625 SMC SM Jetting, Mods, Info

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625 SMC SM Jetting, Mods, Info

Post by 4Strokes » Thu May 26, 2016 6:31 am

Topic: KTM 625 SMC Supermoto Information
Author: rb
Posted: 05/18/2004 07:04:07 AM

I just got a new 625 SMC Supermoto and very interested in hearing from others about the LC4 engine. Jetting, modifications, what you think about the motor, things to watch, etc. Thanks.

Reply by Hoof Hearted on 05/31/2004 02:43:54 AM
Same as me RB, I just got one 3 days ago. The only thing I have noticed is the dealer has cut a larger hole in the airbox. I suppose this will allow it to breathe more easily. I wont be doing anything until the bike is run in, then I will be taking advice from other users and dealers. I reckon the way to go is a pipe, then get it jetted to suit using a dyno. I will also be looking for 'trick' bits like 6 pot calipers, and may get a bit of polishing done. The bike will never go on the track, but I want it to be a top looker with a bit more poke than standard. THE HOOF

Reply by Blue on 06/17/2004 09:36:33 AM
I ride a 540sxc and the hole u mention hoof,mine has a cap in it(is urs missing?). I spoke to a highly regarded KTM guy about other pipes and he says 'look down it and it's basically straight through!' meaning another pipe aint gonna give u anymore ponies!!

Reply by Hoof Hearted on 06/17/2004 2:09:24 PM
Blue, nah there aint no way a cap was ever on my air box. From what I've read there is something referred to as a snorkel on my air box, which dealers cut off as part of the de-restriction process. Most peeps I speak to reckon an Akrapovic with the right jets will give around another 6 gee gees. Will have to wait and see. THE HOOF

Reply by Blue on 06/18/2004 03:07:22 AM
The guy i spoke to at redline KTM was telling me that it aint worth changing the cans(headers might be a whole new story) cos i was thinking to change my can cos i hate the looks of mine.Then again the 540sxc has all KTM racing components. These snorkels.. are they the long plastic tubes that are in the airbox which the clean air enters through(under the rear of the seat)? Since the 540sxc is used off road i dont think i should start chopping the airbox up cos it will soon flood on one of the many water crossings! hehe. It's strange riding off road with the LC4 engine and a DOMINO quick throttle!!

Reply by bmxr on 07/06/2004 6:42:37 PM
No dealer that I know will "de-restrict" your bike for you. It is illegal, and they tend to be careful about that. The snorkel doesn't have anything to do with that, though. The snorkel is just a rubber "elbow" that snaps into the top of the airbox. I would leave it on if you ride off road or in the rain. It can't limit airflow too much. If you pull it off, it looks like a big square hole was cut in the airbox, but that's just how it looks without the snorkel.

De restricting: ABSOLUTELY the first thing you need to do is modify the stock needle set screw. Cut all of the hex portion off (21mm long) and then cut a slot in the top for a screwdriver to reinstall it. Otherwise call Sudco and order the normal FCR set screw. The stock abomination only lets you open the slide about halfway (for emissions reasons) so fix it right away!

Then cut the screen out of the muffler tip. Use a dremel to carefully cut the two little spot welds. It will give the stock pipe a little "bark" without being too loud. Makes for a nice street pipe if you don't want to piss off your neighbors.

The stock exhaust works very well, but it is VERY heavy. Choose a replacement carefully if you don't want a VERY loud bike. Most aftermarket mufflers are LOUD.

There is a vented airbox cover/side panel you can get for an SMC and ktmworld online can hook you up with that.

So far I have done a lot of street riding with mine, along with about thrity laps at the kart track last Saturday night. WOW! What a fun bike! I plan to make it to the Ocala GP Supermoto track and the CCS races at Homestead for some real racing before the end of the year.

Reply by Torquer Bob on 07/20/2004 8:11:14 PM
I just picked up my 625 the other day. Got about 100 miles on it. Took out the screen on the exhaust. Removed the carburator restriction and also removed the gasket on the lefthand side cover and the snorkle. The performance is significantly improved but I can tell it is still running lean. I just priced and located an exhaust system. I can't wait to spend more time riding hard as soon as it breaks in. Has anyone thought of upgrading to a 660?

Reply by s won on 09/09/2004 11:58:46 PM
Hello everyone, My internet identity is s won. I'm a 41 year old fart that has been into Buell motorcycles for the past few years. I live on a 110 acre farm in West Virginia. Now, I'm ready to try something new and different. I'm picking up my new 625 SMC Supermoto tomorrow morning. Tonight, I can't sleep and I found your Forum. What are the first things that I need to be looking at to mod on this bike? I'm a tinkerer and a motorcycle tech so I can do the work. What can I do to it? I'm a newbie to Supermoto bikes & KTMs, so I know nothing. The first thing I plan to do is lose 20 pounds and buy some new riding gear. Thanks for any information you can give. PS- I just looked back at bmxr's post. That gives me somewhere to start, Thanks!

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