KTM 660 SMC HP Question

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KTM 660 SMC HP Question

Post by 4Strokes » Thu May 26, 2016 8:59 am

Topic: KTM 660 SMC HP question
Author: xrider1
Posted: 09/24/2006 04:37:52 AM

32HP seems very low for 660cc?

Reply by b_king on 09/24/2006 08:30:01 AM
Where did you get that info? Did you try contacting KTM yet? Good luck!

Reply by xrider1 on 09/24/2006 09:46:51 AM
I get that info here on the official KTM web site
http://www.ktm.co.at/40.0.html?detailvi ... da62385a81

I think that model comes out of factory with restricted power and would like to know how to do it full.

Reply by Admin on 09/24/2006 10:12:36 AM
If 1HP = 746W, then 21kW would be 28.1HP. That just doesn't seem right for a 654cc bike.

Reply by b_king on 09/24/2006 12:44:48 PM
I would think so as well xrider1. I would contact KTM directly and see if there is some sort of way to open up the bike. In terms of maybe removing restrictive exhausts or intake snorkels. I think even the stock XR650L all plugged up has more than 32HP.

I was doing some reading on the net and found a few sites from mainly Dakar and rallye riders who run the KTM 660's. They seem to be able to achieve around 60-65 average and a high of 75 HP. You are correct if that is what KTM's site says. But it does seem awkwardly low. Good luck!

Reply by Smileys600 on 10/28/2006 6:00:06 PM
Mine is dynoed at 70 hp. throttlestopper removed, bigger main jet and needle, thats all 2 it.

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