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Topic: KTM EXC vs MXC
Author: pantaz
Posted: 11/03/2003 10:58:00 PM

Is there any meaning to the KTM model designations? Both EXC and MXC are listed on the website as "enduro" models. What's the difference?

Reply by Admin on 11/03/2003 11:16:47 PM
Taken right off KTM's web site: "In terms of technology, the 525 MXC Desert Racing is identical with the 525 EXC design. For longer driving times, the motorcycle is equipped with a 14-litre tank, cooler-ventilator, and an adjusted seat."
  • The EXC has a wide ratio transmission - The MXC has a close ratio transmission
  • The EXC has lighting coils and lights - The MXC has lighting coils and no lights
  • The EXC lighting coils are supposed to produce higher output
  • The MXC has a larger gas tank
Reply by pantaz on 11/03/2003 11:29:31 PM
That's fine, but what about the other models? Does MXC specify "Desert Racing" for all? Also, what's a "cooler-ventilator"? And, what do they mean "an adjusted seat"?

Reply by 250R on 11/04/2003 06:57:52 AM
MY understanding is that the exc is an enduro model, mxc is a cross-country model and the sx is for motocross.

Reply by crf12002 on 11/06/2003 8:47:46 PM
The MXC is more of an all purpose machine, moto worthy but off-road friendly. The EXC is more of a pure offroad bike or enduro bike.

Reply by ThumperBill on 11/19/2003 10:08:16 PM
Ok, as I understand it. Here are the basic differences. The EXC has a wide ratio gear box, the MXC has a close ratio box. The guys who ride desert tell me that by the time you gear it way up, the spacing is workable. The MXC has a slightly larger tank. The EXC has the E start and lights. The MXC has a less powerful lighting coil and the wire harness for lights, but no lights. The MXC might have one less gear then the EXC.. not sure. Hope this helps ya.

Reply by ACDieter on 01/14/2004 10:08:30 PM
Can the larger MXC tank be adapted to the EXC bike? I like everything about the EXC, except that it has a relatively small tank... If it can't, does anyone know if Clarke or IMS have larger capacity tanks for the EXC yet?

Reply by Admin on 01/14/2004 10:27:47 PM
IMS makes a 3.4 gallon tank and it looks like Clarke makes a 3.1 gallon tank for the KTM EXC.

Reply by ACDieter on 01/15/2004 5:39:23 PM
thanks! just creating my dream bike in my head for when I win the lottery!!

Reply by Admin on 01/15/2004 6:26:56 PM
Oh come one now, you don't need to win the lottery to own one.

Reply by XR4DEZ on 01/15/2004 6:58:00 PM
Ck out Fun Bike Center in Il. for good deals on KTMs.

Reply by ACDieter on 01/15/2004 8:44:00 PM
I do. Military E-5, married, 3 kids, 2 dogs, my hobby-and-half & my wife's... stretched pretty thin right now, don't like it!

Reply by jhteneyck on 05/11/2004 09:04:42 AM
EXC for sure, if you are a woods rider anyway. Lighting is always a good thing. The MXC has a bad design as far as the tank goes. The radiator shrouds are the gas tank. There is about a 1/2 inch between the radiators and the tank. When you dump it the tank will crush your radiator. I know as I had the MXC and kicked myself for not holding out for the EXC. If you don't go more than about 90 miles or so without a fuel stop the EXC will have plenty of range, a closer ratio tranny, and the LIGHTS!! EXC for sure.

Reply by Brian10 on 06/21/2004 2:55:10 PM
Go for the MXC. I have around 3000 miles on my 2004 MXC that is Dual Sported. The big tank is a bonus, and the lighting coil is sufficent. I've ridden 1200 miles in Baja on this bike. With the light kit, skid plate, and Endurance speedo, it is lighter than the EXC and has a ton more range. You will have to change the EXC's gearing and the tank (which also requires a different seat on the EXC). Save the money from the new tank and seat and buy your dual sport kit and skid plate. Plus, the bike will be lighter. Gear ratio's are not a problem. 1st is a little tall for crawling around. I changed the counter shaft sprocket. I dropped one tooth, and the 1st gear ratio is good now. The top gear ratio is a little low for sustained freeway riding, but 65 MPH is no problem. My bike with the smaller sprocket tops out at around 95 MPH. Everything else is great about the MXC.

Reply by carl Jahns on 12/10/2004 10:51:46 AM
DirtRider magazine just (Nov or Dec issue) did a nice comparison between the SX and the EXC and talked about the MXC. I evaluated the MXC and EXC 450 and 525 when looking for a new bike after comparing them to the WR 450 and the new CRF 450X. The E/XC is Enduro/Cross Country, the Mx/C is moto/cross country, and the SX is superCross. EXC and MXC have lighting coils...EXC has lights, MXC does not...both have electric start...MXC has larger tank with integrated shrouds EXC has smaller tank with std shrouds...EXC comes with cool electronic spedo/ave speed/max speed/hour meter (and other functions I have not learned yet, MXC does not...both have six speed trans EXC is wide ratio shorter 1st and taller 6th while the MXC has close ratio. For me (Wisconsin woods rider) the choice was easy on the model, but the size took some time. In the end I ended up buying a 2005 450 E/XC which I waited for a month. Missed the end of the riding season and now have to wait for spring.

Reply by fuelrod on 01/11/2005 07:54:00 AM
The MXC suspension is stiffer than the EXC as well- it's valved and sprung as a motocross bike, where the EXC has a more plush setup for woods riding.

Reply by gumboots on 04/27/2005 2:04:11 PM
Is the mxc really as MX capable as it is claimed to be?

Reply by bludrgn on 07/01/2005 5:33:12 PM
Originally posted by ACDieter
Can the larger MXC tank be adapted to the EXC bike? I like everything about the EXC, except that it has a relatively small tank... If it can't, does anyone know if Clarke or IMS have larger capacity tanks for the EXC yet?
Yes...you can swap the tanks. The seats must be swapped at the same time though. The seat/tank junction is different for both bikes. My dealer is putting and EXC seat and tank and the MXC 525 for me before I buy it, at no additional cost to me. Very cool.

Oh, and I am buying the EXC speedo and he will install it as well.

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