owned a 96 XR600,96 KTM 550,and a 01 YZ 426, and by far my 05 525 MXC has been the best bike for the money. Top Quality parts, great power, and the magic button. I easily put $2000 into my 426 to get even close to what my 525 had stock. It even weighs the same, only much easier to start. My only complaint was the suspension. Way too soft for me (6'2" 220lbs.) Enduro Engineering fixed that though.

Reply by graduatedpine on 06/19/2006 3:03:06 PM
Hey just to let ya know i plan to be a KTM rider real soon so you can sleep at night knowing that one more will be added to the ranks -Bobby-Gradpine

Reply by Boikie on 08/06/2006 04:50:03 AM
04 KTM 525exc in South Africa

Reply by penguin on 08/08/2006 7:02:18 PM
I just found this forum and am introducing myself. I am 53 years old and have been riding dirtbikes for nearly 40 years. I have an 02 400SX w/e-start and it is the perfect do everything bike. I installed a skidplate, handguards,sharkfin, kickstand,14mm triple clamps, pushbutton fork bleeders, stiffer fork and shock springs, a GPR damper, full BigGun exhaust, and 13/52 gearing . The motor has stainless steel valves from the factory and routine maintenance is much easier than most of the jap bikes I have owned. This bike can truly do it all. With its 6 speed gearbox I can rail berms at an MX track and snake through the trees like a weasle on rollerskates. 2002 was the end of the evolution of the first stage of the RFS and has nearly zero problems. Keep the airfilter clean and the oil changed and it will run forever. I plan on keeping the bike as long as I can get the parts to maintain it. When I do get a newer bike it will also be a KTM

Reply by TeamPagan on 09/23/2006 5:28:31 PM
I'm looking at the 07 525 EXC and just wondering if you KTM guys ran a 525 EXC on pavement for long periods of time?? How do they hold up?? Do you guys have oil coolers & what kind?? I ride a fair bit of highway & street riding and just wondering if it will last. Looking to get a one bike does it all to replace my 05 CRF450R and my XR600R!! Thanks

Reply by bludrgn on 02/06/2007 11:37:38 PM
Well I never did get my KTM 525 I was planning for in 2006. The good news is I did get a 1800 cc street bike. But the bug is back and for 2007 the KTM EXC's are street legal from the factory. I plan to get a 525 or maybe the 450 this spring. I just got my KTM credit card a few days ago...hehehehehehe

Reply by pterry on 12/16/2008 11:43:28 AM
I have an 07 exc and it is the best bike I've ever owned! My last bike was a xr 400. The xr was a great bike but i couldn't get it street legal before the laws went into effect. The exc fit the bill for me perfectly! I am amazed at the fine engineering!

Reply by DugW on 08/11/2010 09:56:24 AM
Bought a Beta rs 525 (it's the EXC) what a tractor, it is definitely a point and shoot kind of bike.

Reply by 416cc on 08/13/2010 06:40:25 AM
I've been riding my 450EXC RFS for about 6 years now, having raced my '97 XR400R before that.

Reply by hydmech on 06/26/2012 1:33:18 PM
Well I have both orange and red!! The orange being a far superior machine but I like the ol red bike for remembering the good old days of my youth!

Reply by ThumperTDC on 11/24/2012 10:23:05 AM
My wife surprised me with a new to me 05 525MXC, after having a new top end installed I should finally be getting it back next week. I live outside of Portland, Oregon.

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