Panterra 50 Rear Brake Lever Mod

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Panterra 50 Rear Brake Lever Mod

Postby 4Strokes » Wed Jun 15, 2016 3:06 pm

This is my rear brake lever mod that I did to my Panterra 50 race bike. The stock setup is very poor. The brake pedal sticks out too far to the side. In addition, it hits the ground when jumping or going around corners. So I decided to custom build an entirely new setup using a CRF70F rear brake pedal lever.

  1. First, I cut the bottom of the frame down to gain room for the mount. I started with 1"x1/4" steel bar as a foundation for the new mounting stem. I machined the bar down to spec then drilled and tapped it, and attached it to the frame.
  2. Next, I took some 1" round steel bar and turned it down to fit the new brake lever. The turned down stem was welded onto the foundation bar and the end was tapped to accept a screw to hold the new lever. The lever was cut, re-welded and drilled at various points to fit the contour of the frame. I then drilled the lever to fit the new connecting bar that I made to go to the rear drum brake.
  3. Lastly, I added a return spring and mounts to the lever and frame.
The new rear brake lever gives me about 5" more of ground clearance. The new rear brake pedal is tucked in about 6" closer to the frame for a snug fit. The entire modification took me about 2 weeks to do, on account of shipping of parts, and a total of about $75.

Rear View of New Brake Lever

Side View of New Brake Lever

Bottom View of New Brake Lever

Rear Brake Lever Spring

Rear Brake Lever Mount

CRF70F Rear Brake Pedal

CRF70 Rear Brake Pedal

Panterra 50 Rear Brake Lever Mod

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