01 WR250F Opinions & Feedback

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01 WR250F Opinions & Feedback

Post by 4Strokes » Mon Jun 06, 2016 7:38 am

Topic: What's your opinion on the 2001 WR250F?
Author: XR200Man
Posted: 12/13/2002 6:29:27 PM

What is your input on the yzf/wr line of dirtbikes? The reason why I am asking is because I have a chance to upgrade my xr200 to a 2001 wr250f for a cheap price. I know that all of you guys are diehard xr fanatics but what do you think I should do? Thanks once again!

Reply by ryanw on 12/13/2002 6:45:38 PM
I ride with guys that own a WR400F and a WR250F and have ridden them both. A WR250F will be a huge upgrade from an XR200R. Stock they are higher performance bikes than their respective XR counterparts. Reliability and maintenance compared to the XR can be debated but the WR and YZ probably lack a bit in that category, not enough to say you should not own/buy one though.

Reply by NewOldStuff on 12/13/2002 7:04:09 PM
WE aren't ALL die-hard xr guys! (YAMAHA has always been my 2nd favorite overall, with the KDX, topping the list for "jap" dirt-bikes!) HOWEVER, after ALL the bikes I've had, the "lowley xr200r" is the final survivor! If it wasn't for THIS bike. I would NOT be riding a HONDA of any kind! (where else can ya get such honesty?) I'm NOT saying that the xr line is not GREAT! I'm just saying that they ain't the ONLY great bikes. The yzf, crf, exc, wrf, wr, rmx, xr, etc, are good bikes for the right rider. You just gotta decide which one does what YOU want the BEST! Only way ta do that is to own and live with them. (personal favorite for the woods was an 82 yz125) The xr200r doesn't do anything the best but it does everything pretty good for ME! Have fun choosing YOUR favorite and remember, it takes trial & error to find the perfect ride! ENJOY!

Reply by b dawg 311 on 12/13/2002 7:10:19 PM
the WR's lack torque. I don't like the WR's to much for that reason and the other reason is because they had such a bad rep a couple years ago when they PULLED THEM OFF THERE LINE so. I mean they could of improved a lot but i dunno if i were to have one myself. If you had a chance id get a YZ400F. they are great bikes I rode one and then rode a friends WR400F and man that YZ smoked the WR. and the YZ did better in trials. I better correct myself before someone else does. That isn't always true because of the rider and his styles. but i still think that the YZ is still a better all around bike. If i didn't get my XR i probably would've got a KDX those are great trail bikes also sorry guys. Just my 2-cents.

Reply by Galen on 12/13/2002 7:33:43 PM
it all depends on the riding your going to be doing, the WR is more of a race bike with lights, basically. So if your a trail rider, it probably wont be a good decision. If you race MX or anything like dunes or that the WR would be OK.

Reply by ThumperTDC on 12/13/2002 7:53:46 PM
The WR has different timing than the YZ, all's you got to do is rotate the exhaust cam gear one tooth clockwise or something like that to be equal to the YZ.

My Dad has a YZ426F, and that bike is fun to ride, well for me on the road that is, I love the power, but can't stand the suspension. Grabbing a hand full of throttle and bringing the front end off the ground in any gear is impressive, the thing rev's to the moon and back.

Yamaha has a nice product on their hands, I say go for it, if you end up not liking it, you can always sell it again and get your money back.

Reply by XR200Man on 12/13/2002 9:08:09 PM
Thanks guys. I guess I'll talk to the guy and if the price gets to where i want it I'll grab it. Thanks for the quick replies.

Reply by hondabro on 12/16/2002 8:41:58 PM
It'd be stupid to tell you not to upgrade to the WR250F but they do have some mechanical issues which your local dealer should be able to fix and do need more toque which a new pipe can fix. Paul

Reply by Old guy on 12/17/2002 08:17:40 AM
"do need more toque which a new pipe can fix." Many pipes loose torque, and gain at the upper end. A little back pressure is a good thing when it comes to torque.

Reply by hondabro on 12/19/2002 01:40:36 AM
Depends which pipe you buy. different pipe, different effect. Paul

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