KLR250 Break-In, Mods, Dualsport

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KLR250 Break-In, Mods, Dualsport

Post by 4Strokes » Wed May 25, 2016 5:22 pm

Topic: KLR 250 "2004"
Author: combat88
Posted: 06/27/2004 9:26:21 PM

Just bought a brand new KLR 250 yesterday. Question, I know the bike needs to be broken in for I have read the manual and need to keep it under 4000 rpm the first 500 miles or so. After the bike has broken in, will it gain any more pwoer to it?

I know those 250 4 strokes aren't really all that fast of a bike, the dealer sugested not running it at 70 mph for very long because it will feel like it is screaming. What is the fastest you KLR 250 owners have rans yours at?

Is there any upgrades I can do in the future to the engine/exhaust to gain a little more in power?

Anybody here ride there klr 250's on interstates?

Personally I feel that the bike was made to go 50ph and to stay off major highway's, any thoughts?

The pick up on it isnt all the impressive, but it is a 250 cc. If you were to rate the power of the KLR 250 against lets say a mustang gt, which one is better in off the line pickup?

I have not opened up thew bike yet becuase I am still breaking it in and will be for a little more time, just wanted to know of any thoughts.

Reply by Dan on 06/28/2004 05:47:18 AM
combat88, The bike will cruise the hwy all day in the 50-60 mph range, not really made for high speed interstate speeds. There's alot more power in that motor with minor intake/exhaust mods. Are you planning to ride it in the dirt? A little suspension tweaking will make it better.

Here's an owner's site that will answer most of your questions. http://home.earthlink.net/~klr250informationexchange/ If the link's not good or gets deleted, get back to me and I'll em it to you. Cheers, Dan

Reply by combat88 on 06/28/2004 06:11:54 AM
Dan, Yes I sure do plan on riding it in the dirt, thats why I bought it. Unfortunately for my area, dirt tracks and off road places are scarce. However I do know of a couple of places to ride, nothing fancy nor worth get excited about. I used to ride many years ago when I was a kid at these places, got chased by the cops all the time, anyway I plan on revisiting them.

I am concernced anout the over all pick up on the bike, maybe its me I weigh too much for it? 205 pds, some say the 250 is a girls bike and not made for guys. I stand about 5 ft 11 1/2. It seems like the bike really doesnt have the get up and go when you get on the street's. I dont know sort of makes me feel like I am riding a moped or something. I dont push it over 4000 rpm, there is only like 50 miles on it, so I have to shift through the gears letting out very little throttle. I do plan on modifying the bike in the future and wanted to know whats the first and best steps I should do to it?

Reply by Dan on 06/28/2004 06:48:55 AM
combat88, Did you checkout the link? There's all kinds of tips for improving performance & suspension in there.. For your weight, progressive suspension makes springs that greatly improve the front. Let the bike break in before any motor mods. The first thing I did to the bike is put on a set of Renthal CR high bend bars, spider grips and Acerbis rally hand guards and spoilers. Improved the overall feel of the bike.

Then went after the front end as suggested in the Klr250 owner's site. Cranked up the pre-load on the rear spring a tad, keep's the rear end from wallowing about in the dirt.

Slapped a set of real knobbies on it, this really helped in the dirt! Installed a skidplate from Utah sport cycles, a must do for any serious offroading, protects the waterpump. Put a 13 tooth sprocket on it for the dirt, really helps in the woods.

The bike has 1500 dirt mi on it, absolutely zero problems so far. Get youself a couple of uni filter air filters for it and service after EVERY ride. This is a must. Been using Mobil 1 MX4T 10w/40, change oil & filter every 300 mi. If you'd like some pics, em me, be happy to. Dan

Reply by combat88 on 06/28/2004 12:00:25 PM
Yea sure send some pics or post them, love to see them. Yes I did check out that link, I actaually found that link earlier last night in a search engine. Seems to be very insightful.I already have a skid plate on the bike, came with it.

Reply by combat88 on 06/30/2004 04:40:49 AM
Ok yesterday I went for a long ride all around the place. I noticed that when doing 42 mph or more the motor races, is this natural or is it doing it becuase the bike is still in the breaking in stage? Right now the odometer is 104 miles on it.

I aslo noticed that the pick up on the 04 klr isnt all that great, for a Honda Accord had no trouble taking me at a light and leaving me considerably behind. I new the 250 klr wasn't a fast bike to begin with, but Jesus! A Honda Accord? Yikes! Had a chance to take it off road as well yesterday, went riding on my old riding grounds, the trails are totally non existance as no one has riden a bike there since the mid 80's. Went through some mud, the tires did ok but definately could use a more aggressive tread in the rear. The KLR seems to have plenty of power to spare when off road, and I really loved the performance it put out.Thopugh I am still breaking it in so I was mostly babying it on the trails and mud. It is a 6 gear bike but feels as if it needs a 7th or an overdrive. When you get up to 40 mph and excellerate more and your are in the 6th gear the engine seems like it needs to be shifted up yet another gear.I guess that is the design of the 250. I have been parted from riding for about 18 years now, last time I owned a bike and rode I was 15 yrs old, I recently got back into it on this past Memorial weekend. At this point I feel a little regret in not purchasing the klr 650, but I do need to get use to riding and get back into the swing of things , also my road test for my motorcycle license is today at 9:30 am, I got 2 hours. So is this racing on the motor natural on all 250's?

Reply by Dan on 06/30/2004 05:10:19 AM
Good luck on your test today!

Reply by combat88 on 06/30/2004 10:38:25 AM
I passed with flying colors, you are allowed 12 points wrong, I got no points, was a perfect test for me.

