TTR125L Top Speed

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TTR125L Top Speed

Post by 4Strokes » Mon May 23, 2016 7:52 pm

Topic: How much speed? (how fast does a TTR125L go?)
Author: el_pimp127
Posted: 02/06/2005 7:51:30 PM

How much speed do you think I can get out of my TTR125L???With all modifacations ect. Right now it goes 60-65 mph. I am 5'5 110 lbs.

Reply by Admin on 02/06/2005 8:38:18 PM
Really, who cares how fast it goes? It can go over 100 MPH strapped down in the back of a truck, lol.

Reply by el_pimp127 on 02/07/2005 3:45:26 PM
lol....yea but I'm just so curious...

Reply by Honda Maniac on 02/19/2005 2:19:13 PM
Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think your ttr can go 65mph. The easiest way to improve top end speed is to change the gearing. Of course you are going to lose some torque, but that's just the way it is.

Reply by Woody Racing on 02/28/2005 4:43:35 PM
Same as Honda Maniac You can make any bike go really fast with the right gearing! For example you could make your stock 125 go 100mph if you geared it correctly so its all about what you need. For me I only use top speed on my CRF230f once or twice every ride so just decide how much speed and tourque you need.

Reply by 2phasst4urazz on 03/07/2005 08:39:01 AM
guys he just wants to know how fast it goes, im thinking your size would hit about 60-62. I can hit 60 on mine

Reply by Woody Racing on 03/07/2005 4:34:55 PM
less than that maybe 50mph a 125 is not that fast! I look at your mods and Think no way a 125 could do that! if you had it clocked then I might beleive you but no!

Reply by TTRer125L on 04/28/2007 01:34:31 AM
ya, one of u guys should clock your TTR125 I'm really curious how fast it can go. Because i have an RT100 and somebody said they clocked it at 65, I was at least hoping that my TTR125L could beat it.

Reply by rogersj on 04/28/2007 08:35:04 AM
thos rt 100 are fast there2 strokes and i don`t think ur ttr-225 would do 60-65 cause my ttr 225 would do just little over 65 mph

Reply by Admin on 04/28/2007 10:59:56 AM
- Top speed & HP ratings per bike

Reply by rogersj on 04/28/2007 1:55:58 PM
your ttr 125**

Reply by TTRer125L on 04/28/2007 3:02:48 PM
ya that disappoints me cuz whenever i go the straitaway in the track in always feels like at least 45-50 and that's only openinin the throttle 3/4 way on fifth

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