2003 KLR250 Trail Prep

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2003 KLR250 Trail Prep

Post by 4Strokes » Wed May 25, 2016 5:29 pm

Topic: KLR 250 Trail Prep
Author: Schmegeggy
Posted: 07/08/2004 06:01:21 AM

Greetings, I have a bone stock 2003 KLR250. SO far, I have been using the bike mostly for around town and dirt road use. I actually took it on a 250 mile ride from CT to NH and back once, then the next day was out on a narrow, muddy 4 wheeler trail for a short time. This bike seems to be able to do anything I ask it to without many problems.

I plan to take it to the berkshires this comming weekend for some serious trail riding with my buddies (they all have 4 wheelers). At some point I think I will need to purchase some intake and exhaust parts to help improve the bike's low end grunt. I may change the gearing too, but since I ride the roads too, I may leave that alone to keep the best of both worlds.

Anyway, becuse I only have a few days before going riding, I won't have time to make these serious mods. Does anyone have any suggestions for tweaking the suspension, tire pressure, carb setup, etc. that can be done in a few hours to help imrove the bike's off road capability. The terrain I will be covering will be mostly loose gravel on hilly terrain with a fair number of mud pits thrown in and a few rock outcroppings. Basically typical New England Fire Road/4 wheeler trails in the woods.

Thanks in advance for any tips and tricks.

Reply by combat88 on 07/22/2004 04:10:51 AM
schmegeggy you a Rush fan? I saw them in concert for the first time about 2 years ago.Very good show, though I was kinda hopping they would play subdivisions. Out of all the concerts I have seen in my life I would have to rate Rush being very very very good. SAw Kiss back in 2000 with makeup on, they did such a great stage show, were a bit way too loud though.

Reply by Dan on 07/22/2004 06:11:19 AM
If you only have a few hours, put some real knobbies on it. That's allmost a must for offroading the KLR. The stock tires just don't cut it in the dirt. If you leave the stock tires on, drop the air pressure to 12-14 psi. See if your dealer has a 13 tooth countershaft sprocket, that really helps in the rough.

Suspension & carb? Wait till you have more time to fiddle with them, you don't want to spend your weekend wrenching & cussing.

Reply by combat88 on 07/23/2004 03:09:49 AM
Yea those stock tires sure don't cut it in the dirt. I have a nice tire on my 80 KL 250 which I think I am gonna swap out onto my 04 KLR. Are changing the tires a pain in the @ss on bikes? I never did it.

The tire I have on my 80 KL 250 is brand new, it looks like a dirt bike tire and the tread is alot more thicker and deeper then the tire on my 04 KLR. I think they are the same size, I will check and verify it later on this morning.

I cant wait to see how much more of a better difference it makes in the dirt.

Reply by combat88 on 07/25/2004 04:34:03 AM
Well I swapped the tires over and what a difference off road. Yesterday I had plenty of mud to play in due to heavy rains the night before.The bike handles so much better with that more aggressive rear tire. I actaually got in a jam yesterday, the bike sunk into a mud pit, I took pics of it with my camera, it was a real nasty sink hole.

I had lots of fun ripping up muddy grass with it too, it's amazingly how much more better the bike will perform off road by switching the tires to a better quality.

I actaually feel the need to go play in the mud today again. And to think I washed and waxed the bike last night only to get it all dirty all over again.

Reply by N1NUG on 09/01/2004 08:35:56 AM
Yes, I'm a Rush Fan...Just saw them a couple of weeks ago on tour in Hartford, CT and they did play subdivisions. it was awesome.

Anyway, Haven't checked the forums in a while, but I haven't had time to ride much either. I ended up dropping the pressure on the stock tires and that was it. I kept up with the 4-whelers except on one steep hill where I ran out of low end and ended up dumping it. Over the winter I plan to do something with it to help out the low end. Any suggestions for pipe/jet kits? I'm definatley going to change the tires and will proboably play with the sprockets too.

Reply by combat88 on 09/04/2004 05:05:38 AM
Schmegeggy, you said that you rode your KLR from CT to NH, did you ride the bike on interstate 95? I have an 04 and I don't ride it on any highways, the bike doesnt have the power it seems. Though I usually cruise at 70 mph but it makes the bike sound like it is screaming. I only ride back roads and a 2 lane highway called RT 22 here in NJ.I mostly bought my KLR to go off roading.And everytime I get on the bike I am in transit to one of the many trails I have found to ride here in NJ where I live.
Do you feel like your KLR screams while riding it at 70?BTW if you do any mods let me know if you benefit from it and what you did and the cost, because I too am interested in doing some mods if they really work well for improving the bike.

Reply by N1NUG on 09/05/2004 7:11:58 PM
I agree that the KLR is a bit underpowered and screams when riding at high speeds. That is why I picked up a 1981 Honda CM400 a month ago. Surprisingly, It isn't really that much faster than the KLR at the top end, but it is a heck of alot more comfortable to ride.

ANyway, when I rode to NH on the KLR, it was mostly two lane roads (Route 32 (CT and MA), to 202 (MA and NH), to 127(NH)) so I was able to ride comfortably around 50-55. There are a few sections of 202 in MA and NH where it is a regular divided highway. On these sections I stayed around 60-65 and rode in the slow lane to let everyone by. I didn't have any trouble at this speed until I was caught by some nasty crosswinds on one of the divided sections of 202. Other than the crosswinds and the iron butt syndrome, this little adventure was abalst on this little bike. Now that I have a bigger bike I won't do it again on the Kawi. I ride my KLR the way you do for the most part. back roads and trails. However, I find it is a little underpowered and heavy on the trails. Rocky slopes pose the biggest problem as the bike will bog as I'm bouncing around trying to point it in the right direction. I am somewhat short, so I need the power to manuver, I can't always reach the ground with my legs to help push the bike around. Have you done any mods to your bike yet? How do you feel about it's performance off road?

Reply by combat88 on 09/07/2004 04:42:08 AM
No I have done no mods to it.I think it does very well off road, feels heavy and is very hard to get air off jumps.I really dont go crazy off roads, I basically just cruise around 20-30 mph off road, hitting mud pits and some small jumps.

Reply by kvnbakeman on 09/20/2004 11:53:04 AM
I think tires is the best way to go for now. I recently changed mine and found it to be pretty easy with the right tire irons. I helped a friend change one on his 80's honda and it was one of the most difficutlt things ever, but the klr seemed alot easier. of course it depends on tire size.

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