Reply by Admin on 06/30/2004 12:23:26 PM
Congrats combat88!

Reply by combat88 on 06/30/2004 3:56:11 PM
Thanks Admin. Tightening the rear shock spring will enable the bike to hold better weight? I am 205pds, a friend suggested to me today to tighening up the spring. Looks like a pain in the @ss job, there is very little room to work in there.

Reply by combat88 on 07/01/2004 04:47:48 AM
So yesterday I revisited another cool riding place I havent been at for about 18 yrs. There is these trails that are located on the south side of town I grew up in that are in these thick dense woods.The landscape had totally changed but there was still some kind of path to ride on, while I was riding on the path going through some 3 ft high grass My KLR hit a tree laying hidden across the path, surprisingly the KLR handled it real well and went right over it with ease.

As I got to the main part oif the trails I noticed that the brush had consumed 80 percent of the trail, but there still was a trail to ride and the burms will still entact.There were no fresh tracks indacting riders had been there recently, so I made some fresh ones. The place felt very eary, I felt this feeling of complete lonliness and aslo felt as if someone was watching me. I was like 1/2 mile away from civilization and human beings.

The place is still ridable and I plan on visiting it more often, hopefully I could find some rideing buddies who would love to join me on the trails behind the Old sleepy Hollow.The soil is kind of a sandy dirt mix and is very soft, my KLR handles it real nice and does some pretty good jobs of kicking the dirt up.AS I preceeded back on the trail I came in on I had to drive up this very steep hill that had a large root system sticking out of it, my fear was the bike wouldn't have the power and I would wipe out, anyway once again the KLR handled it better then I thought it would.

THat 04 KLR might be slow on the streets, but once you get off road? That KLR is so great, I was very very very very 5 more times impressed at what the KLR does off road.

Another spot I went riding was in the Watchung reservations, they have a lot of trails, the only thing is there is signs posted no motor vehicles and people walk on those trails. I feared someone would be hiking the trail equiped with a Cell phone and call the police, so I scrapped idea. Man the trails looked real awesome too, they even had this nice stream to ride in, I ill figure a way to travel those trails eventially.

Reply by Dan on 07/03/2004 6:48:18 PM
Combat, glad to see the klr's working out for you! Once you start personalizing it to fit your needs, keep us posted on your impressions. Congratz on the test!! Dan

Reply by combat88 on 07/04/2004 05:39:16 AM
Thanks Dan, Just wantd to add, that as of late since I am close too having almost 200 miles on the KLR it seems to become better broken in and alot quicker in accelaration. When I am in 6th gear doing 45 and get on it, the bike really gets up 10 60 mph pretty quickly. I'm still not suppose to be excedding 4000 RPM but yesterday I took it on a highway, a small 2 lane one, and was doing about 6000 RPM @ 50-65 MPH, the KLR handled nice.

Had to bring it back to the dealer so they could replace a broken clutch lever. They were prepping a 04 KTM 625ci I belive it was, the customer bought the KTM and was going to use it as an Enduro. Nice looking bike, had a stainless steal exhaust and front and rear disc brakes. Was a little louder then my KLR when running. Didnn't look as comfy as mine, but from what I hear the KTM are pretty damn fast bikes. That particular model was about 7 grand. I will eventially look into modifying the cam and exhaust and carb in the future, but right now I do not want to void any warranty. I also have the option within a year to purchase an extended waranty for 3 years, the cost is $400.00., I think the dealer said he would give it to me for $350.00.

Anyway, I was wondering where everyone on this forum is from? I am from NJ, the armpit of the nation, LOL how about you? Would be cool if we could get together and go riding some day, hit some trails together.I plan on revisiting and old place I use to go to 18 years ago.

Reply by combat88 on 07/04/2004 05:50:36 AM
Question? Where do you guys shop online for parts? Also I wanted to look into modfying my KLR eventially, intake, jets, ect, what do you recommend? Bikebandits doesn't seem to have anything for 2004 models.

Reply by combat88 on 07/08/2004 5:58:56 PM
Went for a long trip down to the Jersey Shore today. Drove the KLR, took backroads, did about 55-60 MPH, definately need some more power. Gonna look into the 05 KLR 650. I saw alot of nice trails going down there, didnt have time to stop, but they were definately worth a try to ride em.

Reply by Dan on 07/08/2004 9:41:13 PM
combat88, If you feel the 250's too small power-wise and the info provided on the owner's site is not to your liking, maybe you do need a new bike. Personally, I'd check out all the options for the 250, THEN, if the bike's still not up to snuff, check out getting a bigger scoot. XR650L would probibly fit your needs. The KLR650 is a street bike, nuf said.

Reply by Dan on 07/08/2004 9:41:57 PM
combat88, If you feel the 250's too small power-wise and the info provided on the owner's site is not to your liking, maybe you do need a new bike. Personally, I'd check out all the options for the 250, THEN, if the bike's still not up to snuff, check out getting a bigger scoot. XR650L would probibly fit your needs. The KLR650 is a street bike, nuf said.

Reply by combat88 on 07/09/2004 04:48:55 AM
I was kind of shocked about how much aftermarhet exhaust costs, I guess bikes wil be bikes. After all I have been out of the bike seen for 2 decades. I haven't tried any of the options yet, basically the over all of the bike feels small for me, I think I would really be happier on a 650. The bike has gotten more powerful however since it has broken in, it now beats vehicls at lights in pickup, "yeah, finally" I beat a Mazda b2300 3 times in pickup yesterday, then also beat a Honda Pilot 2 times at lights.But it feels just barely.

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