KLX Reliability

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KLX Reliability

Post by 4Strokes » Wed May 25, 2016 5:09 pm

Topic: KLX Reliability
Author: Terrafirma
Posted: 10/22/2003 3:01:28 PM

I like Honda's more but the Kawi KLX's are super great starters. My XR was sitting in the garage for 3 months during the winter and in the spring I finally decided to start her up again. I ended up having to pop start her down a hill and still she ran rough. My neighbor has a 01 KLX300 that he totally beat up. The only reason he bought it was because I was getting a new bike too and that is my 01 XR250. Anyway, he is a really bad rider and even worse when it comes to maintenance. Oil filter is stock! The oil has been changed about 4 times since he bought it new, and the air filter has the original filter oil on it and a few thousand miles of dirt on it. IN CONCLUSION, I go out and try to start his bike after it was sitting for a year or so and would you believe it...FIRST F-ING KICK AND IT STARTS. I dont get why they are such reliable starters...If you could mate a KLX engine to an XR chasis then Id buy it, end of story

Reply by mmgtl on 10/24/2003 07:30:08 AM
I have been looking at the klx 300 sure looks nice feels good just to sit on. How do they handle and hold up? Thanks Meredith

Reply by Terrafirma on 11/01/2003 04:35:38 AM
In total honesty...Their handling at speed is better than XR's but their ergonomics kinda suck to say the least. The seat needs some foam near the tank because it reall feels like you sit in a valley. The suspension needs dialing in for it to be a comfortable ride too. But, if you arent picky about that kinda of thing then the KLX300 is a very good choice. It has a lot of power that is hidden as well. The exhaust is restrictive, the air box has tiny breather on it and it needs a port and polish!

Reply by XR4DEZ on 11/01/2003 6:59:36 PM
My wife has a 02 KLX300 and it seems to be holding up well. As far as parts and craftsmanship, it's no Honda but she can pick it up and with a pipe and jet kit it runs pretty good. It seems a little anemic compared to my 650 but it's a good bike.

Reply by Terrafirma on 11/02/2003 3:16:10 PM
I would sure as hell get one but it would need a few mods for my liking.
  • handle bars
  • intake
  • exhaust
  • bark busters
  • suspension set up
  • And added foam to the seat
Reply by XR4DEZ on 11/07/2003 3:51:44 PM
Chris, have you seen any problems with idler gears?

Reply by Terrafirma on 11/07/2003 7:55:13 PM
gears...that brings up a thought...KLX's trannys dont like severe abuse and they will slip easily if you shift with the clutch fast or shift wrong power shifing it. What is it with Kawis and just past 6th gear? It kinda just locks where in a XR it just doesnt shift any higher? The clutch in KLX's rule

Reply by Eric 23 on 11/10/2003 10:47:43 AM
I just test rode a KLX300 and am going to buy it. I had a XR250 and came away with the opposite impression than Terrafirma. What set the bike apart for me was the handling and erogomics. I'm on the short side (5'8") and the bike was much more stable on rough singletrack than the XR. The KLX seems to have a lower CG, especially with the rider on it (ie footpeg position). There are several mechanical items like the idler gear, carb and auto de-compression system that have to be modified for long term reliablity, nice thing about buying used. The XR engine if taken care of is probably more bulletproof than the Kaw, but the Honda required a lot of fiddling to get warmed up and the extra 50ccs do make a difference.

Reply by Terrafirma on 11/12/2003 4:17:45 PM
damn do i hate the fiddling to get an XR started...is there any way to get an XRolorrev like a KLX when it is warming up?

Reply by Tony_A on 04/07/2004 7:48:41 PM
I just bought a 2000 klx , white bros head pipe exhaust seems to be jetted perfect. My question is what do I look for in the preventitive maintenance area?, I already found that the suspension was set just 3 clicks off of the softest setting. any area of weakness? I own an 01 Xr650 that just wasn't cutting it on the single track. It was more work than play! Any advise, words of wisdom would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Tony

Reply by Bigshot on 04/26/2004 1:54:44 PM
I have really liked my KLX so you should get one.

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