Exhaust Decibel Reducer DIY

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Exhaust Decibel Reducer DIY

Post by 4Strokes » Mon Jun 20, 2016 12:26 pm

Exhaust noise level reducer insert.
Noise reducing insert with end-cap, and spark arrestor screen.
Noise reducing insert installed in end-cap.
Under side of end-cap assembly showing spark arrestor screen.
End-cap with noise level reducer installed on muffler.
Though this mod was for an FMF Titanium exhaust system, the basic idea may apply to other aftermarket exhaust systems to reduce noise level. We were informed that this particular mod reduced sound decibels on the FMF Titanium from about 100 dB's to about 95 dB's. This mod works in conjunction with the spark arrestor and 2" spark arrestor end-cap. Power delivery and torque were smoothed-out but not lost. Exhaust area is about the same but slightly deflected before exiting the muffler thus reducing noise level. This is a great trail exhaust setup for a system that may have been designed for competition only.

Credits: Submitted by 4StroKen. Edited by 4Strokes.com.

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