Magura Hydraulic Clutch Bleeding

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Magura Hydraulic Clutch Bleeding

Post by 4Strokes » Tue May 17, 2016 10:31 am

Items Needed to Fill and Bleed the Hydraulic Clutch System
  • Syringe, hose and clamps
  • Mineral oil or Magura Blood (do NOT use brake fluid)
  • 6mm wrench (box, flare nut, line, or fitting)
Make sure no dirt or debris enters the hydraulic system. In the case of bleeding, replace the mineral oil if it is old or looks dirty or contaminated.

Filling and Bleeding the Hydraulic Clutch System on the Bike
  1. Make sure the master cylinder is positioned horizontally on the handlebar and remove cover with bellows.
  2. Place the hose on the syringe and fill it half full with mineral oil or Magura Blood.
  3. Place the syringe on the slave cylinder bleeder valve and open the valve about 3/4 of a turn. Make sure the syringe stays above the slave cylinder to keep air from reentering the system.
  4. Now fill the system with mineral oil up to the top edge of the master cylinder reservoir.
  5. Now pull back the syringe piston until the oil level in the reservoir is almost to the bottom but do not go too low or air will be sucked back into the system. While doing this, make sure to hold the syringe above the master cylinder.
  6. Now pump oil back and forth into the system. Repeat this procedure 3-4 times until no air bubbles are seen in the syringe.
  7. Fill the system back up until the oil level is about 6mm from the top edge of the master cylinder reservoir.
  8. Replace the master cylinder reservoir cover and bellows, and tightening to 1.6Nm.
  9. Close the bleeder valve and tightening it to 1.6Nm. Replace the rubber bleeder cap.
  10. Operate the clutch several times. Pressure should build up immediately and actuate the clutch slave cylinder.
If for some reason the clutch does not pump up or does not have full movement, repeat the above bleeding procedure. Refer to the hydraulic clutch manual to set the free play.
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