08 XT250 Valve Adjustment

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08 XT250 Valve Adjustment

Post by 4Strokes » Mon Jun 06, 2016 4:10 pm

Topic: Valve adjustment, can I save $ and do it myself?
Author: jsmiley4002
Posted: 01/27/2009 6:38:51 PM

hi, my '08 xt250 is due for its valve adjustment, the dealer wants $150 and the bike for 3-4 hours to do the adjustment and an overall check up. my question is, is there anyway i can save money and complete the valve adjustment on my own? thanks

Reply by Sanosuke on 01/27/2009 10:36:51 PM
I'd get hold of a service manual and the proper tools to do it.. ;) As a note of reference - the Yamaha Wolverine valve adjustment is $300 by comparison and takes 3 hours to do :( Sanosuke!

Reply by GlennF on 01/28/2009 08:30:45 AM
If the valve adjustment is like the XT225, it is a screw and locknut adjustment. Other than feeler gauges, there are no special tools required. You turn the engine to Top dead center on the compression stroke, remove the valve covers (after removing the gas tank) and set the clearance. As Sanosuke said, invest in a shop manual. There may be one on-line in PDF form you could download. I got the Yamaha factory manual (a very good one) for around $50.00

Reply by Admin on 01/28/2009 09:02:37 AM
Do you already own metric tools (ratchet, sockets, wrenches, feeler gauges, etc) and a good service manual for the bike? You will eventually want to outfit your tool box with the necessary items to properly maintain the bike. However, if you don't already have all of that, $150 doesn't sound too bad right now, especially if you can get them to throw in an oil change at no charge.

Reply by GlennF on 01/28/2009 10:21:59 AM
Right on, Admin. I was quoted a price of $160.00 to adjust valves, change oil and oil filter. That is not a bad price. If you don't have the factory manual, it's best to let the dealer do it. The first valve adjustment is usually good for a number of miles till the next one.

Reply by jsmiley4002 on 01/28/2009 6:12:01 PM
ya im gunna go with the dealer route for $150 i get the valve adjustment, and overall check up including oil change, tire pressure/spokes check, air filter check, battery check, all lights/electronics checked out as well as suspension tune if necessary so its a great deal anyways

Reply by jsmiley4002 on 01/28/2009 6:15:09 PM
and also is there any noticeable in performance after the adjustment has been made on this bike?

Reply by GlennF on 01/28/2009 8:31:17 PM
There would only be a change if the valves ere out of adjustment. If they are out, the bike will start poorly.

Reply by lil_mynx on 01/29/2009 4:15:19 PM
jsmiley, Make sure they replace all the rubber o-rings. Yamaha and your manual recommend they are changed every time. Ask them to give you all the old replaced parts... filter, o-rings, and oil drain plug seal.

Reply by wr250f95 on 01/30/2009 1:33:17 PM
there is no reason why you cant. I think that the xt250 uses a rocker arm setup, so you wont even have to remove the cams to adjust them!

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