01 400 SX Fork Seals Leaking

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01 400 SX Fork Seals Leaking

Post by 4Strokes » Thu May 26, 2016 9:16 am

Topic: KTM fork seal problems
Author: 01ktm400sx
Posted: 10/24/2005 4:32:50 PM

Ok, from my name you can see what I ride. I have only had this bike for about a year and a half. It is amazing, low end, high end, maneuverability, it has is all. Except the damn fork seals keep leaking. I had done it myself once. The second time I shelled out the cash and paid a local shop to do them. Yet again, they are leaking. And it has not been that many rides. I have also seen ads for these seal savers. Those cheap looking pieces that install overtop of the dust wiper. I was wondering if those are any good? I have a suspiscion that these might just trap more dirt in. So, I would like to know if these seal savers work, or any advice people may have about for seal life.

Reply by Admin on 11/13/2005 10:41:02 AM
I have an '01 400 EXC that I purchased new and have never had a problem with fork seals. I would suggest looking at your tubes really close for nicks and abrasions that could be causing your seals to wear prematurely. Also, I when rebuilding I would get the best wipers and seals that you can afford.

Reply by 01ktm400sx on 11/16/2005 09:00:22 AM
i have checked the forks for nicks and such, they appear to be good. I do align the forks with the front wheel every time as well. As for the seal savers i just might buy a pair, as it is always dirty under my wipers.

Reply by Admin on 11/16/2005 09:10:06 AM
Another thing to try when your seals start leaking, is take an old credit card, or other similar thin plastic, and cut it up so it has like a blunt hook shape protruding out. Remove the wipers and run the hook shape plastic part carefully under and around the seals to remove any debris that could be causing the seal to leak.

Reply by 01ktm400sx on 11/22/2005 8:31:12 PM
oh yeah...I've done that with a playing card, but I have never heard about using a plastic card like that. Thanks, I'll give it a try next time.

Reply by myosin1 on 11/28/2005 06:52:17 AM
My 04 450 exc has been great. I had to do one fork seal. But I'm not complaining. Have over 1300 miles on the bike and that has been the only problem!

Reply by Jimp on 01/20/2006 12:47:54 PM
I heard if you play with the scrappers you have a chance of actually increasing the chances of leakage; because you don't get all the dirt out. I also head seal savers accumulate dirt and actually sand your fork tubes. any thoughts

Reply by Jimp on 01/27/2006 09:25:48 AM
To The Orange Grove:

Customer Service Manager for KTM in Amherst Ohio called me back on my front fork seal question.

Here's the Scoop & Why:
  1. He has NO information on fork seal savers, NO experience, >> NO recommendation even KTM's "Hard Parts catalog" long ass ones. If you use these, he suggested taking them off and washing them in a cloths washer on a regular schedule, they will hold dirt etc. "inside" and sand the fork tubes.
  2. KTM reduced the seal "spring tension" on the front fork spring to reduce "sticktion" in the front forks, for smoother performance for the go fasters. That's why we bought those high class "Kant Tackle Much" KTM machine. Right?
  3. He suggested taking the seals out every 25 hours and cleaning them completely. He also suggested and had heard of owners who "carefully shorten the metal spring" which holds the seals in place, NO SHARP EDGES or BURS; they will damage the seals and the tubes, the down side more "sticktion" in the fork.
The bottom line is;
  1. Put up with it.
  2. Replace and or clean the seals every 25 hours or as conditions dictate
  3. Find another seal with tighter spring which will increase the “sticktion” in your front forks.
  4. Buy another bike…… to ride while you do the above… does that mean going RED, Blue, Green or Yellow?
Reply by a_gunslinger on 05/11/2006 07:14:50 AM
I use Shock Sox wich I like better than seal savers. You dont have to take the forks off - they use a velcro wrap around style. I began with seal savers and after a bunch of washes where the seal saver holds in the water, when I took them off there was the beginnings of a rust spot! The Shock Sox are by KrewMX.

A buddy of mine also swears by Synergy Seals that are claimed to be way better than OEM.

Reply by 01ktm400sx on 05/11/2006 3:11:01 PM
Thanks gunslinger

Reply by 01ktm400sx on 06/19/2006 10:14:07 AM
I just learned a new trick for cleaning dust out of fork seals. Take some old camera film and slide it under the seals just like with an old credit card or playing card. The little squares on the edge of the film do a great job of removing dirt and debris. Seems to have worked much better than anything else that I have tried.

Reply by Dezracer on 04/15/2007 12:36:09 PM
The 35mm film negative trick works but if you want the problem to go away, get a set of "synergy seals" and you won't have to worry about leaking seals any more.

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